Atoms for Peace Post Studio Rehearsal Footage

Listen to "Rabbit in Your Headlights" here.

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Atoms for Peace have revealed more footage of themselves rehearsing ahead of their forthcoming tour, NME reports.

Nigel Godrich tweeted a YouTube clip of the band performing "Rabbit in Your Headlights" Yorke's 1998 collaboration with electronic duo UNKLE.

This is the latest rehearsal clip to be posted by the band. Footage of them performing "Paperbag Writer," a B-side from Radiohead's 2003 album "Hail to the Thief," was uploaded to Atoms for Peace's YouTube page on Thursday (May 30). While not a guarantee that the song will make it into the final Atoms for Peace setlist, it was the first indicator that the songs played live at the gigs could include tracks originally recorded by band members for other projects.

Producer Godrich previously tweeted: "Currently trying to remember how to do this..." and posted a video of the band filmed in 2010 playing "Cymbal Rush" at a festival in Fiji. He later shared a YouTube clip of bass player Flea rehearsing as well as a Vine of the whole group preparing for their upcoming live shows. See the Vine and the video below.

Atoms for Peace will play three UK live shows as part of a European tour set to take place in July. The band will play three shows at London's Roundhouse between July 24-26.

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    Super shitty group. I bought this album the day it was released, and it was one of the worst purchases ive ever wasted 10 bucks on. It literally had 1 maybe 2 songs at best that were even tolerable. Idk maybe as a RHCP fan I expected a lot more of fleas bass and a lot less of yorks shitty voice. Can anyone seriously claim they like radio head or thome york? (I mean people outside the uk, people whos opinions count)
    I'm an Australian and I love Radiohead/Thom Yorke/Atoms For Peace. And I'm not alone here. Back in 09 the national radio station Triple J opened voting for the Triple J Hottest 100 Of All Time (the Hottest 100 is the biggest music poll in the world by the way), and Radiohead had 4 entries, the lowest being Fake Plastic Trees at 28 and the highers was Paranoid Android at 5. So yes, Radiohead/Thom Yorke, and Yorkes brilliant vocals, are very popular outside of the U.K
    Ive attempted to listen to radiohead on numerous occasions, based solely on the high praise they get from across the pond. I get that they are highly respected outside the US. Hell, even some bores here in the states like 'em. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs... but dont try to call this crappy experiment a success. Just the other day UG had an article about "supergroup" successes and fails.... and AFP is a definite fail.
    They're one of the most critically acclaimed bands around the world, not just the UK. They sell out arenas and headline festivals in America too. Also, you have an opinion, and that's fine. You don't like the album, and that's fine too. But you can't let people have an opinion and then try to tell people they can't call something a success if they want just cause you didn't like it. Also Thom Yorke has always shown interest in loop based bleep-bloop music. If you really weren't expecting that and didn't even bother hearing the few singles released prior to the album, well you can't really blame others for you being disappointed in the purchase.
    Well, I suppose I can just as well tell you not to try to call this experiment crappy or claim it wasn't successful, and I'd love for you to tell me how you'd prove me wrong. You have absolutely no grounds on which to stand, because that's your opinion - to which you're entitled as I am to mine. So don't go on preaching all those "facts" or if you absolutely must do so, at least be a tiny bit more respectful about a band highly regarded worldwide (and by that I don't mean commercial success, I mean success among musicians and people who actually like music) despite "yorks shitty voice". So yeah, /rant. TLDR: like 'em or not, neither Radiohead nor AFP are crappy projects.
    You can bitch all you want and try to convince me of whatever you like. Feel free. Your comments fall on def ears. Whats my basis to claim this project is a failure? I Own the album. Ive listened to the album more then 5 times from start to finish. The album sucks!! Its boring. It has no stand out songs or even stand out moments for that matter. The music alone isnt 100% horrible. But yorkes whiney bitch voice makes it like finger nails on a chalk board over backgrounds of some beginner circuit bending and a bass player not sure what to play. I Get its supposed to be experimental electronic music. I get its something new to all 3 members that havent tried before. I get all that. That doesnt make it good. Just like its my opinion it sucks. Its your opinion its good. Dont try to convince me its good, cause ts not. There is a clear difference between my post and yours. I was stating my opinion, nothing more. Like an idiot YOU brought the word "facts" and "I CAN JUST TELL YOU". Dont try to shove your thoughts down my throat cause i aint buyin the BS
    Whether the album is crap or gold is completely objective. Since you clearly didn't "get" Radiohead, you can't be expected to "get" AFP and actually have a weighted opinion on the matter because you literally don't know what you're talking about. That's not a bad thing or a good thing, nobody can even comment on whether it's good or bad. They can only comment on whether they liked it or not.
    Congrats, you just managed to be opinionated, ignorant AND bigoted in one comment! That's quite an achievement. Please, tell us more about how people from the UK aren't entitled to an opinion?
    Wow....Thom Yorke has NOT aged very well....
    tbf he's not putting in any effort at all, doesn't look like he's had a wash in about a week, haha
    This is awesome, I always loved the song Rabbit in your headlight, and this is just amping my love further...
    "Rabbit in your headlight", a song Thom recorded long ago with DJ Shadow. it's not an atom's for peace song necessarily, not to mention a very good version of the song. Honestly I think it's cool to hear two of my favorite bands get together and make some music but this isn't anything mind-blowing.