Asking Alexandria: 'Today's Rock Is Monotonous, and We've Come Up With a Fresh Sound'

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 08/07/2014 category: music news

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Asking Alexandria: 'Today's Rock Is Monotonous, and We've Come Up With a Fresh Sound'
As Asking Alexandria are gearing up to focus on their new album, singer Danny Worsnop explained how disgruntled he is about the current state of rock, dubbing today's scene "monotonous" and giving himself and the band a pat on the back for creating a "fresh sound."

Discussing his side project We Are Harlot, as well as AA, Danny told Nikki Blakk: "Who says classic rock's dead? I think there's something to [our] sound that you can't find anymore. No one's making that classic rock."

Bashing the scene a little bit, the singer added, "Everyone on the radio sounds exactly the same. You can't tell when one band starts and the other one finishes. It's monotonous, it's laborious, and we've come up with a fresh sound. We've started something and I think people connect with it and really feel it."

Asked to elaborate the group's uniqueness, Worsnop replied, "I'm just singing about f--king! It's literally an album about sex, that's it!"

As far as the new album goes, Danny described the fresh material as "very different," noting that "people are gonna complain on the Internet, but I don't give a f--k."

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