Asking Alexandria: 'Avenged Sevenfold Are Becoming the Next Metallica'

"The next Iron Maiden, a band that's gonna go down in history," drummer James Cassells adds.

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Asking Alexandria drummer James Cassells shared words of praise for fellow modern metallers Avenged Sevenfold, predicting them a bright future and a household name status. Chatting with Midwest Music Scene, James didn't hesitate to acknowledge A7X as future metal greats, describing them as "the next Metallica" and "the next Iron Maiden." "They're already a massive, massive band, but they're becoming, like, the next Metallica, the next Iron Maiden, a band that's gonna go down in history," the drummer said (via Blabbermouth). "It's so good how a true metal/rock act is getting to the point where it's, like, you're making this a mainstream thing, you're becoming a household name. And them doing that is helping every band that plays metal." Focusing on ripoff accusations A7X keep getting about their latest effort "Hail to the King," Cassells commented, "I think it's f--king sweet; I love it. People are knocking it: 'Ah, it sounds just like Metallica.' I'm, like, 'Yeah, it does sound a bit like Metallica. But who gives a f--k?' I like Metallica and so do they. You've gotta remember as well, they lost one of the main writers in the band." "Hail to the King" saw its release on August 27 via Warner Bros. The latest Asking Alexandria effort, "From Death to Destiny," dropped on August 6 through Sumerian Records.

