At the Gates Officially Announce New Album 'At War With Reality,' Confirm Late 2014 Release

artist: At the Gates date: 01/28/2014 category: general music news

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At the Gates Officially Announce New Album 'At War With Reality,' Confirm Late 2014 Release
After posting two mysterious clips, death metal icons At the Gates have officially announced a new studio effort, confirming their first release in nearly two decades.

Titled "At War With Reality" the album is scheduled for late 2014 release via Century Media Records as a follow-up to 1995's "Slaughter of the Soul."

"We are fully aware that we have made some very drastic statements in interviews as well as the closing words on the DVD about the longevity of At the Gates, but things change, situations change and people change," the band noted via official release. "When Anders [Bjorler] sent the first song last summer, we had zero expectations of the outcome. We only knew one thing - that it sounded amazing! At the time we weren't even sure there would be an album, but as things progressed, more songs came into existence, and we knew we were on to something great."

The group focused on the new record's musical direction, adding, "We would describe it as a perfect mix between early At the Gates and 'Slaughter of the Soul'-era At the Gates, trying to maintain the legacy and the history."

The band's 2014 lineup consists of Tomas Lindberg on vocals, guitarists Anders Bjorler and Martin Larsson, Jonas Bjorler on bass and drummer Adrian Erlandsson.

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