Asking Alexandria: 'Avenged Sevenfold Are Becoming the Next Metallica'

"The next Iron Maiden, a band that's gonna go down in history," drummer James Cassells adds.

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Asking Alexandria drummer James Cassells shared words of praise for fellow modern metallers Avenged Sevenfold, predicting them a bright future and a household name status. Chatting with Midwest Music Scene, James didn't hesitate to acknowledge A7X as future metal greats, describing them as "the next Metallica" and "the next Iron Maiden." "They're already a massive, massive band, but they're becoming, like, the next Metallica, the next Iron Maiden, a band that's gonna go down in history," the drummer said (via Blabbermouth). "It's so good how a true metal/rock act is getting to the point where it's, like, you're making this a mainstream thing, you're becoming a household name. And them doing that is helping every band that plays metal." Focusing on ripoff accusations A7X keep getting about their latest effort "Hail to the King," Cassells commented, "I think it's f--king sweet; I love it. People are knocking it: 'Ah, it sounds just like Metallica.' I'm, like, 'Yeah, it does sound a bit like Metallica. But who gives a f--k?' I like Metallica and so do they. You've gotta remember as well, they lost one of the main writers in the band." "Hail to the King" saw its release on August 27 via Warner Bros. The latest Asking Alexandria effort, "From Death to Destiny," dropped on August 6 through Sumerian Records.

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    Nobody gives a **** when it comes from him. His band is way worse than Ax7.
    Sounds like a brown-nosing 'please take us out on tour' comment to me...
    A7X are becoming a household name for the wrong reason though. And they aren't becoming the next Metallica or Maiden because those 2 bands transcend most peoples tastes, most general metalheads can get along on that Metallica and Iron Maiden are influential and awesome metal bands (or at least that they have some great songs), A7X's music is way to divisive to ever let them elevate to the status that Maiden and Metallica have.
    "You've gotta remember as well, they lost one of the main writers in the band" So we're suppose to be like: Oh, this album didn't sound original, but that's okay. They can't write original music anymore since Rev died... No excuse for This Means War...
    1 song that sounds LIKE a metallica song, but is NOT a metallica song. Its a different riff (although its CLOSE, its still Different). if you ALMOST score a goal, that means you missed it completely. thats the same with music. You almost copy a melody or a riff, but its not the same, so it's still original. If A7X copied everything, they might wanna change printers, cause theirs ****ed up >.<
    I lol'd at your heartbreaking ">.<" at the end
    Yeah I'm just tired of everyone saying they are copying metallica... if they did that they would've covered their songs on the album. which they didn't.
    but the thing is that the riffs are almost (almost) exactly the same and the vocal verses are like following the same pattern and intervals. and in music that's basically the same as copying. Its like using a template to design a website and then changing the font and color scheme and calling it your original design.
    Music is not a sport.
    I didn't say it was, I could've used anything else really... "if you almost close a door it's not closed at all" if your reaction to that is: "music is not a door" you might wanna start thinking
    Not only the main riff is pretty close, the verse next to it reminds a lot of metallica's (different vocal melody but same feel, same arrangement, same rythm), some moments even sound exactly the same, not to mention lots of rythmic ideas you can hear for example in the intro. Most of the scructure feels copied. Don't bullshit people and tell it's just a melody or a riff. At it's very best, if it isn't a rip-off it's a cover.
    it's neither, it's hugely inspired, but it's not ripped off. the lyrics are totally different, as is the solo. If you think it's a cover you should probably get a dictionary and look the word up (covered by korn).
    You're no one to tell me to get a dictionary. You go and learn something about music, if you will.
    So if I change just ONE note, it's not a ripoff because it's not exactly like the original? After all, I missed the goal, right? Bulletproof logic you got there.
    Actually, half their album has such obvious Metallica influence that it might as well have been played by Metallica.
    One shitty band claims other shitty band would become a band which once was great but then became shitty.
    I love Avenged Sevenfold but the amount of articles being dedicated to them on UG is embarrassing. Also I wish fans and the members themselves would stop making the "new Metallica" statements. They need to just focus on what they're doing and not who they can compare to.
    The thing is, A7X have never had an acclaimed album which in years to come will still be listened to and be considered a "classic" album, A7X want to be the next Metallica/Iron Maiden/Guns n Roses, but they haven't released a Master of Puppets/Number of the Beast/Appetite for Destruction, all bands that are over 20 years old and are still listened today have at least one of these albums, and 6 albums in, I doubt these guys ever will, they just don't have staying power.
