As I Lay Dying Frontman Tim Lambesis Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Plot

Police say Lambesis sought the help of an undercover detective to have his estranged wife killed.

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As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly hiring an undercover detective to have his wife murdered.

The 32-year-old singer was taken into custody around 2 p.m. at a retail business in Oceanside as soon as the San Diego County Sheriff's Department discovered the murder plans. His wife Meggan is currently living in the city of Encinitas with their three adopted children from Ethiopia.

"The information came to us late last week," the official spokeswoman Jan Caldwell tells Reuters. "We acted quickly on it. I believe that we averted a great tragedy."

Back in September 2012, Lambesis' wife filed papers seeking a dissolution of marriage. It is still unknown whether such actions influenced the vocalist in any way to form the supposed murder plans.

According to the sheriff's office, the arrest itself was carried out "without incident." A representative from the group's label Metal Blade could not be reached at the moment, with no one answering the door at the singer's home in Del Mar and the neighbors refusing to give any statements whatsoever.

As I Lay Dying have recently been touring China, with the latest Twitter announcement from Lambesis saying: "Goodbye China. I'll be home in about 15 hours."

The frontman is expected to appear in court for an arraignment on Wednesday or Thursday. A spokesman for the San Diego District Attorney's Office was not available for comment.

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    im not mental
    ffs Tim, you play in As I Lay Dying, not Bullet for my Valentine...
    im not mental
    serious post: if this is true, he's a scumbag and i'm glad he got caught.
    In all honesty it is kind of disappointing. I don't know a lot about him but he didn't seem like a douchebag. At least out of a lot of the guys in bands like that. He seemed the least douchey.
    the honor of least douchey went and still goes to nick hipa, not tim anyway, as a long time fan i'm really shocked by this news.
    UniformRecon're kind of a douchebag if you try to have someone murdered. Edit: especially your WIFE.
    Because **** "innocent until proven guilty"
    @socks if he hired an undercover detective to do it, there's not much you can use to defend yourself, short of "whoa man! kidding!" let's face it, the guy is screwed
    Uh, no one said you AREN'T a douchebag if you try to have someone murdered.
    @im not mental: The key is IF it's true. If it's not true, then.../shrug Either way, I don't see this helping his marriage.
    Von II
    I agree that it certainly isn't a neat thing or the right thing to do (just divorce maybe?), but how much do we know about his wife? For all we know she's a crazy woman who has been driving him mad for the last few years and something just snapped when he came back from China.
    Sounds like you're trying to justify it. You do understand what murder is don't you?
    Von II
    I'm absolutely not saying that murder is ok, although that's what people seem to understand when I look at the ratings for my comment. I meant that nobody even questions WHY he did what he did. Everybody either says that he's a scumbag for doing this, or that he looked like a nice guy before this. A nice guy just doesn't go planning a murder without any motive. I repeat, murdering her is NOT OK.
    A nice guy doesn't go planning a murder, period. Motive or no motive.
    He ALLEGEDLY sought to have his wife murdered. Innocent until proven guilty... Cops in Southern California are ****ed up people.
    Sorta a gray area - if you go by "innocent until proven guilty" when a murder plot is involved, that proof may come too late.
    Usually if two people hate each other, normal people get a divorce. Only scumbags plot a murder.
    You know, if you want to hire a hitman....the police station isn't the best place to look. Silly.
    Based upon his character, lyrics and interviews, Tim is one of the last people i'd expect to do anything like this
    Tell Me about it, i couldn't move for like 4 minutes, I almost said "What the ****!?" Out loud and woke everyone up in my house. This is a shame, a real shame...
    This is the most idiotic thing I've ever read.
    I'm guessing you have never been to Encinitas, not saying murder is alright and this news IS a HUGE letdown to me, but parasitic gold dinging *****s roam free down there. Though i doubt that's the motive.
    Do you even realize how much you just contradicted the **** out of yourself with that last sentence? Lol moron
    What i said has no context anymore since the original comment has since then been removed. So no, i don't even know what the contradiction is.
    Obviously it did when I commented on it. Nice attempt at saving face, though.
    Mouloudo provided the context i have no control over his decisions regarding removing a comment or not.
    Wow, this is a huge WTF and terrible news - it feels more like a poorly thought out April Fools joke. I genuinely hope that Tim is innocent, this doesn't sound like something he would do and everything about him speaks otherwise, he's a really nice, honest and admirable guy.
    a drummer
    Damn this sucks to see, Tim has always been one of my favorite front-men in metal. I don't really listen to them as much anymore, but i really hope this turns out to be untrue.
