As I Lay Dying Members Working on New Music Without Tim Lambesis, Post Track Snippets

Sources suggest that bassist Josh Gilbert will take over the vocalist position.

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Members of As I Lay Dying have individually posted brief video snippets of new music, suggesting they're planning to continue as a unit without the recently jailed singer Tim Lambesis.

The band's social media accounts still remain inactive since Lambesis' murder-for-hire arrest last year.

However, the individual posts make a clear indication that the band will march on without Tim, at least until the end of his prison sentence. As Loudwire reports, there was no official confirmation about who will take over the singing duties, but many suggest that bassist Josh Gilbert will be the one to step in.

According to the same source, the clips reveal some interesting info if inspected more thoroughly. Nick Hipa's video unveils a few song titles such as "Cauterize," "Paralyzed," "Anodyne" and "Defender." Whether or no these are just work titles yet remains to be seen.

Furthermore, Jordan Mancino and Josh Gilbert's videos appear to be from the same song, additionally indicating that these are not separate projects. Check out the snippets below.

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    Aren't "Cauterize," "Paralyzed," "Anodyne" and "Defender" already AILD song titles? I have them on my Ipod and have for a while... Those tracks sound promising though, glad they're continuing.
    Van Guff
    They are already tracks, I noticed in the video though, that they were ripping the labels off what seems to be a midi switching board. Maybe they're rerecording the songs, or starting over?
    Please give me that Ipod from the future, Maybe we can already listen to tools new record too!
    Yeah hes right, those are already created As I Lay Dying songs...bozo
    the vocals in that first clip i actually prefer to tim lamhesis it's a bit more melodic
    I think this is the best Josh has sounded. I'm excited for their next album.
    "Cauterize," "Paralyzed," "Anodyne" and "Defender" ARE AILD songs, he had them on a pedal either as a marker for tones OR just a reminder of a setlist, as hes removing them it's possibly a symbolic gesture of they are moving on musically. I'm pumped to learn they are still writing can't wait to see what they do.
    a drummer
    Wow josh sounds good. If he can keep up with some screams and growls, this would be an awesome four-piece band!
    I dig it, but I hope they still incorporate some unclean vocals. I'm pretty sure Phil can do some since he did when I saw them live. But Josh sounds really good.
    Those "song titles" are all just tracks off the last three albums (Cauterized and Defender from Awakened (2012), Paralyzed from Decas (2011), and Anodyne (Sea) from The Powerless Rise (2010)). My guess is they were trying some vox recordings of Josh to see what his main vocal mix would sound like. It could also be symbolic (removing the old labels off the equipment) as they break with the old and move on without Tim.
    I'm glad that the band is moving on and making more music. It's a shame when things like this happens. I feel so sorry for the the other members in Lostprophets though...
    Fuck the vocals, remove the core shit and AILD will be a very good band. These guys are top notch, their playing is amazing live too bad the song writing blows. PS: My name is tongue in cheek, if anyone remarks about that.
    Wonder if they will welcome back Tim with open arms if he gets released early on good behavior?
    Yeah... hopefully when he gets released, the band is still writing music. That's the problem, if the sentence is too long, the band will mvoe on and probably forget Tim (maybe replace him with a new singer, like Escape the Fate with Radke).
    They just released more clips today, I think they're going to continue under a new name with Josh as the new frontman. They even have a new logo.