Avenged Sevenfold Address Suicide of Teen Fan

The band has released a message addressing the issue of suicide after they learned that a teenage fan had taken his own life.

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Avenged Sevenfold have released a message addressing the issue of suicide after they learned that a teenage fan had taken their own life and the band will be taking part in a concert later this month that will benefit a suicide prevention organization.

Here is the group's full message that they published on their official website and on their Facebook page.

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    Such a sad situation. My condolencese to the person's family. Even though I don't care for AX7's music, they do seem look a group of pretty good guys.
    Yeah, great they are promoting their band using the suicide of a child as their medium. What a bunch of heroes. Considering the kid was listening to Avenged prior to the incident would bring the assumption that it played a role in the death. If it were Manson back in the 90's it would have been assumed the cause of death was the music (and video games).
    Yeah, great they are promoting their band using the suicide of a child as their medium. What a bunch of heroes. Considering the kid was listening to Avenged prior to the incident would bring the assumption that it played a role in the death. If it were Manson back in the 90's it would have been assumed the cause of death was the music (and video games).
    I feel like you guys down vote him because you're hardcore a7x fans, but shit the guy is ****ing right! i would personally send my condolences to the family not post it for the world to see really, and once i read that he was listening to them i was like shit here comes another shit storm for hard rock/metal fans who won't here the end of "Rock music is the devil's work and causes violence...etc.".
    Good on A7X for showing that the heavy metal community is about passion and love just as much as it is about mosh pits and headbanging.
    Obviously the metal community is about promoting yourself via social media through the death of another human being. Or is there another reason for posting this on Facebook where the ones affected by it are sure to not read it? And what reason is there to advertise for their upcoming shows and tour in a suicide response letter?
    What the **** are you talking about? Facebook is pretty much equally important to official websites (or in fact some bands don't even have websites anymore) for most bands, so pretty much every band out there puts important news on both. How are you even making any sense? And no they're not advertising their upcoming shows, they're talking about ONE show which is on a festival specifically dedicated to this problem. They're obviously going to make ****tons of money from that one, right... Are you trying your absolute best to be an ass to the band just because you dislike them? (I know like two A7X songs so don't even try to pull out the "fanboy" card.)
    Facebook is a pile of shit, I feel sorry for anyone that has been brainwashed into using this scummy social media website. Feed the beast kids, feed the beast.
    It's a useful medium for connectivity between people. If you don't like it, that's fine, but it has practical uses, for people, bands, organizations, etc.
    Something tells me the people directly affected by it will in fact see it, seeing as it's projected to millions of people through the kids favorite band?
    They posted it on Facebook because it gets the information to their other fans who might be dealing with this. The festival they are playing at in May is dedicated to the prevention of suicide.
    Doesn't get much gheyer then that am I right? Love and metal mix like piss and shit in the toilet of hell.
    I heard about this because of some disgusting Daily Mail article which basically said 'kid listens to death metal band [sic], immediately kills self.' It just infuriates me that they'll take something like this and use it for some clickbait article. Very sad.
    Do the media ever acknowledge that people kill themselves for other reasons? It's always 'Black Sabbath this' and 'Slipknot that.'
    To do that would mean having to address the larger issues that would spark such a response, but most tend to find more comfort in finding an easy tangible target to take it all out on than actually realizing there's some serious problems out there.
    I read another article which said that because of his eyeliner, other kids had started making fun of him, and he knew it. I'm not saying I like eyeliner, or that he deserved to be made fun off for it, but surely the bullying woud've been more influential on it than Pinkly Smooth? Anyone who's listened to them will not take there songs seriously!
    Yeah, you don't hear many stories about those listening to people who join gangs because they listen to gangsta rap or whatever (or other genres like pop, rnb, etc.). Most mainstream music, on the pop side, is about women being bches, etc. but you don't hear stories saying that rapists could have been influenced by the music they listen to. It seems to always be about metal and suicide with these papers... E.g. there was a story about a solider who killed people in his regiment, or whatever, and the media found out he listened to Slipknot and linked the band with the shooting without much hesitation. So annoying.
    Rap does get occasional mentions and criticisms for those things though, even though it's usually the other way around.
    Good Guys A7X. I think its important for someone with a following to speak up about something like this. It shows a lot of class to do what you can when you have the ear of so many.
    Father of this girl commented on their FB post. He asked them to play his daughter´s favourite song: So Far Away. Her mother and her colleagues will be attending this concert on the 13.May
    I would just like to point out that, that's a girl from another incident (I forgot when that one happened). This is a boy, but either way it's going to be an emotionally intense show.
    It's great to see bands that do shows, solely for the purpose of helping others.
    Van Guff
    The sad thing is that if a person is walking down the road on the pavement with heavy music on at the same time and a car mounts the pavement and hits them, the media will find some way to blame the victim because of their music choice. It's so unbelievably stupid.
    They should dedicate I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 to him at the benefit concert. Such a shame.
    And people will blame metal once again for the stupidity of some people...
    matteo cubano
    there's a lot more than stupidity behind someone taking your own life....
    it's selfish though, cowardly and selfish. I wont deny i havent tried years ago! i shouldve died but luckily didn't and im damn thankful it didn't. Now i just look back at that with such shame realizing how many peoples lives couldve been affected. Suicide is stupid.
    In fact, a certain UK newspaper has already started doing that. Take a guess which one.
    They weren't metal, but I remember that the exact same thing happened a while back with My Chemical Romance. They instantly blame the music without any thought at all. The ****ers.
    To be honest, there are too many ridiculous UK newspapers out there... There's the Sun, Daily Mail, etc. Please, can you give us a clue?
    I guess most bands just don't want to do that because of how exhausting it is and how many negative feelings it creates in the process, but I think it would be good if bands actually started to sue the ****ers, especially bands as famous as Avenged. This definitely falls under defamation (or something similar, someone with more law knowledge correct me if needed), which is forbidden in pretty much every country ever. These bastards think they can get away with it and get easy sales increase because rock/metal bands are easy targets.
    When they say things like "the teenager was listening to A7X on the day that he killed himself", it isn't really much different to saying "the teenager ate rice krispies on the day that he killed himself". There's no correlation, it's only sensationalism.
    I don't like the band at all, but I respect them for openly adressing things like that and supporting a good cause. But that doesn't mean I like their music. I don't hate it either, I've just never heard a single song they've played because I'm not that much into heavy metal.
    Claim they're using a teens suicide as a medium to promote themselves is complete bullshit. For ****sakes, everyone already knew who they were but now that an event has occurred which they choose to address suddenly their *******s and capitalizing on it? How could it not be near to them, look at their story, remember "The Rev"? A man who died to damn young and yet they're capitalizing on this? Try pulling your head out of your ass before writing a comment, you might be able to see better it is tough to see through bullshit when its up above your eyes.
    What are you.....****ing retarded. You do realize your talking about a band who has pretty much already peaked in popularity, right? You also know they are promoting a benefit concert, not some huge event that will line their pockets, right? If not, go back, read the article, and **** off.
    Thoughts are with his family and friend. Shocking news, glad to see the band have taken time to acknowledge and make this more aware.
    My condolences to the person's family. I'm glad they're playing a show to help a reasonable fund
    When I listen to heavy metal or death metal, I feel like moshing and having a great time, not like ending my life. I find it highly stupid of the media and offensive to the family to say it's because he listened to A7X. That'd be like saying I drank a glass of spoiled milk and felt like suicide was the best resolution.
    Or maybe listening to any kind of music before killing yourself is just comforting. A comfort they don't otherwise feel enough in life.