As I Lay Dying: 'Continuing Without Tim Lambesis Didn't Feel Right'

Meanwhile, band breaks Twitter silence with a somewhat disturbing post.

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As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa has recently addressed the band's status and relationship with singer Tim Lambesis following his murder-for-hire arrest and ultimate sentencing.

Seeing that Hipa avoids commenting on the whole matter, the interview can be seen as a rare occasion. The guitarist did however previously point out that he took the side of Tim's hitman target, his estranged wife Meggan. Nick had also condemned Lambesis, calling him a "sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation."

Chatting with the Weeklings, the guitarist noted that once the band got together and asked themselves on whether they'll be continuing without Tim, "the immediate answer was 'no.'"

"Because Tim, in spite of the things that he was found guilty for, and some of the things he was wrestling with personally, was a great frontman and he was the face of As I Lay Dying, so for us to try and continue on with that didn’t feel right," Nick added.

Pointing out several times that the whole matter is a deeply personal one and that the band would have preferred avoiding any comments at all, but was provoked by Lambesis to step out, Hipa clarified the guys' emotions during the case.

"This happened and how we deal with this is how we want to deal with it, but Meggan is a really good friend of ours. People don't realize that this woman was a part of our lives for ten years. She was like a sister to us," he said.

"We toured together, when they adopted children, those children became a part of our lives, so they were our family. When people who you consider family are the victims of something so extreme, you support them and you care for them and you let them know that if they need anything, you will be there for them.

"And Meggan had reached out to us and said that it would mean the world for her if we could be there and support her. In my mind, there was no question - if you need us, we will absolutely be there. So we went to the sentencing just to support her as she gave her testimony and saw the person that tried to have her killed for the first time," the guitarist stated.

Focusing on the two occasions when the group had publicly addressed the trial, Nick added, "The only reason we responded both times was because Tim took it upon himself to publicly make statements or make claims that weren’t true, and when somebody says something that's untrue and that's defamatory toward you, you have to defend yourself.

"We would always choose the path of silence over trying to create drama, but when somebody challenges you like that and says things that are simply false, you have to set the record straight and in both circumstances we said something, it's because it was instigated," he concluded.

In related news, As I Lay Dying broke their over-a-year-long Twitter silence with a post many might find a tad unsettling, wishing everyone a happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day

- As I Lay Dying (@ASILAYDYINGBAND) June 15, 2014

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    Every time I've heard Nick talk he seems like a down-to-earth and honest guy. This just adds to that.
    The tweet seems kind of odd though...
    link no1
    No more odd than other bands doing it. Tim tried to have his wife killed but he still loved the kids. It's probably Tim that tweeted it though, which is pretty sad.
    Met Nick Hipa at a show a couple years ago. We got into a super chill conversation about guitars. Really genuine dude. 10/10 would recommend.
    Really support the way the band handles all of this. And I really hope Tim get's the rehabilitation he needs in Prison. He was a cool guy once, i guess. I hope he can make music again one day and doesn't pose a threat to other people anymore.
    i've loved this band since day one, even if they don't continue as As I Lay Dying, hopefully they produce some sort of music together