Atoms for Peace Quit Spotify in Protest

artist: Atoms For Peace date: 07/15/2013 category: music news
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Atoms for Peace Quit Spotify in Protest
Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich have protested against Spotify and its effect on new music by removing their recent Atoms for Peace album "Amok" from the service.

They soon took to Twitter to complain about how small labels and new artists will find it hard to survive in the new music economy, and says artists like Pink Floyd would never make if they formed today.

"It's bad for new music," said Godrich who is best known as Radiohead's producer. "The reason is that new artists get paid f--k all with this model. It's an equation that just doesn't work."

Fans had a mixed reaction to the protest, promoting a reply from Thom Yorke:

Godrich went on to explain the economics of streaming services and why they suit old major labels and not new artists:

"If you have a massive catalogue - a major label, for example - then you're quids in. It's money for old rope. But making new recorded music needs funding. Some records can be made in a laptop, but some need musician[s] and skilled technicians. These things cost money.

"Pink Floyd's catalogue has already generated billions of dollars for someone (not necessarily the band) so now putting it on a streaming site makes total sense. But if people had been listening to Spotify instead of buying records in 1973, I doubt very much if 'Dark Side...' would have been made. It would just be too expensive."

Godrich adds that streaming does have its place with catalogues of older music, but need to find a way for supporting new artists. "Spotify and the like either have to address that fact and change the model for new releases or else all new music producers should be bold and vote with their feet. They have no power without new music," he said.

If any good has come from this debate, it's this light-hearted observation from music developer Stuart Memo:

What's your view on the Spotify backlash? Will you be joining the anti-streaming movement? Share your opinion in the comments below.
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