Asking Alexandria Talk New Album: 'When You Play This, Girls Get Wet'

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 09/18/2013 category: music news
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Asking Alexandria Talk New Album: 'When You Play This, Girls Get Wet'
Drummer James Cassells and guitarist Cameron Liddell of Asking Alexandria recently discussed the band's latest effort "From Death to Destiny," describing each of the new tunes as "panty droppers." During a Cayem Interviews chat, the pair called the record "the best f--king album ever." "It's f--king great," the drummer said. "Seriously, you can't get a better album, ever." When asked to single out the best track to woo the ladies with, Cassels replied: "All of them. Literally, when you play this, girls get wet and it's like woooo. They queefe just thinking about it." The two were then asked to discuss the higher rankings they reached on US charts compared to UK lists. As previously reported, "From Death to Destiny" scored a No. 5 debut on the Billboard 200 chart and landed at No. 28 on UK Albums Chart. "Americans just like good music obviously," the drummer said just to have Liddell chip in, "They like us Brits. We can't do anything wrong. We just say hello to them and they're just jizzing in their pants. Being a rockstar and being British - that's a dangerous combination." Asking Alexandria are set to hit the US road with Korn later this month, starting with a Philadelphia performance on September 26. "From Death to Destiny" was released on August 6 via Sumerian Records.
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