Atoms for Peace Post Studio Rehearsal Footage

artist: Atoms For Peace date: 06/04/2013 category: music news

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Atoms for Peace Post Studio Rehearsal Footage
Atoms for Peace have revealed more footage of themselves rehearsing ahead of their forthcoming tour, NME reports.

Nigel Godrich tweeted a YouTube clip of the band performing "Rabbit in Your Headlights" Yorke's 1998 collaboration with electronic duo UNKLE.

This is the latest rehearsal clip to be posted by the band. Footage of them performing "Paperbag Writer," a B-side from Radiohead's 2003 album "Hail to the Thief," was uploaded to Atoms for Peace's YouTube page on Thursday (May 30). While not a guarantee that the song will make it into the final Atoms for Peace setlist, it was the first indicator that the songs played live at the gigs could include tracks originally recorded by band members for other projects.

Producer Godrich previously tweeted: "Currently trying to remember how to do this..." and posted a video of the band filmed in 2010 playing "Cymbal Rush" at a festival in Fiji. He later shared a YouTube clip of bass player Flea rehearsing as well as a Vine of the whole group preparing for their upcoming live shows. See the Vine and the video below.

Atoms for Peace will play three UK live shows as part of a European tour set to take place in July. The band will play three shows at London's Roundhouse between July 24-26.

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