    he seemd like a nice guy from interviews, but im not sure how it would not be true, they said he was tryng to personally hire the guy to kill his wife. I mean, there is no real way out of that. maybe he should have been like. L0L! jk bro. I know your a fed.
    Anyone ever heard of this little sentence called "Innocent until proven guilty"?
    Tim has come so far I can't even imagine him resorting to this after all of the inspiration and success he went through in As I Lay Dying and his other musical ventures. He has never produced a single thing that would make me believe he was capable of this. This is absolutely heart breaking to hear.
    I wonder if he'll start a band in prison called 'As I Lay Crying'.
    The first album should be titled "Butt Hurt". Get it!? It's because of prison rape!
    While I'm not surprised that a band like As I Lay Dying have fans who think there's a lot of grey area in approaching an undercover cop and asking them to commit murder, I am disgusted. Innocent til proven guilty is important, which is why no one here is a judge or prosecutor. Nothing wrong with speculation. But really, calling bullshit just because you like the guy's music in lieu of of a pretty clear cut case is ridiculous.
    This sucks. I really looked up to Tim. Not only because of his music (which really hits home for me personally) but by the way he always says he tries to live his life. Now I'm not saying this isn't true but I do hope it isn't as bad as it sounds. And because I'm a Christian and not afraid to say it I'll be praying for Tim.
    matteo cubano
    As a Fellow Christ following Metallica icon UG'er, I really agree with you, it's really devastating that there's people in the metal scene out there who may not have much experience with knowing Christians and may hear about things like this and get driven away. I'm really disappointed to say the least.
    I totally agree. I don't know where you're from but where I live it's predominantly Christian so u never really had to deal with so much negativity towards someone based on their faith. I find it a little startling to think that this is how the rest of theworld views Christianity and Christian music. But for the sake of Tim and As I Lay Dying I hope this all works out. In my opinion As I Lay Dying is one of the best metal core acts around these days and I would really hate to see them crippled by this.
    Just because he writes nice lyrics doesn't mean he's incapable of murder guys.
    You might want to know what you're talking about before you open your mouth. Sure, he may not be incapable of murder, but it seems highly unlikely of him, not just because of his lyrics, but because of the entirety of his personality. Also, read the rest of the posts above: For someone who's achieved this much in his career and got worldwide recognition, it seems very improbable that he'd throw it all down the drain just because his wife filed a divorce. Think about it.
    Anyone murdering someone else will seem unlikely, it's a horrible act, and I highly doubt you look at Metal singers and think 'Yeah, I bet he thinks about killing people'. If this is true, he deserves to be caught.
    As evident, you know f*ckall about his personality and you rationalize it like any given conspiracy theorist.
    lol, I love your juvenile concept of criminals seeming like anything other than normal people. Do you think most murderers or pedophiles openly flaunt their crimes in public, or do you think they maintain some semblance of normalcy? Think about it. The guy just happened to be in a band you may or may not like. Period point blank, that has absolutely nothing to do with the kind of person he is, nor does how he managed to compartmentalize his feelings around complete strangers. There's not a lot of wiggle room in GOING TO AN UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER AND ASKING THEM TO MURDER A PERSON.
    All we've ****ing heard is a police report, and all you have to do is look at other celebrity stories that turned out to be complete bullshit. AP's run-in in Houston last summer comes to mind. Not nearly as big of a story as hiring a hitman, but it proved to be complete bullshit though everybody was eating it up right away. At this point, I think some of you just want him to be guilty.
    Way to miss the point, mate. The question is not if he's guilty or not ("innocent until proven guilty" still works nowadays, ya know), but the absolutely random assumption made by @Braykah that he's more likely to be innocent because he "doesn't seem like an *****", which isn't really logic. (And only makes it worse for him to put it in an arrogant as **** way.) What I want is Lambesis to go to jail if proven guilty, and be released if not. What do I get by wishing someone bad for no reason? (I mean, I don't even know the man personally and I don't even listen to AILD.)
    m4ss3 m/
    Damn! I could've never believed he would do something like that. Maybe just beat his wife to death with those muscles of his..
    So many prejudiced douchebag commenters on here who are slandering him before all details have been put on the table.. faith in UG community -1.
    Not all details about the kidnappings of Amanda Berry and co, but it's pretty evident Ariel Castro took them, imprisoned them and sexually abused them. I'm not withholding my judgement of Ariel Castro until his sentence. While he hasn't been charged yet, there is overwhelming and obvious proof of his guilt. Similar to this where Tim was recorded soliciting the services of an undercover cop posing as a hitman. He incriminated himself on a recording, case closed.