    The state of music is different. They're releasing some of the biggest albums for their genre today, with two #1 debut albums, but of course it isn't going to get the recognition that Metallica would get in 1987... If Metallica put out "Master of Puppets" this year, do you honestly think it would have swept the music world by storm like it did back then? And that's one of the most regarded metal albums of all time. The genre isn't at the top anymore. Name a metal (yes, Avenged is metal) band out today that is bigger than Avenged. One that can headline festivals like they do... There isn't one. Slipknot and System of a Down are probably the last of those massive bands from the late 90's/early 2000's fame, but nobody from the last decade has risen to that level outside of Avenged. You can say bands like Lamb of God or Mastodon, but when it comes down to it, they're still daytime festival bands. Sure they're critically acclaimed in the metal world, but Avenged has risen out of that and into the mainstream (for better or for worse) much like Metallica and Iron Maiden. You don't have to be a metal head to like Metallica or Iron Maiden, and now Avenged. While I don't think a casual music listener is going to throw in a Black Dahlia Murder CD. Music is so divided. What is "classic" nowadays doesn't have to be classic to the mainstream. When I see Coheed do Neverender, I see them play four classic albums, even though they've only had one hit. Avenged fills arenas like no other metal band today does. They've only gotten bigger and bigger ever since their break, which was a decade ago. They're headlining Download next year, and just co-headlined Rock in Rio with Maiden. They're not an overnight sensation. They've been working at this for their entire careers, and you're going to say that they don't have any "staying power." Come on. Love them or hate them, it's getting ridiculous how much metal heads try to deny them.
    I'm still gonna go with Mastodon on that festival thing. Leviathan and Crack The Skye are still consistently ranked as two of the best albums of the entire last decade if not longer.
    It's worth noting that MoP/NotB/AFD were their bands' 3rd/1st/3rd releases. While I'd never rule anything out, it looks as though anything revolutionary generally comes out in the early days.
    @lemmyisgos97 I'm pretty sure the youth nowaday acclaims City of evil
    While the passing of a band member is a tragic and horrible occasion, it can't be held up as an excuse for poor songwriting. A7X aren't that bad of songwriters though, so it's all good.
    Enough with the A7X crap but on to more important things HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
    About time AA is doing a serious interview. Then again, every interview of theirs has to have a mention about drinking. Also, that interviewer is a ****ing fanboy.
    They could have been the next Metallica. Then the Rev, the only innovative member of the band, died.
    "The only innovative member of the band" who barely contributed any actual songwriting to "Waking the Fallen" and "City of Evil", Avenged's two most innovative albums. I love The Rev as much as the next guy, but he only wrote one "A Little Piece of Heaven," and then wrote some of the most cookie-cutter singles they've ever put out, like "Almost Easy" and "Welcome to the Family." I'd love for them to still have him, but to say that he is the ONLY innovative member of the band when he only started writing on their last two albums is a complete joke. They made a conscious decision to go this route on "Hail to the King", and Rev or not, it would have most likely turned out very similar to what we have today.
    Axeman Eugene
    They just played a show here in Portugal last night and everybody went crazy about it. Can't really understand why, they are complete and utter shit (my opinion). I even find it a bi offensive when people make these statements saying they are the next Metallica or Iron Maiden. To even compare the musicianship of those groups to Avenged Sevenfold...
    true although i do not think they are as shitty as others make them to be. the thing here in portugal is that people don't hear metal all that much so when something remotely close to it gets attention all the wannabe badasses jump in the bandwagon
    Not that I had any respect for them anyway but wow, congratulations, you've just reached respect level -2223
    i wish a7x got less hate city of evil was a really solid album maybe not the most metal album in the world, but there's nothing out there quite like it
    Yeah, they were saying that about Trivium a few years back too. In order to really become the next Metallica you have to influence the genre in a really big way - really contribute something that every future band in that genre will draw upon. What has A7X contributed? What impact have they made on the metal genre? How will they be remembered? Now, if it's simply a matter of awesome bands turning shitty over time and over-staying their welcome, well, let's just say the market is flooded with "Next Metallicas".
    I can understand the "next Metallica" part, but still barely. But next Iron Maiden? This guy needs some serious Heavy metal 101.
