Avenged Sevenfold Aiming to Start New Album Recording This Year: 'There's Tons of Inspiration'

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 07/28/2014 category: music news
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Avenged Sevenfold Aiming to Start New Album Recording This Year: 'There's Tons of Inspiration'
Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Zacky Vengeance has confirmed that the band will buckle up and start writing new material as soon as the upcoming Japan dates are wrapped up.

Chatting with Billboard, Zacky noted, "I think once we get home, the ideas are going to start brewing. I know Syn [Gates'] been writing a ton purely for fun, trying different styles, recording backstage, keeping himself busy.

"I've been thinking of all sorts of ideas, listening to tons of different music to get inspiration - as have all of us. And being on tour, I'm so inspired. Seeing bands like Body Count with Ice-T out there, they're so old-school and riff-based and over the top and slightly offensive and it's f--kin' awesome. So there's tons of inspiration that I know we'll be drawing from," he concluded.

During the rest of the interview, the guitarist focused on "Waking the Fallen" deluxe re-issue titled "Waking the Fallen: Resurrected." Dropping 11 years after the original release, the record is set to be unleashed as a two-CD/DVD set on August 26.

Explaining how the group had initially planned to mark the 10th anniversary, but figured that quality matters more than precise timing, Vengeance focused on the album and its importance, saying, "'Waking the Fallen truly encompasses everything that Avenged Sevenfold was at that time.

"It was us being fearless, us showing our roots in heavy metal, punk, rock 'n' roll and not being afraid to try everything under the sun when it comes to writing music. We had a real producer (Andrew Murdock). We wanted to take it to a different level rather than keep it in the garage. We really tried to make the album sound good. We tried to learn how to play our instruments better. We wanted to be professional. We learned that bands learn how to play in time and how to sing in key, and we had to work our a-- off."

The album also marked Synyster Gates' debut with the band, and as Zacky remembers it, there was a lot of clashing going on with the producer. "Me and him f--kin' nearly hated each other, 'cause I'm hard-headed and he was hard-headed," the guitarist recalled. "I think he even tried to get me kicked out of the band at that point - the band I'd f--kin' started - 'cause producers could be f--kin' retards."

Rounding up the story, the guitarist explained how A7X were always aware of the "big purpose" they believe they had in the rock world from day one. "Even when we were at that point when we had very few fans, we never felt like a small band. We always felt like we had a big purpose. When we wrote 'Waking the Fallen,' it was important. Listening back to it now, it's really not the best-produced album, but at the time, we were involved in every aspect of it and we were so proud of it," he concluded.

The group's current set of scheduled dates stretches across mid-August and two Summer Sonic shows in Japan, meaning that the initial writing sessions for the new album might kick off in the very near future. Tour details and ticket info here.
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