    There has been nothing released about a "recording." Jesus Christ, where do you people get your information.
    Carl Hungus
    Undercover officers do not get involved unless there are recording devices present. You can't convict someone on hearsay and just saying you want to kill your wife ect. is not enough to send someone to jail. Given the above circumstances he would only be in custody if they had recorded him soliciting was he thought was a hitman.
    He was jealous. It had nothing to do with his religion. But if it's true I hope he gets locked away.
    I hope this isn't true.. For a ton of reasons obviously, but AILD was the first band to get me into metal in 2005 with 'Shadows Are Security' and Tim's positive messages helped me in different phases of my life during my teen years.. Hopefully I don't read later today that he has really fallen from grace so far. Even if he actually has, I hate the sin not the sinner.. I always remind myself that everybody makes horrible decisions, some worse than others. Disappointing to say the least.
    He'd gotten into bodybuilding, which has me wondering what kind of drugs he may have been putting in his body. I'm assuming that, if this is real, it had a lot to do with it and he may be able to plea down to either very little time or rehabilitation. Even his wife has said she wasn't worried her own safety.
    Wasn't he getting a tatoo of people's initials on his ass? Thats gonna look great in prison
    son of a bitch!! im supposed to go see them and killswitch engage in july!!
    I hope AILD gets a new singer. I saw them last July at Mayhem and they were amazing. Of course, best case scenario is that this is untrue and Tim is innocent, but at this point I kind of doubt that's the case.
    matteo cubano
    I'm a christian, i don't blame you, this is really heartbreaking for me to hear. I don't know how serious you are, but trust me, there are real ones out there.
    Damn. Just went to their gig last Friday. They were all pretty nice guys, and although Tim didn't say much during the autograph session (he had to save his voice for the show) he high five'd everyone at the end. This is the most random piece of sad news, especially since I've just saw them couple of days ago.
    He talks very little, even during their performances. He just never has. I've seen them three times, and I'm not sure I've heard him speak a grand total of twenty words.
    Wait, so does this mean since I donated $35 towards his new ADM album, that I was really helping him trying to murder his wife?!?!???
    То our fans, As we post this, the legal process is taking it's course and we have no more information than you do. There are many unanswered questions, and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks. We'll keep you informed as best we can. Our thoughts right now are with Tim, his family, and with everyone else affected by this terrible situation - and with our fans, whom we love and draw strength from. Thank you for understanding, and as always, for your support of As I Lay Dying. - Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh
    i really hope he didn't do it. i love AILD, but if he DID do it, he should be punished.
    Sammy Mantis
    I can't believe these people on here trying to make excuses for this guy, saying he was "framed" because he was a metal musician. It would almost be funny if not for the fact that they're dead serious.
    Even if EVERYTHING you said is true, there is never a justification of murder short of that person being an immediate danger to you or other people. Killing your wife because you don't wanna lose half your shit is just pathetic. Also, I checked Lambesis' net worth. He's worth $14 million. I think he'd be fine with $7 million. I really, REALLY hope this isn't true, but if it is, I'm glad he's in custody. He deserves what's coming to him.
    I quite frankly doubt that this is true. None of us know Tim personally but it's easy to get a vibe for what kind of person he is, and this doesn't fit the picture. I personally think this has scam written all over it.
    Carl Hungus
    Oh right cause he's just that important for the police to frame. He solicited an undercover agent and they recorded him incriminating himself. Case closed. Just because you "got a vibe" does not mean you know a thing about the guy.
    And just because the police say something happened, then immediately it's true? Be quiet and sit down.
    I agree. At this time, the only thing we know is that he got arrested, and for which claims he was arrested. Patience, stop accusing him before more information is handed out.
    I'm with Carl here. I mean, the police department wouldn't give a shit enough about a band like these guys that they'd throw together some plot or something. And if you're one of those guys who thinks the police are so evil and plotty or whatever childish "**** da police" shit, then maybe you need to sit down and stop being such an idiot
    Someone tipped off the police, it's in an article on abc news. There is something off about this, Tim is not that kind of person
    Because you're a close, personal friend of his, right? I'm not saying whether the allegations are true or false, but there's no way you can actually say he's "not that kind of person." There are tons of mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who have thought the same thing about their kids/siblings who have committed violent crimes.
