As I Lay Dying Guitarist Condemns Tim Lambesis: 'He's a Sociopathic Narcissist in Definite Need of Rehabilitation'

Nick Hipa releases lengthy statement regarding the case, details inside.

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Former As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa recently unveiled a lengthy post deeply condemning singer Tim Lambesis for his actions and behavior during the latest murder-for-hire trial.

Hipa was driven to release the statement by Tim's recent Alt Press interview, dubbing Lambesis a "sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation."

Check out the guitarist's Facebook post in full below.

"Last Friday I sat in a courtroom to support a friend. For the better part of a decade our professional and personal lives were woven in a relationship akin to family. As if family, the intention of my attendance was to publicly acknowledge the deep care and compassion I hold for this individual.

"I watched as she searched for the strength to behold her transgressor for the first time in over a year since learning of his plot to have her murdered. I listened to her describe the love she once possessed for this man whom she adored, trusted, and depended on as her husband. I followed along as she detailed his abandonment of her and her children; a betrayal he failed to own but opted to blame on a lost sense of morality. This excuse became further excused by a defense that drug abuse had clouded his judgement.

"She attempted to rebuild a life with three young children apart from a man who viewed them as disposable. The strength and resilience of these children - whom she saved from abandonment, poverty, and certain early death - were being further challenged by this domestic unravelling. Her desire was to give them love and stability, his response was to have her executed.

"I observed his defense acknowledge the crime but defend it once again with the argument that steroids created mental instability. I followed as the prosecution reminded the court of an intricately calculated series of actions occurring over the course of many weeks. A scheme which involved using her children to secure gate codes for a would be assassin, and his plans for their further exploitation as an alibi; a plot indicative of careful premeditation over momentary mindlessness.

"I watched as a Judge highlighted how many men use steroids but do not plot to murder innocent women, and for someone to move towards such action reveals something twisted within their character. He continued to point out that a willingness to involve children in such matters is deeply disturbing and reprehensible as well.

"The accounts I interpreted within this courtroom were details of people and a past that I had known and observed first hand. All and everything was as I knew it to be.

"I share this in response to an interview between Tim Lambesis and Ryan J. Downey that was released on AltPress. Com moments after this women and her family were given their closure. Behind the facade of a penitent man with renewed outlook, restored faith, and apparent remorse is a fairly appalling agenda to further damage the lives and reputations of his non-supporters. It is the continued defense of behavior that leveled every facet of an innocent woman's being and traumatized children who have already persevered through the actual pain of an orphan's life.

"There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon, and the verbalized assessment of his relationship with myself and former bandmates is absolute slander. I had spoken with him directly and in length of how 100% of my heart, love, and loyalty was being directed in support towards his victims. These victims being people I had opened my heart to as family for many years and whom I pray will find healing from his deep abuse. In complete disregard for the truth as I'm certain he understands it, he opted to fabricate motives that describe us abandoning him as a callous business decision.

"The intent of his defamation is to create an air of sympathy and support under the false pretense of a forthcoming tell-all. Unfortunately this has worked to a degree, as many strangers have put effort into projecting hatred towards those of us who chose to defend the guiltless subjects of his crimes.

"It is regrettable that he utilized this platform as a means to justify his conduct. The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation. For those of us who truly know the man for who he is, it's shameful that in spite of all he is still as he ever was and just as they say.

"For Jordan, Phil, Josh, and myself, we'll continue to carry on knowing we behaved honorably, lovingly, and loyally to the individuals who truly needed it."

