Atreyu Announce 'Long Long' Hiatus

artist: Atreyu date: 01/17/2011 category: music news

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Atreyu Announce 'Long Long' Hiatus
Atreyu have announced they are to go on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The California hardcore band, who have released five albums, made the announcement via their Twitter page, The band stated: "Atreyu is taking a long long break after 11 years of rocking." However, they stressed, "We aren't breaking up." They added: "We aren't writing, recording or touring for a while, simply taking a break to recharge and focus on different parts of our lives." The band released their latest album "Congregation Of The Damned" in 2009, and were in the UK in December supporting Bullet For My Valentine on their arena tour. Thanks for the report to
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