Asking Alexandria: 'We Want to Be the Biggest Band in the World'

"We're ready to take the next step," says guitarist Ben Bruce.

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Following the success of their latest effort "From Death to Destiny," UK metalcore act Asking Alexandria are taking their ambitions to the next level, saying they're now looking to become the greatest.

During a chat with Metal Hammer, frontman Danny Worsnop didn't hesitate to drop a few big words. "I'll say it right now: we want to be the biggest band in the world," he said. "I want us to one day be big enough to headline festivals. I can't understand why any band wouldn't want that," the singer added.

Guitarist Ben Bruce chipped in, "I don't think it's big-headed to say we're ready to take the next step," he explained. "'From Death to Destiny' is the best album we've done and we've achieved all that we have on albums I'm proud of, but we always knew we were capable of more. This time it feels like we can aim for higher things. I love this album, all of it, but I still think we've got better things in front of us."

As "From Death to Destiny" was released on August 6 via Sumerian Records, the band topped UK's rock and metal chart, also reaching No. 5 position of the Billboard 200 list. Bruce instantly thanked fans for their support, saying they are keeping rock music alive.

"Our fans are helping to keep rock 'n' roll alive and I couldn't be more proud to be sharing this battle with them," the axeman stated. "Things are only going to get bigger and better from here on out."