    "they recorded him incriminating himself." -In none of the reports has it said that. Stop making assumptions.
    Carl Hungus
    The article states that he "allegedly tried to hire an undercover officer to kill his wife". Undercover officers do not get involved unless a wiretap is present. Think about it for a second. The only reason to involve and undercover officer is for the sole purpose of eliciting an incriminating statement from the accused perpetrator. Just because someone says "hey I think this guy is trying to have his wife killed" is not enough to get an arrest or a conviction. That's why the police proceed very carefully and wait until the accused has made the statement to one of their undercover agents. And since our system of justice requires proof the police would absolutely have gotten a warrant to record the conversation. In short you cannot get arrested on hearsay alone, the police have to actually have you on record saying you want to kill someone. Simple deduction.
    So undercover policemen walk around bars just in case people think of them as hitmen and try to hire them...? What are the chances of Tim trying to hire a hitman and falling on an undercover agent? You talk about logical deduction but you're pretty biased yourself.
    Carl Hungus
    Murder for hire cases are actually quite typical. First of all the accused never reaches out to a stranger with such a request. Who would? They usually contact someone they trust like a friend or family member to help them find someone who would be capable. At that point the contact usually feels morally culpable, not to mention fearing being a possible accomplice to murder and contacts the police. The police then, with the cooperation of the trusted contact, set up the sting with the accused believing that the are meeting a potential hitman when they are actually meeting an undercover police officer wearing a wire. Once they record the accused making statements to the effect of "I will pay you to kill so and so person" they are taken into custody. The prosecuting attorney will then convene a grand jury which listens to the recording and the undercover officers sworn testimony and then it goes to trial unless the accused pleads guilty or to a lesser charge.
    Right. This makes sense. But this is all part of your hypothesis. We must wait to find out about the details of his arrest and the existing evidence. I really hope he's innocent though,I will be greatly dissapointed if he's proved to be guilty.
    Have you learned nothing from the Randy blythe case?
    Carl Hungus
    This is a murder for hire case not manslaughter. You are comparing apples to oranges. Besides Randy was charged in a foreign country which may have different standards of evidence that the U.S.
    Dude ... this guy was my hero for a long time.
    Same here man...I was actually going to see then in concert with Killswitch Engage and Miss May I next month :/
    Same here... was really looking forward to seeing them live. Innocent until proven guilty, but this doesn't look good.
    Did you lose a competition or something?
    We will see what happens with the future of Tim and As I Lay Dying.
    I don't really care what happens... as long as he doesn't make 'music' anymore.
    "I have no success in the music industry and therefore find it necessary to bash a respected metal band." I think that's what you meant to say.
    Not really. What, so I'm not allowed to dislike a band?
    No, you're not allowed to dislike dad-rock and metal bands here. It's in the terms and conditions.
    It's not about disliking, it's about being a complete f*cktard about it.
    Dude, "dad-rock" is literally the best way to put it ever. I've been searching for an easy way to put it, and it has arrived.
    Seriously...after that comment, I had nothing else to say. Otherwise, all Im saying is that I would be really bummed if Tim actually did this and didnt come back to AILD. They were the main reason why I wanted to go to the concert. Itll be my first time seeing them too. Tim is irreplaceable.
    This disappoints me greatly if he did it, i used to hold all the members of As I Lay Dying in such high esteem
    loled at craziorks post. i hope it isnt true, i love as i lay dying. this is shocking news, tim has always been a musician i have looked up to, not just in music but with body building and his way of thinking he portrays in his lyrics. fanboy rant over.
    A cop actually does something good, and people are going ape shit over it. What? Sthap.
    This is sick and twisted. I cant even imagine how his wife is feeling right now.
    Who hires a detective to plan a murder ? Maybe he wanted to know her wherabouts or something, maybe he thought she was cheating on him, I say we probably don't know enough for now.
    It an was an undercover officer, and I could only guess the dude didn't realize he was talking to an undercover cop...jeez, it's almost as if the cop's entire job was predicated on the basis that no one knew he was a cop...
    Sammy Mantis
    Seriously? Dude, it was an UNDERCOVER detective POSING as a hitman. He had no idea, and incriminated himself by basically telling a police officer he wanted to have his wife killed...Jeez.
    I don't give a rats ass about As I Lay Dying. The only thing I care about now is...whats going to happen to Austrian Death Machine?
    I put $50 in to fund the new ADM album. I'll be seriously pissed if this delays triple brutal.