At the Gates Talk New Album: 'It's a Gamble'

"'Slaughter of the Soul Pt. 2' was never the idea," singer Tomas Lindberg explains.

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At the Gates singer Tomas Lindberg gave an update on the band's recently announced comeback record, confirming that the bar is as high as it can be for the Swedish five-piece.

During an exclusive Decibel chat (via A.B.O), Lindberg admitted that the group is rolling the dice by releasing new material, but has no intention in copying their past efforts.

"We feel that we have great and relevant new music in us," the vocalist explained. "And we know how important this next album will be. When Anders [Bjorler] came around saying that he had been jamming some new ideas around, it was not hard to make the decision to go 'all in,' so to say.

"I know it's kind of a gamble or what you want to call it," Tomas continued. "But this is a very creative album that we are writing right now, it's not a comfortable 'Slaughter of the Soul Pt. 2' or anything like that, it's an album that I feel is pushing our own boundaries, and challenges our collective creative intellect. And that is the main reason for us to do this, it's for our own sake."

Confirming 14 songs ready, 11 or 12 of which "have been deemed album worthy by the whole band," Lindberg added feeling "the vibe that existed when we were writing 'Slaughter of the Soul.' We live and breathe this new album, 24/7."

"This is an album that is so full on conceptually and creatively, so involved and ambitious that I am almost compelled to call it pretentious," the singer added, just to be asked about Carcass' "Surgical Steel" being the "bar for death metal comebacks."

"We set our own bar - and it's higher than 'Slaughter of the Soul' and 'Surgical Steel' combined," he responded. "I know that a lot of people have expectations of what a new At the Gates album would be like, good or bad. But it's our own expectations that will have to be met at the end of the day, and they are higher than anyone's out there, I can reassure you that."

"Slaughter of the Soul" saw its release in November 1995 via Earache Records.

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    At the gates with modern production should be amazing
    I'm thinking the same thing! SoTS was released in 1995 and still sounds heavy as f--k today. With a decent producer this album will sound AMAZING.
    as long as the Boss HM-2 pedals are still working, this is gonna be amazing. I give the band credit for now saying "our new albums is our best yet". Given what Carcass did last year, I have high hopes for this.
    Literally the only news I give a shit about on UG this week.
    I'm probably wrong, but I get the feeling the UG community wouldn't mind seeing constant updates on this album. I'm probably wrong though because the UGC will find any reason to be mad at whatever is posted.
    i hope it can at least match surgical steel. if it does thats amazing, but if it tops it, wheeee whaaaaa look out
    Surgical steel was one of THE albums of 2013 for me and if they can top that I'd be one happy man.
    Surgical Steel introduced me to Carcass (well, I knew them by name but never tooke the time to listen to them). I hope this one will do the same with At The Gates.
    I hope the album turns out a little longer than usual. Slaughter of the Soul was f%#%$# great but very short.
    yeah but i would so much rather them be short and brilliant than long and dragging
    Slaughter of the Soul, to me, sounds as if it could have dropped yesterday. That's stylistically and production-wise. That record created the sound of a whole genre that has thrived in the last 10 years. New one will kill.
    Is it bad that I am mostly excited for better quality on this record? I love their old material quite a bit, but I always couldn't help but think "I wish this was produced better, but I know it's probably they best the could do at the time." I have full confidence that the album will be sick, but I'm most excited for the quality.
    Agreed, modern production should sound great with ATG. The production on SOTS is wicked, though. TRITSIR, TBD, and maybe even TSD, not that great. I would love to get those first three albums a proper re-mastering! \m/