Atoms for Peace Put New RHCP Record on Hold

Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer reveals that Thom Yorke and co. are causing a delay for the new RHCP album.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers axeman Josh Klinghoffer recently revealed that bassist Flea's preoccupation with Atoms for Peace is preventing the band to enter studio in September as previously planned.

As Klinghoffer told Faster Louder, the popular Chili Peppers are likely to delay their studio entrance at least until December, or even next year.

"I'm really anxious to get back to work [in the studio] with the Chili Peppers but just the way the year has worked out, mainly with Flea playing with Thom Yorke, it doesn't look like we'll get down to any serious work until the end of the year, like maybe December," the guitarist said. "Which gives me the sneaking suspicion that we won't really get to it until the beginning of the new year."

In the remainder of the interview, the axeman discussed his experience of replacing John Frusciante and the overall acceptance from both the fans and the band.

"The [rest of the band] really did an amazing job of making me feel welcome and comfortable and including me. It was always discussed that I was an equal member, but they really made me feel like that from the get-go," Klinghoffer said.

"Obviously [the band] had done this before, you know, John joined the band after not being an original member. They've had lots of different members, like Dave Navarro, and they also know that I'm friends with John, spent a lot of time working with him, they were very conscious and very aware of what I might be going through taking on this role.

The axeman also had nothing but words of praise for his predecessor, saying, "John is one of the most amazing, beautiful, creative people I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing work so I can only hope to have something close to that."

Since the release of their latest studio effort, 2011's "I'm With You," the band's been keeping a tight schedule, spending most of their time out on the road. Last year also saw RHCP's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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    Equal member? Obviously no one in the band has heard the mixes on the album...
    A few weeks ago, I attempted making Josh louder using Audacity. Maybe you'd like my mix more:
    I feel like a stalker now because I know you on like 3 different sites.
    Who? Me? Haha, I think I only know you on YouTube, but I guess you also have an account on S-A or something, right?
    I havent heard this album in a while, and i enjoy hearing the guitars. I hated how you cant hear anything josh was doing all album. But honestly, i wish chad did more, flea did more, and josh did more. less is not more, in every other art form less looks like shit
    No kidding. I think "I'm with You", kind of like the record with Navarro, was just not intended from the beginning to be a guitar centric album. Not having John makes them feel like they have step up and collectively absorb his presence in the music they write. I think Josh is a good musician with interesting ideas though, and now that he's gotten his feet wet hopefully he will be heard more and have greater contributions on the next record.
    Apparently you have never heard OHM or taken the time to understand it. Its clearly their second best album ever right behind BSSM. Navarro single handedly change RHCP sound and left his mark on the peppers forever. At the time navarro was in his prime and had a lot of good playing on that album. Dispite all the hate tat chili pepper fans (post californication fans) direct toward navarro I remember at the time it was really amazing news that Dave was joining the peppers. I'm getting a little long winded here.... I just wanted to make the point that basically flea and navarro wrote OHM so to say it wasn't a guitar oriented album is nonsense. Obviously navarro wasn't a perfect fit for this band. But he left his mark in their history none the less
    I'm a big chili peppers fan. And love the playing of Slovak, frusciante, navarro and klinghoffer. But it really irks the shit out of me that they refuse to play any OHM era songs. I get kedis was in a bad place in life at the time and totally sucked the life out of the band but when it was all said and done it was a good album with some great songs. Its a shame they don't give it the credit it deserves
    I never said i thought OHM wasn't a good album, I think it's a great album in fact. But it IS different then all the Frusciante albums that came before and after it, in that most of its songs aren't built on absolutely titanic guitar riffs. In comparison, OHM was more full-band and song oriented. Navarro definitely did not carry the prescence and weight in their sound that John did. Again.... I'm not saying it wasn't good, it was just different, and I see a lot of parallels with this new Klinghoffer variation of RHCP.
    are the mixes that bad? I thought that it was just because Josh wasn't as much of an 'in your face' kinda guitarist.
    Can any band release an album these days without there being endless delays or ridiculously long waiting times.
    You really want it to go back to the old days of Record Labels rushing albums out before they were finished? Really?
    Between 1970 and 1978 Black Sabbath released 8 albums. None of them sucked.
    Gutted that there's not gonna be a new album for a while. Gotta love Josh's respect for John though, seems like a really good guy.
    It's funny, I always got the impression that the other members didn't like josh when John was in the band. I was quite surprised when he ended up replacing him.
    damn you Thom!
    Amok is at least 4 times better than anything the Chili Peppers could come up with anyway.
    Do people who are actually interested in music seriously think that 'I'm with You' is better than Amok?
    There are people who think that music isn't a pissing contest.
    For some reason an admin just came in and deleted 12 comments hahaha. But nah I disagree I think Amok is by far the better album
    The ratings for this post as of now are 13 thumbs up and 13 thumbs down, which is exactly how I feel. I enjoy both bands, and I'm interested in what either band puts out, so whatever.
    Thom is just getting more and more leverage for his cause. Down with Spotify and their anti-artist pay-system!
    I wish chad could play drums, josh could play bass, flea could play horns, and john could play guitar, anthony would sit at home and rethink his musical career. I have nothing but respect for everyone in the band, but anythony doesnt have the best singing voice and i think hes played it out for too long. hes holding the group back
    Yes some of their best work are instrumentals but AK's voice is also 'instrumental' to the chili pepper sound
    Can't stand Thom Yorke. He has a stranglehold on so much that it screws with getting new music out.
    And why do you think he has a 'stranglehold' on (his own) music? Because he's a damn good musician, that's why. And obviously he's letting Flea play is part as well, otherwise he could have just recruited any old bassist.
    Yea really how hard is it to make a record. The Beatles & Stones use to put out a record a year; ALL Killer No Filler. Oh! These tortured artist these days(Sic). Especially with the technology they have today.Releasse everything and let the fans decide. That plus your musicians NOT artist !
    I can't think of a single Beatles album, even the ones I really love (the later ones) that don't have at least some filler.
    I've listened to RHCP for a major portion of my life and I have to say that when John was in the band was when the band was at their creative peak. They have been downhill every time he leaves the band. Josh is a great guitarist but it's just not a band that I want to listen to anymore.
    While this is a little dissapointing it does give him time to finally work on the next Dot Hacker record. Also he gets better by the second and this delay might make him an even better guitarist before the writing and recording starts.
    Usually I dont accept that kind of things, but the world is so screwed... Take my upvote