At the Gates Officially Announce New Album 'At War With Reality,' Confirm Late 2014 Release

Record to drop via Century Media Records, details inside.

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After posting two mysterious clips, death metal icons At the Gates have officially announced a new studio effort, confirming their first release in nearly two decades.

Titled "At War With Reality" the album is scheduled for late 2014 release via Century Media Records as a follow-up to 1995's "Slaughter of the Soul."

"We are fully aware that we have made some very drastic statements in interviews as well as the closing words on the DVD about the longevity of At the Gates, but things change, situations change and people change," the band noted via official release. "When Anders [Bjorler] sent the first song last summer, we had zero expectations of the outcome. We only knew one thing - that it sounded amazing! At the time we weren't even sure there would be an album, but as things progressed, more songs came into existence, and we knew we were on to something great."

The group focused on the new record's musical direction, adding, "We would describe it as a perfect mix between early At the Gates and 'Slaughter of the Soul'-era At the Gates, trying to maintain the legacy and the history."

The band's 2014 lineup consists of Tomas Lindberg on vocals, guitarists Anders Bjorler and Martin Larsson, Jonas Bjorler on bass and drummer Adrian Erlandsson.

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    90's Gothenburg metal was the best era for Melodic Death Metal,In Flames and At the Gates were pioneers of the genre so I'm very happy to see them back. Should be epic.
    Superb! Slaughter of the Soul is easily one of the most listened too albums in my collection.
    I really, really hope they still got it. Some of the other Gothenburg metal bands have strayed so far from their roots I hope ATG can show us how it's still done.
    I have faith that they'll deliver. They're the kings of the Gothenburg sound, so I'm sure they'll show everyone else how it's done. Can't wait!
    The name sounds as bad as Slaughter Of The Soul, so I have a good feeling that this will be melodeff silliness.
    "Melodeff silliness"? You're the coolest. If only more people judged music not by the music itself but by album titles... Maybe someday.
    You are incorrect, good sir! I've simply made an assumption based on the album title that the music will be melodeff silliness. It is flawed to judge album title alone, though, but that's why I have other reasons for thinking this. Like how the last album was boring pedals and uninspired song structure, or how the other members have been doing stuff in bands who are very invested in that sound. I love the early work to death, I really do, but their material that was created near the end of their career was abysmal and throwaway music for me. It's neat that such an influential band has returned and all, but I highly doubt they'll release anything better than SotS, let alone even touching the quality of TRITSIO.
    Well, I was going to say something about how naive most of what you're saying about AtG sounds but then I realized that you were literally a toddler when Slaughter of the Soul was released... so it's absolutely understandable that you don't quite get what that album did for heavy music at the time. It's one thing to read about something, it's another to witness it first hand within it's context.
    You mean how it made simple song structure and abused pedal riffs like crazy? I know it's a massively influential album, what I'm saying is that it doesn't do anything new for metal. What do you think it did that was innovative?
    You just don't seem to understand. Whether you like the music or not, Slaughter of the Soul laid a huge framework for the future of metal. It was a big push for many bands which would follow. Not saying you should like ATG, SOTS, or what metal has become, but it is the truth! \m/
    I'm hoping they go back to the sound they had on The Red in The Sky is Ours or With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness, if its just another SOTS rehash then I doubt I'll be interested.
    Yeah their earlier stuff, with modern production would result in a very epic album for these guys.
    When I first heard At the Gates (oh lord... That was 11 years ago when I was 13...) I had no idea this would be some of the best news I would hear. w00t!!