Avenged Sevenfold Anxious to Start Writing New Album, 'Can't Wait to Get the Itch'

Band not interested in "triggered drums, blast beats and screaming," aiming for "hard rock approach" instead.

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Following the chart-topping success of their latest studio effort "Hail to the King," California metallers Avenged Sevenfold are already starting to think about the follow up and going down the same hard rock line of approach.

Chatting with Loudwire, singer M. Shadows noted that "Hail to the King" is still a record "that I love listening to," adding that he "can't wait to get the 'itch' and try to figure out what the next record is going to sound like."

Discussing the band's stance on metal and the direction A7X is looking to take in the future, Shadows explained, "There's obviously mixed feelings about Avenged Sevenfold and metal, but that's just because of where metal has gone, not where metal has been. I feel like 'Hail to the King' is more of a traditional metal album than anything else we've put out. Obviously, 'City of Evil' was more of a call to arms in a way. It was like more of a melodic minor type of more crazy European-influenced metal."

Focusing on the type of sound the future release might bring, the singer added, "Metal back in the '80s doesn't sound like metal sounds today - the triggered drums, the blast beats and all the screaming - that's not really what we're interested in and if people want to say we're not metal because of that, that's fine, we'll take the hard rock approach.

"We have songs like 'Little Piece of Heaven' or 'Dear God,' which are Oingo Boingo influenced and country influenced and 'Critical Acclaim' is even hip-hop influenced. We're all over the place and we're proud of that too. Do I think we're a metal band? Yeah, and we're totally proud of that word and we're proud of that scene, but when people say we're not, that's fine too. It's up to everybody's discretion, I guess," he concluded.

In related news, Avenged Sevenfold have announced plans to mark the overdue 10th anniversary of their 2003 record "Waking the Fallen." As Shadows told Loudwire, "We're going to put something together for the 10 year anniversary of 'Waking the Fallen,' which is about 11 or 12 years now. We've been trying to think of something we could put together and we found some old demos that we did with Teppei [Teranishi] from Thrice before we even did that record."

Rare footage of late drummer Jimmy Sullivan will also be included, while the band also has plans for a brand new DVD. "It is going to encompass the whole world that we've been filming for the last 5 years being in all these different countries with our camera guy," the singer said. "That'll be a fun thing I think we're going to film some big shows - I think we're filming Mexico City coming up and we have some other shows we're going to film and kind of intertwine the live performance with this huge DVD we want to do. That will probably come out before Christmas."

