At The Gates Demoing New Material

artist: At the Gates date: 02/13/2014 category: music news
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At The Gates Demoing New Material
At the Gates have posted an image on their official Facebook page that reveals the band are demoing their new record. The picture, of a pair of sticks resting on an electronic drum kit, includes the caption: "Working hard on the demo drum tracks for 'At War With Reality.'"

Speaking with Decibel last month, At the Gates singer Tomas Lindberg revealed that the band has set the bar high for their comeback record:

"We feel that we have great and relevant new music in us," the vocalist explained. "And we know how important this next album will be. When Anders [Bjorler] came around saying that he had been jamming some new ideas around, it was not hard to make the decision to go 'all in,' so to say.

"I know it's kind of a gamble or what you want to call it," Tomas continued. "But this is a very creative album that we are writing right now, it's not a comfortable 'Slaughter of the Soul Pt. 2' or anything like that, it's an album that I feel is pushing our own boundaries, and challenges our collective creative intellect. And that is the main reason for us to do this, it's for our own sake."

"At War With Reality" will be the first new album from the band in 19 years.
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