Asking Alexandria Guitarist Working on Softer Rock Album, Compares it to Oasis

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 03/20/2014 category: music news
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Asking Alexandria Guitarist Working on Softer Rock Album, Compares it to Oasis
Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce recently discussed his upcoming solo album, announcing an unexpected "softer rock" release, even comparing it to Oasis and Keane.

Chatting with Artist Direct, Ben explained, "I think it's going to shock a lot of people. I don't know what everyone is expecting of me, but it's definitely nothing like Asking Alexandria. There's nothing really heavy about it.

"There are a few classic rock 'n' roll tunes on there," the guitarist added. "Really, it's a lot of softer rock stuff. I can compare it to bands like Keane or Oasis. It's a blend of chilled-out easy listening rock music. I'm singing. I put down my guitar duties for a while."

According to Bruce, the album is fully recorded and well into the mixing stage. During the rest of the chat, the guitarist discussed his record label KBB Records, scheduled for an official launch in the near future.

"I got so sad hearing about all of these bands signed to labels with s--tty deals who are unhappy," Ben said while discussing how the label idea popped up. "I remember thinking what a great relationship I have with Sumerian Records and how great it is I can call Ash Avildsen the owner of the label at 5 AM if I want to and have heart-to-hearts and one-on-one talks and we share the same visions.

"It's such a shame that there aren't more artist-friendly labels out there like that. It built from there really. What started off as a small idea like, 'I wonder if I could do this,' turned into a reality," the axeman concluded.
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