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    I love how he accepts all the hate they get. IMO **** all the people who give them crap for "not being metal" enough.
    And now we wait for the unnecessary butthurt to begin
    This band seriously gets way more hate than they deserve. They're not even a bad band, it's just because they are one of the more popular and mainstream metal bands out there that people get their johnsons in a jiffy over them. You don't have to like the band to not treat them like ****ing BVB.
    a7x isn't metal. they are radio rock.
    Radio rock? Wouldnt that mean... any song by any band that gets played on the radio? What a dumb "genre". Can people stop labeling music now? It is so pointless.
    as in "commercialized, dumbed down easy to listen to music" which is what you hear most of on the radio. also see: godsmack, disturbed, korn, theory of a deadman and NICKELBACK
    Yeah, **** people who want to relax and don't want to perform psychoanalysis on every single second of a song. Not a huge fan of easy listening either, but seriously dude, it has equal merit and use to music that's deeper.
    I feel like i'm in math class when i'm listening to Meshuggah or Between the Buried and Me. Yes, I DO understand what's going on, but I don't enjoy it most of the time. Give me A7X or another band that's fun to listen to.
    Please explain how they're commercialized and dumbed down. And why is 'easy to listen music' a bad thing? Complexity does not make music good, just like simplicity doesn't make it bad. Get off your elitist high horse.
    They're not a bad band, I just don't like their music. People think they're douchey and pretentious, but why hate a band for that? Isn't the actual music the important part?
    I agree about the music being the important part, but in defense of these guys they're actually really down to earth and really involved with their fans. I've met them before and was blown away by their humility. Felt like they were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them lol
    that really not how they're presenting themselves and i wonder if that's marketing decision or if there's a dissonance between their image and who they really are.
    i don't think that they get hat because they're popular. i think they get hate because they're glorifying themselves way more than they've earned so far. some "torches to bear" are not to be earned by self declaration upon every media possible, but by recognition from the community and the industry, but they're not shy of self rewarding their band with titles and status that i havne't heard anyone else give them yet.
    First off, on the plagiarism, we can go trough decades of music matching time signatures, the songs are similar, not identical, and its a shame that is what This Means War is a part of, considering it is probably the best song on the album, unless they drop the god awful chant off of Requiem. Second, I would love to see whether each person is from the states, or the UK, etc.in the comment section that way we can match up the arguments based on what is considered mainstream in their country. Metal, Rock, or whatever you wanna call it has a loyal fanbase based upon its diversity, embrace everyone's style, it doesn't mean its your style, but you can appreciate the differences between hearing a new song, and without looking, recognize that's a Synyster Gates riff, or that's Corey Taylor on vocals, because most genres have the same sound one song after another.
    I quite enjoy this band. Gates is a beast at soloing! They have some pretty solid riffs too. Favorite albums would be Nightmare, City of Evil and the Self Titled. I did like Hail To The King. Coming Home was probably my favorite track. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what these guys put out next. Truthfully I would love some more City of Evil esque songs, but I'll give whatever they have a chance. It's their own expressions so they can do whatever they want
    You gotta hear the Diamonds in the Rough disc from Live in the LBC. It's unreleased tracks from the Self Titled sessions. Look up "Scream" and "Tension" from that release, they are awesome. They also got a great cover of "Walk" by Pantera, they pull it off very well
    With Hail to the King, the neglected the progressive parts of them, which to me is what made them interesting in the first place. Which makes me a little uneasy when they say they are going for the "hard rock" approach for the next album.
    I'm a fan of all of their albums. I love how they've evolved since StST, always producing something new. However, even though Hail To The King was pretty good, I don't think it's at the level of their previous work. It especially shows in their live shows. I've seen them twice on their Hail to the king tour. Their new songs just don't put off as much energy. I'm really excited to see what's next from the crew!
    Personally, I thought Nightmare had the most good tracks, but the self-titled album had A Little Piece of Heaven, and is therefore the better album by default. Waking the fallen in my #3, followed by Hail to the King and then Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. I'm gonna get chewed up by the community, but I didn't really care for COE. It is my #6.
    What's your favorite track off of each album? Also, if you're feeling interested, you should Youtube the making of some of their songs. Pretty neat.
    Those are my favorites too, I agree with everything you said. City of Evil is their masterpiece. Hail to the King was decent but it is definitely different.
    Its only after listening to Hail to the King that you realise how integral The Rev was to their song writing and their sound... Can't see anything other than more Hail to the King-type stuff from here, which is a shame because their other albums really demonstrate the talent and unique-ness they have, rather than imitating Guns N Roses and Metallica....
    yeah, rev died before Nightmare, which is awesome so not sure its about that
    Yeah, i think they actually used some his recordings in the songs. I know that there are clips of him singing. In the album pamphlet all of his singing is in red letters.
    Yeah im pretty sure The Rev is credited with writing parts to most songs on the album, even So Far Away was written and originally wasn't about The Rev at all, it just took on new meaning after he died... Plus the song Fiction has The Rev's vocal parts used from the demo sessions... So really Hail to the King is the first album recorded with no input from him!
    nightmare was pretty much completed songwriting wise before the Rev died so thats not really a good choice as an example. however their two singles after that, not ready to die and carry on, were written and recorded without the Rev, so I'm sure they still have it in them its just not creatively where they want to go at this point in time
    Yeah, the Rev was involved in pretty much the entire writing of Nightmare. He died after most of it was written, and the majority of the drum parts that Mike Portnoy recorded for it were actually exact recreations of parts the Rev had already recorded in demos. Just had to re-record them in the studio for album-worthy sound quality.
    "Metal back in the '80s doesn't sound like metal sounds today - the triggered drums, the blast beats and all the screaming - that's not really what we're interested in and if people want to say we're not metal because of that, that's fine, we'll take the hard rock approach." I feel like a lot of bands should start quoting this when 14 year old kvlt metal wannabes start harassing them for not being "trv metal".
    I would like to see an album based around their single "not ready to die." I really liked that song.
    This, totally this. They say it was just a track for a videogame but I still feel it's the song that represents their style best.
    I'm always excited for a new A7X album because they always deliver something different every time. Not pulling an AC/DC and releasing the same album year after year.
    Honestly, Hail to the King had a couple of great songs. They were definitely more stripped down, but damn Synyster Gates had his shit going in ways that just surprised me (solo for Shepherd of Fire). I can't wait for the next album. All you people saying plagiarism need to go smoke some weed and relax lol. If anything take "This Means War" and think of it more as a tribute to Metallica. With that being said, I hope the next album is has a hardcore feel to it like Waking the Fallen.
    Fine, go ahead. But please, save us from all the "OMG WE EAT AND SHIT METAL EVERYDAY" talk this time.
    That was one interview. UG just like to pick bits and post them often so they have news.
    i guess wishing for sounding the seventh trumpet style a7x is redundant now