Artist Series Guitar Announces 'Bring Me The Horizon' Model

Artist Series Guitar announced the newest artist to join their roster is UK's own Bring Me The Horizon.

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Artist Series Guitar announced the newest artist to join their roster is UK's own Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH).

The guitar which bears classic BMTH emblem designed by the band itself will have a limited production of 500 guitars worldwide. Reservations are now available via Pre-order will officially begin November 15th worldwide.

Although guitars will not ship in time for the holidays, all purchasers will receive a collectable signature gift package to be delivered before December 20th, 2011 or relative to customer order date.

Hailing from Sheffield UK, Bring Me The Horizon released their third full-length There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret in 2010 on Epitaph Records. The album debuted at # 17 on the Billboard Top 200.

Fresh off their US tour, BMTH will be sharing the musical wealth with their European fans. The quartet will be touring with Machine Head, DevilDriver and Darkest Hour throughout Europe in November and December.

Artist Series Guitar (ASG) makes guitars branded by bands and artists in attempt to be a catalyst for the progression of music and art. ASG creates a limited edition run of professional grade guitars finished with art designed exclusively for ASG.

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    I wish UG could give us more news about upcoming guitar gear than another shitty GNR and Gallagher-brothers related articles.
    What's the point in commenting if you're gonna be dicks? BMTH are a sick band. Everyone hates on them just because they dont LOOK metal (which, in fairness, gives them alot more balls). They still play some ****in bone crunching riffs and it's about time they got some recognition, and a custom guitar is the perfect way to do it. They're way heavier than some of the so-called metal nowadays *cough* Trivium *cough* That and the technicality gets my dick hard every time.
    Hell yeah bro! I love BMTH! Totally worthy of a custom guitar. They're pretty lucky to get such a beautifully crafted instrument as an ASG. Yeah, they might not be as technical as some bands nowadays but ****, if Gibson will make a custom Melody Maker for the Jonas Brothers, why not BMTH. For ****s sake, they should make a Rebecca Black Explorer. Why the **** not, right? Just my two cents on it all.
    Ehh, I don't care for BMTH much, although they do have potential. This guitar looks great though, I must say. i would want it without the logo or anything. i just don't like when guitars have a band logo/signature etc. Idk, I guess it just ruins the personal touch.