Asking Alexandria Turn Down Charlie Sheen

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 05/06/2011 category: music news
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Asking Alexandria Turn Down Charlie Sheen
Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop reckons Charlie Sheen is more rock n' roll than any musician has ever been which is why he is so gutted his band had to turn down the offer of a tour with the TV bad boy. Since being sacked from smash-hit show "Two And A Half Men" the hell-raising actor has set off on a bizarre live tour which he has named the "Torpedo Of Truth" tour. And Worsnop has revealed Sheen personally handpicked Asking Alexandria as his tour support after being wowed by their performance on American TV but the British metalcore band couldn't take him up on his offer due to their current UK touring plans. But he hopes they can hook up with madcap actor soon. Worsnop told RockAAA: "He saw us playing on the Jimmy Kimmel show in the States and liked us. I didn't really expect us to be his kind of music to be honest but he contacted our management the next day and asked if we wanted to go on tour with him." "Unfortunately we couldn't do it though as the dates clashed with these dates and we'd have had to cancel all of our UK shows." "It would have been so much fun to go around the world doing drugs with Charlie Sheen. He's more rock n' roll than any rock band ever." "We do want to arrange a meeting with him when we get a break as that would be a great night out. It'd be cool to hang out with him when he's not on tour which would be fun. Asking Alexandria have tiger blood too. We like our parties." The band are fast becoming the next-big thing in America and the five-piece bucked the normal trend of establishing a core fan-base on home soil before looking across the pond and are instead bigger in the States than they are in the UK. They have had a top-10 album in America, regularly play to sold-out crowds and have racked up a phenomenal 20 million plays on MySpace but things are picking up at home too. Worsnop continued: "We went to America before we played any shows, got signed, recorded an album and then started touring the next day and we haven't really stopped since." "We just decided to go for it, go big and aim high or not do it. We dropped out of school and had pretty much nothing else to do. So if it failed at least we'd have been able to say we tried but it worked and now we're touring the world. It's just starting to pick up in the UK but in America we are definitely a lot bigger." "Things really picked up after we played the South By South West Festival in Texas. People were queueing up the night before the show just so they could get tickets and people picked up on it and we ended up on Jimmy Kimmel." The Yorkshire rockers reckon they have a sound which caters for fans of old music and new with Worsnop comparing them to a hybrid of a classic sleaze band and a more modern metal band. He added: "I'm an 80s kid but James but some of the other guys in the band love their really heavy music so you could say we are somewhere in the middle. If Slipknot and Motley Crue had a love-child it'd be us". Thanks for the report to
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