Asking Alexandria Talk New Album: 'When You Play This, Girls Get Wet'

Band describes "From Death to Destiny" tracks as "panty droppers."

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Drummer James Cassells and guitarist Cameron Liddell of Asking Alexandria recently discussed the band's latest effort "From Death to Destiny," describing each of the new tunes as "panty droppers." During a Cayem Interviews chat, the pair called the record "the best f--king album ever." "It's f--king great," the drummer said. "Seriously, you can't get a better album, ever." When asked to single out the best track to woo the ladies with, Cassels replied: "All of them. Literally, when you play this, girls get wet and it's like woooo. They queefe just thinking about it." The two were then asked to discuss the higher rankings they reached on US charts compared to UK lists. As previously reported, "From Death to Destiny" scored a No. 5 debut on the Billboard 200 chart and landed at No. 28 on UK Albums Chart. "Americans just like good music obviously," the drummer said just to have Liddell chip in, "They like us Brits. We can't do anything wrong. We just say hello to them and they're just jizzing in their pants. Being a rockstar and being British - that's a dangerous combination." Asking Alexandria are set to hit the US road with Korn later this month, starting with a Philadelphia performance on September 26. "From Death to Destiny" was released on August 6 via Sumerian Records.

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    I don't know much about AA, but if I'm getting the impression from them, then I *really* want to punch one of them. Or all of them, which should I do?
    Never seen a band with their heads more shoved up their own asses than Asking Alexandria. They're deluded if they believe From Death to Destiny is a creative album.
    They're deluded if they think that ANY of their albums are creative/good/original.
    Considering their fanbase consists of 14-year-old girls I'm somewhat concerned about that statement...
    I have a feeling they're taking the piss, this is very typical British humour, especially amongst bands. They're still terrible though.
    To be honest I thought they were serious with all this a**holery until I saw the interview. They're just messing with the guy and not giving a shit, although it would be nice if they focused more on writing than on their attitude, cause even for pop-metal they seem on the mediocre side.
    Even I (a thoroughly British Brit) can't accept this level of boastful self-promotion. It's only acceptable to blow your own trumpet as forcefully as they (AA) if you are actually good. If they were shit on purpose that too would be acceptable, however I get the feeling that they genuinely believe their own hype. I pity them...I also envy their paychecks.
    This band needs to be ignored (except by child protection agencies), they'll **** off soon enough.
    In all honestly, i wouldnt actually bash these guys as much as i do if they didnt act so cocky all the time
    Congrats, you make 14 year old girls wet, you're basically Justin Bieber....
    Best album ever? Really? Better than Metallica's Black Album? Better than Nevermind? Better than any Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, or The Who album? Better than a Pink Floyd album? These guys have one successful (not good, successful) album and they think they're on top of the world...I guarentee you they won't be around in two years.
    Do people like brits? I do not, so Im wondering what these guys are smoking, cuz I definitely want some
    Your username makes perfect sense now. Actually no, it doesn't. I don't speak this crazy mix of binary and caps lock. I hate Brits too. Self deprecation is one our finest qualities/abrogations.
    Hahahaha that was hilarious i laughed immediately upon reading the title haha. GReat band IMO
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    sarcasm or not, i have never liked this band and they continue to make themselves look like pompous, conceited pricks.
    Take a joke you guys... whether you like the band or not it's obvious they're just screwing around in this video.
    You can't be ****ing serious... it's a better album than any of their others..... but pull your head out of your asses, for ****'s sake.