    Am I the only one who actually liked death magnetic? reload and load are okay, st anger isn't my cup of tea, and before that I liked most of their stuff, death magnetic is a different sounding album production wise but is alot like their older stuff in a good way, only 2 flaws on that album for me, snare is way too loud and way too much wah in the solos.
    Those A7X guys don't even come close to Metallica. Never gonna happen.
    there can be no next metallica. especially a7x can NOT be next metallica because everyone knows that A7X is total bullshit. It can not even be regarded as metal.
    He meant "the next Metallica" in terms of the next metal giant, not in terms of song quality (whether you're a fan of either or both). Metallica is like the Michael Jordan of metal, not because they're the best band ever, but because if you ask someone who doesn't listen to metal to name one metal band, it will be Metallica, just like if you'd ask someone who doesn't follow basketball to name one player.. you get the point. It seems he is right though. Eventually, when giants like Sabbath, Maiden and Metallica retire, the torch will be passed to bands like A7x, who will be the new household names for future generations. They're the biggest modern metal act right now and I don't see that changing.
    To be honest most people who don't listen to metal would probably say Slipknot these days. At least that's how it seems to be where I live.
    Doubt it. Slipknot is very big but not as big as A7x, or as commercially accessible.
    a7x is metal shutup..... and it wouldnt be hard to be the next metallica, just go make a few great albums,lose a member to death, then release an album thats contrversial to your original sounds a little like avenged sevonfold ehh?
    Because it's a well known fact that Cliff Burton's death and the below par production on their later albums was all part of the master plan...
    Which of Metallica's albums were controversial because the album's songs were blatantly stolen from other bands? I don't remember that happening.
    If by Metal, you mean watered-down Hard Rock sprinkled with bits of Metallic Hardcore, sure, it's Metal.
    Yeah I totally listen to da Mutallicas when uhhh, I hear people die and dey make different sounds! Cause it's not like people liked them beforehand and none of that made a difference. In fact both bands of lost fans from the member deaths, and from changing sounds. Though A7X still sounds the same to me, except with crappier drums and lack of decent backup vocals.
    Do you realize we could had the same exact discussion 14years ago regarding Limp Bizkit/Korn/(insert cookie cutter here). They were widely hailed as the future of "metal". Where are they now? Limp bizkit is that band you are too embarrassed to listened to on repeat. They are a complete afterthought. Korn is still making albums. But nobody truly gives a giant shit. When the last you were driven to the record shop, solely for the newest Korn album? If a few years, these fad glam rockers will be playing free shows at the county fair.
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    Why are you gay bashing? It's really uncool, and there's no reason to go there.
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    A7X is a great band. So much haters is the sign of success. The fanbase is shit, but the band is awesome. City Of Evil is one of the most awesome metal record ever made. We are not in the 80's anymore. HTTK sounds alot like Metallica but has the A7X soul. The Rev were a lot involved in the bands's sound. So come on guy, stop Hate and just listen to the musics, because they are great ! You don't like them because it's not a black-death-triplepedal metal band .
    "So much haters is the sign of success.", also known as "Htrz make me famus.", a statement that is only considered true by 14 year old girls. And you're right, we're not in the 80's anymore. If we were A7X would have been on MTV right next to all the other "LOOK AT US, WE'RE TRENDY" bands that labels tried to sell as Metal.
    Oh my satan you think for yourself you should die you scene faggit too brootal.(that was a satire)
    "City Of Evil is one of the most awesome metal record ever made." You must not have heard very many metal albums if you legitimately think this is true. And no. I don't like them because they're an incredibly crappy band. I give HUNDREDS of bands chances when it comes to my liking them regardless of what genre they are. I gave Avenged Sevenfold that chance and they blew it.
    Im fully behind A7X. City of Evil and Nightmare are awesome, and now that they're finally blowing up they are opening the door for many more bands to thrive. The more they become accepted into the mainstream, the more demand there is for metal/hard rock. And that demand is not only on the radio, but locally in small bars and venues. That means both small time garage bands, as well as more well know bands in the scene will have more opportunities to get their music out there and make money doing what they love. There ain't nothin wrong with that
    Because if there's anyone who knows what they're talking about in the metal community, its Asking Alexandria...
