As I Lay Dying Might Be Over, Guitarist Hints

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 02/18/2014 category: music news
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As I Lay Dying Might Be Over, Guitarist Hints
Ever since frontman Tim Lambesis' ongoing murder-for-hire trial began, the future of As I Lay Dying has been constantly questioned. Guitarist Nick Hipa recently touched on the matter, hinting that the band might be over.

AsĀ Metal Injection reports, Hipa referred to As I Lay Dying in the past tense during a recent chat with Dangerous Guitar at this year's NAMM convention, leading to a conclusion that the metalcore act won't continue it's musical journey.

"With As I Lay Dying it was very much a specific sort of genre," the guitarist noted, also adding: "Maybe one of these, especially now that we've got more time, we'll be able to explore that."

As the source points out, "maybe I'm reading too much into the interview," but the given two quotes clearly stand out from the rest of the interview and it certainly seems as if Nick was hinting at what the future holds for As I Lay Dying. Whether or not this is true yet remains to be seen. Check out the clip below for detailed info.

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