Asking Alexandria: 'Our Fans are Keeping Rock N' Roll Alive'

Band topping charts with new album "From Death to Destiny," saying it proves "heavy music is alive and well."

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As Asking Alexandria topped UK's rock and metal chart this week with their latest effort "From Death to Destiny," members of the metalcore five-piece couldn't hide their excitement, saying that such achievement helps preserve the heavy sound.

"I can't begin to express just how excited I am with the success of 'From Death to Destiny,'" guitarist Ben Bruce kicked off. "It's our biggest first week yet and proof that heavy music is alive and well.

"None of this would be possible without the love and devotion of our incredible fans," the axeman explained (via Blabbermouth). "They prove to us and the world time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with. They won't be shunned and their presence will be globally recognized.

"Our fans are helping to keep rock 'n' roll alive and I couldn't be more proud to be sharing this battle with them. Things are only going to get bigger and better from here on out," Bruce concluded.

"From Death To Destiny" dropped on August 6 through Summerian Records as the band's third studio effort. With 38,000 copies sold in the US during the first week, it scored a No. 6 debut on the Billboard 200 chart. Prior to the official album release, the band premiered "The Death of Me" music video.

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    000-00-0000-0-0-0-0-1000 repeat.
    I hear that smoke on the water is like through the fire and flames for this band.
    Listen to their new album; It's not just generic riffs like that, they've actually improved a lot
    i have despised them for a while now. i thought the scream/singer dude had a good low growl(on the albums not live) but i watched their new video a couple of days ago. it not something i would go nuts over, but its a hell of a lot better than the "final episode" song.
    Ya, they sound much better. Now their songs are more like 111-00-1111-0-1-0-1-000..... They are really giving those index fingers a workout!!
    'DC fan
    Why do so many people bum out this band? I'm sorry but they are just terrible
    I'm with ya. They aren't the worst, but I mainly hate their attitude. Forced rock n roll, 80's behaviour. Nothing worse than regression.
    I don't think the behaviour is forced - Danny is blatantly an 80's fanboy and I think the transition seems logical for them - I read somewhere that they all prefer old school rock music to modern stuff (which could be bollocks, I dunno), plus they all drink, drugs and screw like there's no tomorrow, I don't think it's contrived at all.
    AA aren't the worst out there, they're just a brilliant example of having fans making that band look bad. Though I'll admit, I'd have difficulty choosing between AA and Guns n Roses; at least AA would turn up.
    Youd really choose them over gnr?? I cant even comprehend this statement
    Would I rather pay for a show where the lead singer will almost certainly turn up and I wouldn't have to worry about being assaulted by him for taking a picture? Yes.
    Theres far worse out there though. At least people are listening to music that has been written by the performers, its loud and has balls (of varying size). Ive ended up at 2 Asking Alexandria gigs and they do put on a good show, its just the 14 year old girls that start passing out cause they cant handle it are quite embarrassing...
    This isn't very interesting news. It seems that it's just another article made to piss people off and it has done exactly that.
    "Our fans are helping to keep rock 'n' roll alive and I couldn't be more proud to be sharing this battle with them." I'm confused...I'm sure rock 'n' roll was music from the likes of Elvis and Buddy Holly? And later on, artists like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses and Led Zeppelin. ...I don't hear any of that in Asking Alexandria despite whatever influences they say to have, I just hear that metalcore sound with a few more breakdowns/chug riffs and big choruses, and I sure hope to god that that isn't the future of "rock 'n' roll". New song I don't find too bad though, just kind of standard metalcore with a bit of a Disturbed vibe, especially in the chorus. Seems to be a step in the right direction, at least to my ears, but they've got a loooong way to go before I start liking them.
    I was about to make a comment about the new stuff, but you have apparently heard it. I don't know I'm digging the new album it is SOOOOO much better than their prior efforts.
    "Rock N Roll"
    Why the **** comment removed from here? Not the first time I've had a completely relevant comment removed. I despair for this website sometimes...
    When I hear about bands like these getting so successful, it makes me wonder whether drop-tuning was the worst thing to happen to metal. Then I listen to Meshuggah and the world is righted again =]