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    Don't Ask
    I really don't know what to think about this whole thing. Tim's story sounded reasonable enough (well, as reasonable as it could possibly be regarding that he, you know, plotted to have his wife killed) in the interview. This statement actually seems to over-simplify far more, since no effort is being made to understand Tim's point of view, and he is being written off simply as a "sociopathic narcissist". Tim actually seemed more open to seeing both sides. But then again, Tim's actions were truly condemnable, and he could just be a very good liar. I'm confused. No matter what the case is, I can't for the life of me understand why this statement is written in such complicated language.
    It was written in such complicated language because Nick Hipa was being VERY specific with what he said and careful with HOW he said it.
    There's honestly nothing complicated about it. Long winded, sure, but it's nothing if not coherent. But I'm not sure we'd see eye to eye about anything if you think it's important to be 'objective' and account for Tim's views or motivation. At the end of the day, I'm going to trust the guy who spent more time with Tim than he has his own family in the past however many years they played together, and especially as someone who actually empathizes with the victims and not the victimizer. Nothing about Tim's story sounds reasonable, unless you think it's reasonable for someone to say they weren't motivated by anger or vengeance when they plotted to have their ex wife murdered. And that only came out after no one bought his steroid excuse. Empathize with the single dads out there who aren't criminals, not this guy.
    The Spoon
    This is how I feel about it. Being that none of us know anybody in the situation personally and that all the exchanges we've heard about we've read through text, it is really difficult to tell what the truth is. Personally, I feel like Tim owns up to his mistakes and doesn't place the blame on anyone but himself. He just detailed the things that were going on in his life that led him to such a poor decision. Tim could very well just be saying what everyone wants to hear, but considering tried to meet a hitman at a Barnes and Noble, I don't think he's all that smart. My 2 cents.
    Planning to have someone murdered is NEVER reasonable. He needs serious help. No normal person would have ever done this.
    These are exactly my thoughts on the matter... reading the interview with Lambesis was, admittedly, one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I've experienced in a while - for the first time, instead of being just the distant "psycho who wanted to murder his wife" you get to see the whole thing from his perspective and it becomes so different. But then you read this and you may wonder whether it was honesty, or even more calculation. Although the truth is, there are parts of the Lambesis interview that if he's not proven to be lying, the "it was all his fault and Meggan was innocent and adorable" goes the **** out of the window and if he hadn't thought of something as ridiculously stupid and terrifying as considering murder, this would have been her fault just as much as his. Unless he's proven to have been lying.
    I was lucky enough to attend one of AILD's last gigs, less than a week before Tim's arrest. I had the chance to meet the band before the show starts, got to shake their hands and get their autographs. Aside from the amusing retrospect that while I shook Tim's hand his plot to murder his wife had more or less been in motion, I'm most impressed by how delightful and likeable Nick was. He was extremely friendly, greeted every fan with genuine enthusiasm, and seemed really interested in what we said to him. He gave the impression of a jolly boy. To see Nick put out this rather harsh statement is, despite the understandable situation, pretty surprising to me. Then again, he has all the rights to be harsh.
    Its kinda like those rare moments when Kirk Hammett gets pissed off about something. It just seems a little unnatural with both of these guys.
    Fair to Nick for calling him out on all of this. Tim should get what he deserves for the mistakes he's made and its a shame ppl have to suffer because of this. Its good that the other band members are carrying on creating music together
    WAT? I read the whole article, and Tim seemed really sorry. Oh well, opinions differ.
    Condems.. Slam on steroids? Tim Lambesis on steroids? Tim Lamb of God on steroids? Illuminati
    I am glad that Tim did not succeed in carrying out the plot. He has a few years to think about what he has done. I can understand how love can turn into anger, jealousy, hatred etc, so I won't judge Tim. We are a society of laws for a reason. You cannot just hire someone to whack those whom you are mad at! He was sentenced to 6 years. In my state he would be out in 4, if he is in Cal he should be out in 3. It's a sad situation, but it could have been worse for everyone were he successful. Thankfully, he wasn't!
    The article is interesting enough, why the misleading title? The actual article reads "The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation" As opposed to the title "he's a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation" Did Nick say it? Or the prosecution?
    Well, it wouldn't make too much sense as a headline, I think. While UG does have a thing for making stupid, misleading article headlines, I appreciate that they are more moderate in genuinely serious cases like the recent Lambesis articles.
    Wow, he didn't pull any punches However I read a good majority of Tim's interview and while it could have been an attempt to gain symptathy, it seemed like he knew he had a mental problem, and steroids could have caused that, I'm sure everyone's body reacts differently But I still feel horribly for the wife and kids, their lives will NEVER be the same
    I can totally picture his frustration, but the way he chose to write this whole thing makes it kinda hard to view his statement as something truly heartfelt: There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon, and the verbalized assessment of his relationship with myself and former bandmates is absolute slander. That bit in particular sounds like it was written by a friggin' lawyer
    It just sounds like he's being careful to say exactly what he means to me. Seems pretty responsible given the nature of these things.
    "I watched as a Judge highlighted how many men use steroids but do not plot to murder innocent women (...)'' Maybe they were succesful?
    I agree with the judge but it's nonetheless still a very weak argument. It's like saying, how many people use cigarettes but don't actually get sick from cancer. The percentage is small, yet getting cancer was still solely caused by them.
    Well that's just not true, cancer has a lot to do with genetics as well. Some people who get cancer, apparently by this small chance that you're speaking off, undoubtedly have something to do with cigs. It's almost never the only reason though.
    The Spoon
    Cancer is entirely genetic, but cigarettes contain tons of carcinogens which are harmful because the alter your DNA in your cells. If 4-5 genes responsible for proper cell division, cell proliferation, and cell death (when the cell is required to die) get altered to favor cancer, you get cells that divide out of control thus forming tumors. So yes, while it is genetic, carcinogens damage DNA, which makes the likelihood of the relevant genes to be damaged and altered. This lesson in cancer was brought to you by some guy on the internet on a guitar website.
    Roid rage is short lived and places someone in a psychotic state for a brief moment. He plotted to have her killed over a period of weeks. Thr judges argument is completely legit.
    Wow. So much for friendship
    kill it
    a real friend will truly tell you how it is, not what you want to hear.
    He's just ranting about how abusive and screwed up Tim is, as if he knows how everything went down. I don't know, on one hand, I can understand why Nick would sound so passionate, but he is so cold, and trivializes everything on Tim's side, without really knowing much. A friend can lay down their thoughts about something without down it publicly. Eh, but who am I to judge any of these people; I don't know them, or how they acted behind closed doors.
    Considering the band's lyrical content and purpose for creating music, I agree with the decision of the bandmates to have (in my opinion) righteous anger and disappointment towards Tim.