Attack Attack! Call It Quits

Metalcore four-piece officially announces breakup after six years of work.

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American metalcore four-piece Attack Attack! has officially called it a day. After six years of work, the group has now announced the current "Back in Action" tour as their "final and most ironic" one.

"Well everyone, it's been a wild ride for Attack Attack, but I think it's about time. Whiting and I take some time to write this note. We want to start by thanking every single one of you that has ever come out to a show, bought a shirt, gotten in a fight over crabcore, or spent the time to send us notes online," says the Facebook announcement. "We have been insanely blessed to be able to do what we have done with AA and we think it's time that we wrap up this chapter in our lives."

"Yes, this means exactly what you think it means. The "Back in Action" Tour will be Attack Attack's final and most ironic tour. After 6 long years of playing in garages, VFW halls, clubs, open air festivals, and everything in-between. We've decided it is time to lay AA down for good. You are all beautiful, wonderful people, and we want you to know that we deeply appreciate everything you have done for us."

"We are sad to lay Attack Attack to rest, but are very excited for what is next in this new chapter of our lives."

"Stay Tuned! Much love, the Andrews."

Formed in 2007, Attack Attack! have released a total of three studio albums. Their latest effort, "This Means War," saw its release in January 2012, selling over 17,000 copies within the first week and landing at No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart. The groups final concert is now set to take place on May 29 in Millvale, Pennsylvania.

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    I don't mean to sound negative, but I'd rather disembowel myself with a pencil than listen to these guys
    Same here. Once, a friend of mine showed me the video for "Stick Stickly". Once the chorus came in, i proceeded to kick him in the nuts and i never listened to any of their music since. It was most definitely the worst song i ever had the displeasure of listening.
    Agreed, and that video only gets worse. The autotune section? I really hope it was meant to be a joke
    Every time I hear this band I think of Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
    I think of Jim Carey every time. Mainly because they're his favorite band which makes me laugh..
    Meh. Cannibal corpse are awesome. They're always gonna get a ton of hate from people who aren't used to music that extreme. Such is life.
    I love how the whole metal scene is afraid to admit how god-awful this band is. AA is just as bad, though.
    crazysam23_Atax one in the Metal scene has a problem with saying Asking Alexandria or Attack! Attack! are terrible... The 13 year old dumbass scene? Maybe they have issues with it...
    im not mental
    for one last time. RIP crabcore.
    That's the most retarded way I've ever seen anyone play a guitar. I've never heard a single song from this band (save for the few seconds of this video) and I think I'm a better person for it.
    1:16 is what you're looking for. You're welcome. Also, god damn this is such a bad song. Like, BOTDF-tier.
    Not a fan, but it sucks to see bands that haven't done all that much call it quits.
    Good. They were ****ing awful.
    Gerard Way Jr
    I've never even listened to this band, but what's UG's need to celebrate every band they're not into that leaves? You don't gain anything from them leaving, you don't lose anything from them existing. I've seen people on /mu/ more forgiving than UG.
    All ever see on UG now is you replying to peoples comments telling them how they should be better people and to grow up and other such sanctimonious unpleasantries. Getting pretty old.
    We gain the knowledge that this 'metal' band will be no more, that metal is becoming better as a genre. Saying that, I don't really think of 'Metalcore' as metal anyway, so metal is pretty good where it is now.
    Well, I really enjoyed their first album but after the constant line up changes and the process into becoming a way more generic band, i'm glad they called it a day. They were pretty much beating a dead horse. *prepares for downvotes for being the only person on the website who somewhat liked their music*
    Could this year get any better?
    Let's hope BMTH and Asking Alexandria are offed next...
    A7x and BFMV wouldn't be bad too.
    I See Stars, Falling In Reverse, Escape the Fate, and Hollywood Undead to finish things off.
    I'd wanna see falling in reverse and escape the fate go just so people will shut up about who's better, though to be honest, I thought escape the fates 2010 album was pretty cool
    If BFMV puts out another god awful record, I'd be tempted to agree with you. As for A7X, They actually have some pretty solid records
    I've would've agreed with you on both bands until two days ago and I found out the newest BMTH album actually doesn't suck. If they could go back in time and not make the rest of their albums that'd be ace though.