Asking Alexandria: 'Today's Rock Is Monotonous, and We've Come Up With a Fresh Sound'

"We've started something, I'm just singing about f--king," says singer Danny Worsnop.

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As Asking Alexandria are gearing up to focus on their new album, singer Danny Worsnop explained how disgruntled he is about the current state of rock, dubbing today's scene "monotonous" and giving himself and the band a pat on the back for creating a "fresh sound."

Discussing his side project We Are Harlot, as well as AA, Danny told Nikki Blakk: "Who says classic rock's dead? I think there's something to [our] sound that you can't find anymore. No one's making that classic rock."

Bashing the scene a little bit, the singer added, "Everyone on the radio sounds exactly the same. You can't tell when one band starts and the other one finishes. It's monotonous, it's laborious, and we've come up with a fresh sound. We've started something and I think people connect with it and really feel it."

Asked to elaborate the group's uniqueness, Worsnop replied, "I'm just singing about f--king! It's literally an album about sex, that's it!"

As far as the new album goes, Danny described the fresh material as "very different," noting that "people are gonna complain on the Internet, but I don't give a f--k."

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    He calls rock monotonous and then goes on to state that his band is so one dimensional that all they sing about is sex.
    "Coincidentally, in German, Prolls are lower-class youths who behave and dress in boorish ways, and usually display sexist and racist tendencies, somewhat analogous to chavs or bogans elsewhere." I approve.
    MYYYYY!!!! YAIIIII!!!!! YAHHHHH!!!!! YAHHH! YAHHH!!! YAHHHHH!!!!! If I want to ask alexandria anything, I would want to ask her why this band is so douchey
    0-0-0-0-0-0-1 RARARARRAR! 0-0-0-0-1-0-1-0-1-1-0 FUCK YOU YOU STUPID BITCH 0-0-0-0-1-0-0-1-0-0-0-1-0--0--0--0--0--0 YOU FUCKING BITCH 0----0----0---0---1---0--0 -Offical tabs for the new VERY technical AA song "I cut my nuts off cause my stupid bitch girlfriend broke up with me"
    Riding the bullet train to obscurity. This band will be unheard of in 8 years
    try 3 years
    I was thinking less. I just saw them on Mayhem, and was surprised by how bad they suck live. Dont care their music anyway, but wow they were bad onstage
    These kids I know actually play with them from time to time... and those kids are probably the worst musicians I've ever heard.
    god i wish he would shut his fat ignorant mouth. danny worsnop is such a fat ignorant moron and pussy
    "No one's making that classic rock" Well if they were making it now then it wouldn't be CLASSIC rock would it?
    And even then, there's actually loads of people making stuff in the vein of those Classic Rock bands. Either he isn't looking hard enough or he is one of the best trolls I have ever seen.
    Wait, aren't these the guys that dress the same and sound the same as every other shitty tween band out there? Hmmmm...
    It's like each AA article is getting more ridiculous than the last one.
    To be fair he has a point about some radios most do have a diverse playlist like, Planet Rock will play Stone Sour then follow it up with an Alice Cooper single. Whereas some such as Kerrang Radio all the songs sound exactly the same.
    This guy should be forced to eat shit. That way shit will stop coming out of his mouth and instead go in it.
    He's just trying to revive classic rock. All you negatives that think AA is still a scene band, go watch them live, it's the craziest thing I saw them 2 months back and the sounds was ace and his vocals were crushing! No hate.