As I Lay Dying Members Launch New Band Wovenwar

Musicians joining forces with singer Shane Blay, debut single "All Rise" coming on April 21.

Ultimate Guitar

Instrumental section of As I Lay Dying has officially announced teaming up with singer Shane Blay of Oh, Sleeper for a new band Wovenwar.

During the past year, the group wrapped up their debut material with producer Bill Stevenson and will release their first single "All Rise" on April 21.

The new band was in a way already announced with a series of mysterious clips and comes as a logical choice since vocalist Tim Lambesis pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire charges.

According to the introduction clip, the fresh material will be released via Metal Blade Records. The video also features a brief sample of the new stuff, make sure to check it out below.

YouTube preview picture

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    Really glad to hear this. Their musicianship is on an elite level and they deserve to continue recording and playing live. I'll definitely be buying the album.
    So is Shane going to be with Oh, Sleeper AND Wovenwar, or leave Oh, Sleeper?
    i hope he doesn't leave oh, sleeper, guess it really depends on the success Wovenwar gets from their release.
    Oh Sleeper is a great band imo. Children of Fire and their new EP were great, so I hope Shane won't leave Oh Sleeper, he's got great vocals and they are getting better (again, imo). Shane may be a good replacement, we'll have to see
    Shane is the clean vocalist and lead guitar player in this music video, I think the combination of Shane and Josh on vocals could really be interesting.
    this is awesome i actually prefer the vocals to tim lambesis anyway never saw anything special in him as a vocalist
    me to, tim was the weak link in AILD. his vocals were always just mediocre to me and I never understood the appeal. Thier music was so awesome, but tim made me be just a casual fan
    Damn I thought Tim was amazing it sucks to see him throw his life away like that; but yeah I'm glad the band is continuing
    I love all aspects of Oh, Sleeper, I'm curious whether or not Shane will accompany the other guitarists in the writing process because he absolutely shreds in Oh, Sleeper! Nevertheless, I'm pretty stoked...
    To be honest I hope not. I don't want Warwoven to become another version of Oh Sleeper. Since AILD won't be coming back any time soon, keep Warwoven to be AILD sounding. Oh Sleeper is still going; don't want to use most of the ideas/lyrics for Warwoven and save the rest for Oh Sleeper. If you get what I mean...
    True, but it would be cool to see some Oh, Sleeper-esque sweeps thrown in once in a while
    Having listened to Oh, Sleeper for the first time today I must say I'm pretty impressed. They seem to have 2 people on vocal duties though; is the guy joining AILD the screamer or the singer? I actually prefer the screams to Tim's...
    He's the clean vocalist for Oh, Sleeper. It's pretty interesting seeing the former AILD members separate themselves from their former sound - to some extent - along with the band. I'd love to hear something a little crazier, maybe even proggier, from these guys.
    Never heard of the other band, but I'm happy for them. I'll def check it out
    ...the rumored name was so much better than "Wovenwar." I forget what it was, but it didn't suck that hard. Needless to say, I'm really interested in this, but the fact that Shane is significantly more talented than either Phil or Nick has me wondering if Shane will play some guitar. I really hope so.
    To really hear Shane's voice well, listen to 'Means to Believe'. Very pretty song. I'm still surprised Oh, Sleeper doesn't have a wider recognition. I think Shane joining this band will get a lot of publicity for them. Good stuff.
    I was really disappointed when Tim got binned. I hope the new stuff will compare.