Asking Alexandria: 'We Were Meant to Be an Arena Band'

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 02/26/2014 category: music news
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Asking Alexandria: 'We Were Meant to Be an Arena Band'
Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce recently spoke with Artist Direct about the future of the band.

As the guitarist notes, he believes that current album "From Death to Destiny" is a record that can push the band to playing arena sized shows:

"It's always been our goal to one-up every album we've released previously. We do want to move into arenas. Last year, we did a few arena tours. It went really well. We're still hoping to climb onwards and upwards. We'll continue to push in that direction with future releases as well.

"For 'From Death to Destiny,' I think we did exactly what we set out to do and we accomplished it. Like you said, it's taken some time for some people to get used to it, but it really seems to have stuck with most people. It's doing really well at radio. Our old fan base loves it. We've gained a lot more new fans. We're doing some huge tours this year to coincide with the release of the album and keep pushing it further. We'll see what happens."

In other band news, a video for Asking Alexandria's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" is now online. The track was recorded by the band for Fearless records' "Punk Goes '90s Vol. 2" compilation.

The track listing for the compilation, which is released on April 1st, is as follows:

1. Get Scared - "My Own Worst Enemy" (Lit cover)
2. Memphis May Fire - "Interstate Love Song" (Stone Temple Pilots cover)
3. Asking Alexandria - "Closer" (Nine Inch Nails cover)
4. The Color Morale - "Everlong" (Foo Fighters cover)
5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "All Star" (Smash Mouth cover)
6. Mayday Parade - "Comedown" (Bush cover)
7. Motionless in White - "Du Hast" (Rammstein cover)
8. Yellowcard - "Today" (the Smashing Pumpkins cover)
9. Hands Like Houses - "Torn" (Natalie Imbruglia cover)
10. The Ghost Inside - "Southtown" (P.O.D. cover)
11. Falling in Reverse - "Gangsta's Paradise" (Coolio cover)
12. Ice Nine Kills - "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" (Green Day cover)
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