Asking Alexandria: 'We're Taking Some Time Off'

"Who knows when the next album will be released," frontman Andy Worsnop says.

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According to Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop, it might take quite a bit while before we get to hear fresh material from the band.

Chatting with Capital Chaos, Danny noted that the group is going to take some time off, but is still working on the new record, although at a rather slow pace.

"There's nothing new," he kicked off. "We're just starting out writing for the next album - who knows when that'll be, don't even ask me for a date, and you guys don't get excited, 'cause it's not soon."

"We're taking some time off in 2015," the singer continued. "We're taking off the first half of the year to work on new music and figure out what the hell is our next album gonna sound like. 'Cause we are unpredictable, who knows. It could sound like Whitesnake, or maybe we could rip off Suicide Silence."

In one of the previous interviews, Danny described the bits of material band wrote so far as "Whitesnake-y," but it yet remains to be seen what the "From Death to Destiny" follow-up will end up like. Stay tuned for more.

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    Da nu album wil b so teknical nd br00tulz... not. Onestly take a brake 2 hit puberty!
    matteo cubano
    between laughing at the fact this article is almost all "Likes" and then seeing this comment and smiling I came to realize how much of a nerd I am that I understand and love these UG news comments inside jokes.
    matteo cubano
    I guess hating Asking Alexandria isn't a joke but it's funny to see all the hate they get specifically on here none the less
    Who the **** cares!? The most arrogant, generic, unoriginal 'metal' band ever, with one of the most dislikable frontmen in rock history! No one wants to ask Alexandria anything! ...rant over!
    Who the hell wrote this? 'Andy' Worsnop is talking about the follow up to their album 'From HERE to Destiny'. Danny Worsnop From DEATH to Destiny
    guess i will have to go back to not listening to them like i have from the start.
    Why does everyone hate Asking Alexandria? They're hardly ****ing Blood on the Dance Floor. I can understand if you hated their 1st album, possibly the second. It's not for everyone. From the Death to Destiny is one of the best albums of last year in that scene though. Just because these guys made all their mistakes at the beginning of the career (as teenagers) it doesn't mean they're bad people that make bad music. Unless you guys are still butthurt over what they said about Metallica. (Which is true to an EXTENT)
    I don't like them because their music is horrible and they're a bunch of wankers who like to get too drunk to perform and spit on their fans
    It's mainly their attitude. They act like a bunch of misbehaved toddlers. "From Death To Destiny" had a couple of good songs but they have to get a grip before they get my approval anyway.
    I didn't like from Death to Destiny, mostly because of Danny's vocals, he doesn't take care of them at all... so hopefully this off time will help him to get better with it
    I see what you mean. I like the older sounding voice though. Even if he didn't get it in the healthiest way. Better than the 13 year old kid sounding whining in SU+S
    I'm a prepubescent young fanboy who deems this band a grumble of fags solely because they called Metallica shit. **This isn't even remotely sarcastic, i'm genuinely young and irate**
    I really don't know why they get so much hate.
    Because people is stupid and hateful and they think they're cool doing this and they feel superior, but in real life they're a bunch of losers and cowards. What's the point in coming here and comment a bunch of crap, if you don't like the band gtfo, it's pretty simple. I won't change my opinion for a comment like yours.
    Time off? You have only been around since 2008? Must be tiring nailing women and drinking beer every night after playing to loyal paying fans eh?
    Asking Alexandria built a studio in one of their tour buses because the label wouldn't even give them time between touring to record an album. They've basically been going full out for the past few years touring continuously. Touring isn't as glamorous as it sounds.
    That's because bands like this have a shelf life and the label realizes this...the music is somewhat they age, become fat, lose hair and are less physically appealing to whatever women fans they have, they fold. Can you picture seeing 45 year old men singing these songs?
    This. Bands like Asking Alexandria and BVB are disposable, they can be replaced practically overnight. So their labels will profit off them as much as they can them send them packing once their fans grow up.
    I hated their first album, and parts of their 2nd, but I LOVE From Death to Destiny, and I hope they put out more stuff like that
    Матвей Федоренчик(Dead Silence Hides My Cries)- Например, мы должны были заключить договор с Sumerian Records, но у них уже были Asking Alexandria. Если бы мы заключили с ними договор, то оказались бы серым мышками на знаменитом лейбле.
    rahhhh whats with the hate at all these guys saved me! move with your sly and hateful comments please!
    I don't think they're the most amazing but I do enjoy them...I'm interested to see if they'll continue in the same direction as they did with the 'Death of Me' video version and do more stuff like that