As I Lay Dying to Release Statement Regarding Band's Future: 'It'll Be Worth the Wait'

"Some answers will surface and hopefully that will put your minds at ease," guitarist Phil Sgrosso adds.

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As I Lay Dying guitarist Phil Sgrosso touched on the matter of the band's future status for the first time since singer Tim Lambesis' murder-for-hire trial, noting that answers will surface soon.

Phil included the band update along with a shout-out for help to fund the treatment of his younger brother battling HIV.

"I know a lot of you have been curious about what I've been up to lately and what the future holds for AILD," the guitarist kicked off. "There will be a time (very soon) that some answers will surface and hopefully that will put your minds at ease. Sorry to be super vague and not provide any immediate info but I assure you that it will all be worth the wait.

"So on to a more personal matter that I'd like to share with you all...

"Some of you might follow me on Instagram and have seen a post awhile back with my little brother, Nathan, in the hospital.

"Thanks to any and all of you who left warm wishes for Nate and the fam btw!

"I'll try to explain the process somewhat briefly. Last year, Nate had a cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball on his brain and had to have immediate surgery to remove it. Not all of the tumor could be removed though so Nate is still facing a long road ahead of him in defeating cancer completely.

"My family is reaching out to those who'd be interested in helping Nate with his recovery process by donating through an Indiegogo campaign. I mainly associate the site with music/technology but it's also a great way to increase communal support for health purposes. The page set up for Nate goes into detail about their approach and how he will benefit from the medicine/medical equipment needing to be acquired for his healing process.

"I'm reaching out to any and everyone possible to help my brother because seeing a loved one suffer from any sort of illness is pretty hard to go through. Whatever it takes to get Nate past this and back to a normal life is the priority for my family.

"Thank you very much for just reading this and if you'd like to get involved and help an incredible kid kick the crap out of cancer, you can follow the link below. My family and I thank you very much!"

"You can make your donation and support the campaign here."

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    It Totally says he has brain cancer and not HIV that you put into bold letter like a dumbass. I hope they do not pay you much money for this stellar reporting.
    Majin Gaara
    There's a reason why UG isn't 'professional' and it's because of their dingbat wannabe pro reporters. I don't think English is their native because they seem to fail so many times at literally every article
    Majin Gaara
    If this was professional magazine/column, this reporter would've been fired long before they released their first article.
    Good luck to him, but I'm kinda confused. Where does it mention HIV? It's says he's been fighting cancer. There's no mention of HIV on his Indiegogo page. Lazy reporting? Sorry Andrew.irwin, your post went up as I was typing mine.
    They should get Phil Labonte from All That Remains for the new vocalist. It would be a lot better than All That Remains disappointing last album
    Nah. Phil Labonte wants to do Arena Rock/Metal. And besides I saw ATR during the This Darkened Heart tour back in the day and then again last year and it was like 2 totally different bands. AILD have been only getting more extreme with the last 2 albums. And honestly as much of a **** up Tim is for this- I'm still holding out for new AILD when he gets out. It's a shitty scenario but not Lostprophets/New Found Glory shitty at least.
    Byron Davis of God Forbid since they broke up? Very slim chance, but its a thought.
    I think Josh could take over, or maybe Nick or Phil for unclean vocals. I personally rather not have any more new members.
    Instead of releasing a statement about releasing a future statment, just release your future statement.
    Then what would UG report? A statement about not releasing statements until it's time to release a statement? Yo dawg, I heard you didn't like statements...
    Wow. I hope that Lambesis feels even more like a piece of shit knowing that he is preventing this guy and the rest of his band from making any money (touring) because of his selfish "Christian" heart. He can shell out 20 grand to kill his wife, but he can't shell out 20 grand to save one. Makes me sick to my stomach. I will be donating.
    I really hope they continue with a new vocalist. If not, at least they gave us five awesome albums.
    It's too bad for the rest of the band that their vocalist did what he did. It puts a black mark on a band full of people who are completely innocent (aside from Tim of course). It is not their fault he tried to kill his wife. I hope they can pull through this and continue as was before. I wouldn't call myself a fan of theirs, but I still hope they pull through none-the-less.
    Three facts... 1. Angela Gossow left Arch Enemy 2. As I Lay Dying needs a vocalists 3. The world needs more Angela Gossow Chance of it happening are next to nil, but still...