As I Lay Dying Might Be Over, Guitarist Hints

Nick Hipa briefly weighs in on the band's future.

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Ever since frontman Tim Lambesis' ongoing murder-for-hire trial began, the future of As I Lay Dying has been constantly questioned. Guitarist Nick Hipa recently touched on the matter, hinting that the band might be over.

AsĀ Metal Injection reports, Hipa referred to As I Lay Dying in the past tense during a recent chat with Dangerous Guitar at this year's NAMM convention, leading to a conclusion that the metalcore act won't continue it's musical journey.

"With As I Lay Dying it was very much a specific sort of genre," the guitarist noted, also adding: "Maybe one of these, especially now that we've got more time, we'll be able to explore that."

As the source points out, "maybe I'm reading too much into the interview," but the given two quotes clearly stand out from the rest of the interview and it certainly seems as if Nick was hinting at what the future holds for As I Lay Dying. Whether or not this is true yet remains to be seen. Check out the clip below for detailed info.

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    Its a real shame but expected given the circumstances, they've been one of my favourite bands over the past few years now. Awakened was just brilliant
    It really is a shame. They had something special with Awakened. The direction they were going in was phenomenal.
    No murderer is a cool guy.
    Got to say, you are right. . . as for the people giving you downvotes, I bet they still support Woody Allen too.
    +1'd you for the Woody Allen comment. Not sure why so many people (not to mention a lot of women) are big fans of such a creepy dude.
    Yeah. It's a bit like Lostprophets in a way... the lead singer fked everything up which then lead to the band stopping altogether. I'm hoping that As I Lay Dying do somehow carry on, they made some great tunes. Least I can still listen to the tunes without being put off almost immediately (like Lostprophets).
    I've not really been into AILD, but it sucks for the rest of the members as they have little control over the situation. I wish nothing but the best for them in their new ventures.
    Form a new band without Tim a'la audioslave, That way they can always return and continue if Tim get's out of prison a sane man.
    This situation kind of mirrors the Lostprophets thing - lead singer gets charged for a serious crime, rest of the band stays relatively quiet about it apart from a Facebook post or two, until about a year later when they decide to call it quits. Some frontmen need to stop being criminal bellends and set a good example to their fans.
    I was wondering when the word would appear in your text haha
    Why has common British slang become a gag in the comments section?
    When will UG change the website banner to a huge bellend? It's definitely the site's new "flagship" word
    With all the controversy I'm not surprised. It's a pity for the other members though. Same story with Lostprophets.
    not near as bad as lostprophets IMO- Lambesis went crazy and plotted to do something horrible, but at least he didnt do it, and he seems to be remorseful about it Ian Watkins is just a sick freak who still only cares about his legacy and has little to no shame about the disgusting things he did
    I am happy that they quit. I mean AILD was always Tim's band. He was the former member and pushed the band so far. It's a real shame what happened but I am glad that they at least don't try to replace him.
    Lead singer in jail and tied so closely with a fading genre... It might be time to call it quits or at least go on hiatus for a while. I remember checking these guys out around 2006 and I thought they stood out from most of the blah metalcore bands at the time - better than average musicianship, a little thrash influence, decent stuff. The rest of the band should start something new with a new singer, even if it takes a while to materialize.
    Well that's kind of given. Don't get me wrong i like as I lay dying, but there's no replacing lambesis But some thing I'm really going to miss is AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE!!!!!
    That video had zero to do with a hint of them breaking up...
    He is clearly refering to the band in the past tense. This absolutely sounds to me like he's not considering it a band anymore. On the other hand I don't know him, and that's just my personal impression.
    they are definitely one of the most talented of their genre, i couldnt get into a lot of metalcore, but i really liked them
    I would love it actually if these guys continued as a band, with a different vocalist, name, and maybe even style. I would love to see where these guys would go with each other knowing they didn't have to be 'As I Lay Dying'.
    What they should do is just make a new band with a different vocalist, then if they wanted later on, they could always reform with Tim and continue AILD. I know I'd buy the new band's CD's, provided that the new singer isn't some girly man with colorful tattoos that sounds like a dying moose.
    never got into but a few songs from this band cuz i always thought tim was the weakest link. his vocals were unoriginal and boring. i always felt they could b amazing if they got a better screamer. any guy off the street could do what tim did. all my friends loved this band back in the day and i have seen them live a few times. i respect them for what they pioneered in metalcore and wish them luck
    It just irks me like nothing else to see one band member screw everything up for the others, especially in such a short timeframe. First Ian Watkins, now Tim Lambesis... It just sucks to see those projects end like this...
    Never liked this band, they're so simple and monotone compared with the bands of their genre and tour with, wouldn't mind if I never heard them again, and I hope Tim Lambesis gets what he deserves if he really did do what he's being accused of. That being said, and before every scene and hardcore kid on here has a hemorrhage over what I just said, where the hell does it say they're breaking up in that video comprised of talking music and shop with another guitarist? The media and its need to put a twist on everything..
    A voice is only a noise without someone to hear and without a crowd to feed that noise grows silent... just sayin'
    I love AILD, but these guys are too talented to sit back and wait for Tim to deal with his demons. They should move on to new musical projects and keep the possibility of Tim rejoining open, but on the back burner.
    that awkward moment where you get interviewed by your ex girlfriend's dad.....
    AILYD is one of my favorite bands and it just would not be the same without Tim. Now if they can have the same sounds and style and similar vocals then maybe, but if not form a new band. He has not been proven guilty yet. I wonder if he is acquitted, if they will continue to play.
    Headline and actual article could not be farther away from each other...again.