    Tom Ak40
    So I was about to rip into them for being open string, palm muted chuggers with little to no musical creativity. Then I thought; "You know what? I haven't given this new album a chance yet, maybe its different." So I decided to listen to the example above. They have changed their sound a bit, I'll give them that. The lack of breakdowns was a nice change from generic metalcore. It's just a shame that they sound like an edgeless As I Lay Dying/Killswitch rip off. The riffs are still extremely boring and easy to play and could have come from any generic band that has had airplay on Kerrang TV since 2008 (not that simplicity is a bad thing, as long as its interesting to listen to). I zoned out from the lyrics and the video just seemed to want to show us sluts in vending machines (which has got to be the most unusual way to get pussy, that being said if I saw a rent-a-***** in a vending machine and they weren't too dirty, I'd probably rent them.) In summary, if the whole album is like that song, then they have only swapped one form of generic metal for another to make their fans think that they have changed their sound and are becoming much more mature and deeper musically, and based on the facebook comments on sumerian's facebook page (other than the funny comments insulting AA), seems to be working.
    The boy in the video represents the lead singer and the strippers in the vending machines each represent a different drug that he was hooked on before he cleaned up his act. In the end he chose the one that messed him up the most.
    Tom Ak40
    That makes sense, although without context how is anyone who hasn't looked it up supposed to know? Either I'm just retarded, or AA's video director sucks a symbolism.
    Pretty sure AA is one of the last bands I'd ever think of saying is "Keeping metal alive and well."
    Not a big fan of them but they were pretty good at Download this year Always keep an open mind!
    I saw the title of the interview and came here to rag on them for being insufferably arrogant, but I read the interview, it was actually very well stated by the band. Stop ripping on the band - they're not the greatest, but they're a long way from the worst. Besides, getting on the anti-AA bandwagon is just as much of a trend as being one of their teenage fangirls.
    to be fair if its what your into this really wasnt that bad, dunno about keeping 'rock n roll alive' though..
    I mean I don't expect to get much credit for this but as an avid fan of pure hardcore, not deathcore or any other redundant genre, this band blows dogs for quarters.
    The new album is more of a Rock/Generic Metal album than the post hardcore stuff they did. There's a song called Moving On which sounds like a song Skid Row or a band from that era would release, but they have improved greatly since Stand Up And Scream
    The vocals might be the only strong point of this band, imho.
    James Cassels is an exceedingly talented drummer. Go back to the breakdowny albums and listen to his drumming - he's smooth, slick, powerul, and knows his chops. A bit generic though. But yeah, Danny is actually a very good singer.
    Simplicity is not an argument on why this band sucks, take AC\DC, they are SO simple and many of their songs sound the same, with big chorus, but NO, IT CAN'T BE BAD CAUSE IT'S AC\DC, ITS A CLASSIC, U CAN'T SAY THEY ARE BAD. Oh,c'mon, go suck a cock u stupid ****. Asking Alexandria get better every album so far and they put an excelent show without the need of pyrocrap and other stuff, their movements and energy is just tremendous.
    fans of The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and The Black Crowes are keeping rock n' roll alive, AA fans are maybe keeping metalcore alive, but it's not rock n' roll
    I'll tell you who's keeping Rock N Roll alive. It's people who are still talking about bands like Zeppelin and AC/DC and Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath and the Doors and the Who and Nirvana, the Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles. Not Asking Alexandria.
    Or newer bands like Monster Truck, The Sheepdogs, and Airbourne. I don't mind Asking Alexandria but they definitely aren't a rock and roll band.
    whats so wrong with the word fans? i dont understand, can someone please explain?
    I'm sorry I couldn't distinguish this article from all the other metalcore articles. Hey just like their music!
    Was never a fan of bands that go on about keeping spirit of [genre] going. Just play your damn music and don't worry about what instruments you use or what label you fit under.
    I don't get why this got so many dislikes, I mean, all he did was say he was proud of his fan's devotion. Had he said they were keeping ANYTHING alive, you people would have a bitchfit, regardless of how knowledgeable you were on the subject.