As I Lay Dying Rumored to Be Changing Name to Worshipper

Website domain reportedly registered, new logo also hints at fresh name.

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Judging by several strong indications, As I Lay Dying might be in the middle of changing their name to Worshipper.

The guys at PRP did a fine investigation job, finding out that one of the band members registered an online domain for a band called Worshipper back in July. The website is yet to be activated.

Furthermore, the new set of clips published by band members features a logo shaped as "W," additionally supporting the name-changing idea.

As singer Tim Lambesis pled guilty to hiring a hitman to murder his estranged wife, the rest of the band seemingly decided to move on, first posting studio footage and now the mysterious new logo. Lambesis is facing up to nine years behind bars.

Check out the Instagram posts below.

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    Ben Hobson
    Lose a fan for a name change? Wow...
    I think it's a good idea to change the name. Keeping the name of a band when the singer leaves is a bad idea I think, just because the sound can change so much (and when discovering a new band it's confusing when you hear different singers). It's especially good for this band because I think when people hear 'as I lay dying' they'll only say 'oh that band whose singer is in jail'.
    To all the people who start listening to Worshipper (if they will confirm this name change), they won't know the past which is good, in a way (obviously not if they look them up) :p
    NOOOOO! They might lose a fan here
    Keep in mind that for all we know Lambesis owns the rights or stands to profit more if they go on as AILD. Think, for example, of how Sublime needed to be called Sublime With Rome bc Nowell was the owner of sorts of the name. Lambesis isn't dead but similar...
    Are you seriously going to not be a fan anymore just because of a name change? It's the music that matters, not the name
    You're going to forget a band you like because they're changing their name? A bit fickle aren't we?
    Actually if you read what it said on their website the official statement they are splitting off into two bands the current lineup with a new vocalist and Tim when he gets out will be continuing As I Lay Dying with the original lineup
    Its cool their changing the name. But the name worshipper brings to mind really bad christian rock....