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    Nobody gives a **** when it comes from him. His band is way worse than Ax7.
    Sounds like a brown-nosing 'please take us out on tour' comment to me...
    A7X are becoming a household name for the wrong reason though. And they aren't becoming the next Metallica or Maiden because those 2 bands transcend most peoples tastes, most general metalheads can get along on that Metallica and Iron Maiden are influential and awesome metal bands (or at least that they have some great songs), A7X's music is way to divisive to ever let them elevate to the status that Maiden and Metallica have.
    "You've gotta remember as well, they lost one of the main writers in the band" So we're suppose to be like: Oh, this album didn't sound original, but that's okay. They can't write original music anymore since Rev died... No excuse for This Means War...
    1 song that sounds LIKE a metallica song, but is NOT a metallica song. Its a different riff (although its CLOSE, its still Different). if you ALMOST score a goal, that means you missed it completely. thats the same with music. You almost copy a melody or a riff, but its not the same, so it's still original. If A7X copied everything, they might wanna change printers, cause theirs ****ed up >.<
    I lol'd at your heartbreaking ">.<" at the end
    Yeah I'm just tired of everyone saying they are copying metallica... if they did that they would've covered their songs on the album. which they didn't.
    but the thing is that the riffs are almost (almost) exactly the same and the vocal verses are like following the same pattern and intervals. and in music that's basically the same as copying. Its like using a template to design a website and then changing the font and color scheme and calling it your original design.
    Music is not a sport.
    I didn't say it was, I could've used anything else really... "if you almost close a door it's not closed at all" if your reaction to that is: "music is not a door" you might wanna start thinking
    Actually, half their album has such obvious Metallica influence that it might as well have been played by Metallica.
    Not only the main riff is pretty close, the verse next to it reminds a lot of metallica's (different vocal melody but same feel, same arrangement, same rythm), some moments even sound exactly the same, not to mention lots of rythmic ideas you can hear for example in the intro. Most of the scructure feels copied. Don't bullshit people and tell it's just a melody or a riff. At it's very best, if it isn't a rip-off it's a cover.
    it's neither, it's hugely inspired, but it's not ripped off. the lyrics are totally different, as is the solo. If you think it's a cover you should probably get a dictionary and look the word up (covered by korn).
    You're no one to tell me to get a dictionary. You go and learn something about music, if you will.
    So if I change just ONE note, it's not a ripoff because it's not exactly like the original? After all, I missed the goal, right? Bulletproof logic you got there.
    One shitty band claims other shitty band would become a band which once was great but then became shitty.
    I love Avenged Sevenfold but the amount of articles being dedicated to them on UG is embarrassing. Also I wish fans and the members themselves would stop making the "new Metallica" statements. They need to just focus on what they're doing and not who they can compare to.
    The thing is, A7X have never had an acclaimed album which in years to come will still be listened to and be considered a "classic" album, A7X want to be the next Metallica/Iron Maiden/Guns n Roses, but they haven't released a Master of Puppets/Number of the Beast/Appetite for Destruction, all bands that are over 20 years old and are still listened today have at least one of these albums, and 6 albums in, I doubt these guys ever will, they just don't have staying power.
    The state of music is different. They're releasing some of the biggest albums for their genre today, with two #1 debut albums, but of course it isn't going to get the recognition that Metallica would get in 1987... If Metallica put out "Master of Puppets" this year, do you honestly think it would have swept the music world by storm like it did back then? And that's one of the most regarded metal albums of all time. The genre isn't at the top anymore. Name a metal (yes, Avenged is metal) band out today that is bigger than Avenged. One that can headline festivals like they do... There isn't one. Slipknot and System of a Down are probably the last of those massive bands from the late 90's/early 2000's fame, but nobody from the last decade has risen to that level outside of Avenged. You can say bands like Lamb of God or Mastodon, but when it comes down to it, they're still daytime festival bands. Sure they're critically acclaimed in the metal world, but Avenged has risen out of that and into the mainstream (for better or for worse) much like Metallica and Iron Maiden. You don't have to be a metal head to like Metallica or Iron Maiden, and now Avenged. While I don't think a casual music listener is going to throw in a Black Dahlia Murder CD. Music is so divided. What is "classic" nowadays doesn't have to be classic to the mainstream. When I see Coheed do Neverender, I see them play four classic albums, even though they've only had one hit. Avenged fills arenas like no other metal band today does. They've only gotten bigger and bigger ever since their break, which was a decade ago. They're headlining Download next year, and just co-headlined Rock in Rio with Maiden. They're not an overnight sensation. They've been working at this for their entire careers, and you're going to say that they don't have any "staying power." Come on. Love them or hate them, it's getting ridiculous how much metal heads try to deny them.
    I'm still gonna go with Mastodon on that festival thing. Leviathan and Crack The Skye are still consistently ranked as two of the best albums of the entire last decade if not longer.
    It's worth noting that MoP/NotB/AFD were their bands' 3rd/1st/3rd releases. While I'd never rule anything out, it looks as though anything revolutionary generally comes out in the early days.
    @lemmyisgos97 I'm pretty sure the youth nowaday acclaims City of evil
    While the passing of a band member is a tragic and horrible occasion, it can't be held up as an excuse for poor songwriting. A7X aren't that bad of songwriters though, so it's all good.
    Enough with the A7X crap but on to more important things HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
    About time AA is doing a serious interview. Then again, every interview of theirs has to have a mention about drinking. Also, that interviewer is a ****ing fanboy.
    They could have been the next Metallica. Then the Rev, the only innovative member of the band, died.
    "The only innovative member of the band" who barely contributed any actual songwriting to "Waking the Fallen" and "City of Evil", Avenged's two most innovative albums. I love The Rev as much as the next guy, but he only wrote one "A Little Piece of Heaven," and then wrote some of the most cookie-cutter singles they've ever put out, like "Almost Easy" and "Welcome to the Family." I'd love for them to still have him, but to say that he is the ONLY innovative member of the band when he only started writing on their last two albums is a complete joke. They made a conscious decision to go this route on "Hail to the King", and Rev or not, it would have most likely turned out very similar to what we have today.
    Axeman Eugene
    They just played a show here in Portugal last night and everybody went crazy about it. Can't really understand why, they are complete and utter shit (my opinion). I even find it a bi offensive when people make these statements saying they are the next Metallica or Iron Maiden. To even compare the musicianship of those groups to Avenged Sevenfold...
    true although i do not think they are as shitty as others make them to be. the thing here in portugal is that people don't hear metal all that much so when something remotely close to it gets attention all the wannabe badasses jump in the bandwagon
    Not that I had any respect for them anyway but wow, congratulations, you've just reached respect level -2223
    i wish a7x got less hate city of evil was a really solid album maybe not the most metal album in the world, but there's nothing out there quite like it