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    I was going to say 'no homo' to the photo but...
    Behind every "no homo", there's a little bit of homo.
    Jacques Nel
    Speaking of, do they always have sex on stage like they do in the photo?
    That picture is VERY innapropriate
    Oh, but if it was a girl hugging a guy or vise verse it WOULDN'T be inappropriate? -.- Fucking cockhead.
    Jacques Nel
    So far I've only seen teenage girls that are fans of this group...they usually list One Direction under their favorite bands as well...
    Why does it matter if they like One Direction?
    Oh biggest band in the world, I guess that means they've got some really great music coming out....(watches video)...yeah nah.
    Phh, you've got to be good to start with to be the best band in the world. F*cktards
    I'd start by changing the name of the band, probably to something good, that also captures the overall personality of the various members, with a slightly stronger focus on the singer. Take "Linkin Park" as an example. They're a bunch of guys too, but they're all different, like a league of superheroes: one of them wears headphones and updates their Twitter on his laptop, he's like Science Spice - another one sings about feelings, he's shaved his head to look more vulnerable, and so on. Each one has a special skill they bring to the band, and they've even figured out a successful formula in their underground lab. All of this taken together is captured perfectly by a reference to a park somewhere where people can connect, presumably with the band, perhaps to ask them to undertake a dangerous mission on behalf of deserving, but poor, everyday folk whose only mistake was to own some land with some diamonds in it, which they can cleverly offset against their outgoings, and invest the profit back into the band. Well, that's what I'd do anyway.
    This would make an awesome article. I request that UG make an article out of this somehow.
    The person who wrote this comment was either high or kid. Or both.
    I'll take that as a compliment. I was actually eating my lunch at work, wasting vital seconds of my life as I creep towards being forty. I was only trying to set my watch with a Dave Grohl article to be honest.
    They said they want to be the biggest band in the world. Who doesn't dream of doing that? The people on UG are so biased, if Dave Grohl said he wanted FF to be the biggest band they'd hop right on his dick.
    Sammy Mantis
    Lots of people would be perfectly happy to just make their music and perform for small, dedicated fan bases. Not everyone needs their band to become a corporate franchise like Metallica. But you're right, if Dave Grohl said this exact same thing this entire comment section would be slobbing on his knob as per usual.
    You may be right about Dave Grohl. But I wouldn't have a problem with it. The Foo Fighters actually make good music.
    Wanting to be the "biggest" band in the world just seems so narcissistic to me. That was probably the most generic song I've ever heard, so I'd say they have a shot.
    What's so narcissistic about wanting to be the best in your career/field?
    Nothing at all if someone were, say, the Silver Medalist at the Olympics in a sport and that person said, "I am gonna work hard to improve. I want to be the best". That is realistic, and a good goal. IMO These guys were talking crap. I tried to answer your valid question...did it work
    These guys keeping rock and roll alive? They're more like the terminal cancer that's got rock on life support. Time to pull the plug.
    They'd best get sucking more corporate dick if they want to be the biggest band in the world, their music's not gonna get them there.
    Haha. I believe every band want to be "the biggest band in the world". Too bad they choose the wrong genre, looks and was born into this world with no talent.
    Good luck being the "Biggest band in the world" when you're a mediocre, one-dimensional metalcore band. They play a radio friendly version of metalcore. They aren't THAT bad, but there's nothing really special about them. They're basically a Nickelback of metalcore. In 20 years no one will remember them because they simply aren't that great.
    Sleaze Disease
    Not saying I'm one of them, but some musicians who've done huge arena/festival shows have said they don't really like playing them. As for the band, all the other comments pretty much summed it up.
    These guys' and Avenged Sevenfold's statements are starting too look awfully similar... First A7X says how they want to be huge and follow the big legends, then these guys come along with this... Seems like bands that fast became popular and change their sound to how they want it more and more grow outside their shoes fast...
    Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse (Ronnie in particular) have the same attitude.
    Hadn't even realized about BVB since I don't like them (just my opinion!) and FIR... Well, now I think about it, you're actually right... My point is proven further with this!
    lol "keeping rock alive", I chuckled at the statement, it's quite ridiculous really. While the passion maybe there, they hardly have the creativity that Iron Maiden, A7X, Trivium, and Lamb of God have, and Trivium/Lamb of God aren't exactly even as big as they are. Then again, I guess there's nothing wrong with dreaming.
    I have a theory that a band's name is important to how big it gets. Asking Alexandria isn't a name that sounds like it's going to dominate the world.
    You're not the only one with a theory like that. I've thought that for a long time now.
    Velcro Man
    That's why Nekrogoblikon are on their way to being the greatest band in the world
    "Our fans are helping to keep rock 'n' roll alive" ... by supporting generic metalcore?
    A metalcore band thinks they will headline festivals. That's the moment I fall off my chair, choking with extraneous, uncontrollable laughter. Plus the fact I never heard of the guys XD
    And did everybody forget about Mastodon? Like, these ****ers are carpet lint compared to them, or Dillinger, or Baroness, or Queens of the Stone Age... And Rock's not dead... like, you're killing it by not supporting local bands and wasting your time arguing about everyone who says "We're keeping rock alive." Don't leave it in the hands of pussies like Asking Alexandria, but turn towards better music. Specifically shit that doesn't talk about ****ing someone every other song.
    Bad music, awfull and vulgar video clip. Nice combo guys !
    Too bad for you guys, Sabbath just released a new record =/
    And it was terrible...
    Entering a dangerous zone here, friend. You know UG has a permanent hard on for Sabbath and the like.
    Old Sabbath is a classic (with good reason). New Sabbath only gained recognition because it was Ozzy, Iommi, and Butler again in the same band under the Sabbath moniker. The music itself wasn't that great.
    Well then there is still Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Priest... to take the lead.
    How about write music that can make you the Biggest Band in the world and not snooze-fests.
    Good for them for having the drive and ambition... but they don't have the creativity and influence to pull it off. I saw them live once and the entire set was just Warped Tour breakdown after Warped Tour breakdown. Very boring.
    Good lord the beginning of that music video made me cringe. "Hey kid you wanna see sin?" *facepalm*
    Never heard of this stuff. Just gave it a listen. Eh. Seems pretty standard. Isn't there like a bazillion bands doing exactly this thing? I'm pretty sure of it, since my younger sister seems to listen to all of them. The only good thing i can say that atleast their singer can sing aggressively without shrieking every five seconds. He should hire a new band :3 Do summin' interesting.