    Right! Until now i had never actually listened to avenged sevenfold. But after seeing the title of this post i thought id have a listen... wish i had not bothered now. Girls and gays buy music like this. It's ****ing pop music, singing is a weak attempt at hetfields style and that's where the similarities end. The music just sounded like a ****ing boring backing track on youtube that some bedroom dweller has crafted on cubase. What a load of shit
    Jesus you haters are retarded, if you count out the legends, what METAL bands in our generation are becoming as big as A7X? No one is even close, some people might not like them but they are as close to a ''classic/legendary'' metal band they can get. At least be happy that metal is getting this recognition. It is sad that the metal community is so divided and non-supportive of the genre that we all come to love. No wonder the genre is slowly becoming more obscure
    They still have a hell of a long way to go before they become nearly as big as Metallica or Maiden.
    "No wonder the genre is slowly becoming more obscure" Here's the thing though: no one cares. This is Metal we're talking about here. There are over 93, 000 Metal bands listed on Metal-Archives, not even including watered-down Hard Rock bands who think they are Metal. Yet you can count the number of Metal bands who have become mainstream-level successful on both your hands, again not including crappy Rock bands who people mistake as Metal. Metal is an obscure genre. It's loud, abrasive, and not many people like it. It has always been that way, Metal has always been largely an underground genre. The only people who are afraid of this "obscurity" are the ones who arguably are not that big into Metal in the first place. Metal doesn't need some trendy Rock band to stay alive, and that's all A7X is.
    come on A7X is so lame! Even when cover Pantera's songs sucks a lot!
    A7x could never be considered in the same league as Metallica. Why? Because Metallica were (initially) doing something that was almost brand new at the time, as much as I hate to admit that. A7X aren't quite the groundbreaking band that Metallica were in their early days. Yeah, they're successful, but success doesn't equate to quality. tl;dr - Shut up, Asking Alexandria.
    Guys, I think we're misunderstanding "The next Metallica" thingy, I'm pretty sure what they're trying to say is "We were once great, but now we suck, we're like the new Metallica!"
    Just playing the devil's advocate here but alot of other bands got pretty big but never reached metallica status. The problem here is that metallica made something influential and new and interesting with thrash. I dont think avenged sevenfold is going to release anything amazing. They will be another trend and go out of style along with nu-metal
    Why doesn't Avenged Sevenfold (**** that A7X shit. If their band name was A7X I would call them that) become the best Avenged Sevenfold they can be, and not try to be the "next Metallica"? You're just setting yourself up for failure because there will always be that constant comparison to a far more popular, mainstream-for-the-right-reason band, in this case Metallica, that you will never be able to live up to. Avenged Sevenfold is not Metallica, they are Avenged Sevenfold, so maybe they should shut up, stop trying to feed off of another bands past and make better music.
    Does this make the drummer (can't remember his name, too far from the top of the page, not worth trying) the next Dave Grohl? When Dave retires, the namedropping and weasling-in torch will be passed to the next generation of brown-nosing, brown lipstick-wearing media *****s.
    I'm sorry, but these guys are specks of dust in the light that is bands like Metallica and Maiden. They're metal for people who don't like metal, and they should stay that way instead of copying the greats.
    not the next metallica but they can become a household name, this album has potential to reach a classic status. i am not a huge fan if theirs but if they can get another album that is as popular as this one while still remaining metal they can be considered one of the greats
    It might do some good if i point out that ONE song off of hail to the king has vocals that are reminiscent of ONE metallica song. The guitar riff from "This Means War" is totally different and has nearly nothing in common with metallica's "Sad But True". This all originated because someone made a video juxtaposing James Hetfield's vocals over "This Means War", Which you could have done with any song that was in that tempo and key. The more you know!
    A7X is not worthy as they are attempting to overinflate themselves as usual except this time Fanboys from AA had some input,,,,see what I did there>?These types of articles only open the door for more A7X hate.Next article will probably be Shadows whining about the lack of popularity in metal these days and why they arent making billions of dollars,who freeking cares.Quit the bitching and earn your stripes like the other bands out there have.
    Every. Single. Article. That UG has posted about M. Shadows talking about hail to the king was all from one article ina a magazine. They just kept spewing out the same bullshit for 3 months to try and make it sound like A7X is some self-obsessed crybabies
    It might do some good if i point out that ONE song off of hail to the king has vocals that are reminiscent of ONE metallica song. The guitar riff from "This Means War" is totally different and has nearly nothing in common with metallica's "Sad But True". This all originated because someone made a video juxtaposing James Hetfield's vocals over "This Means War", Which you could have done with any song that was in that tempo and key. The more you know!