Avenged Sevenfold Anxious to Start Writing New Album, 'Can't Wait to Get the Itch'

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 03/28/2014 category: music news
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Avenged Sevenfold Anxious to Start Writing New Album, 'Can't Wait to Get the Itch'
Following the chart-topping success of their latest studio effort "Hail to the King," California metallers Avenged Sevenfold are already starting to think about the follow up and going down the same hard rock line of approach.

Chatting with Loudwire, singer M. Shadows noted that "Hail to the King" is still a record "that I love listening to," adding that he "can't wait to get the 'itch' and try to figure out what the next record is going to sound like."

Discussing the band's stance on metal and the direction A7X is looking to take in the future, Shadows explained, "There's obviously mixed feelings about Avenged Sevenfold and metal, but that's just because of where metal has gone, not where metal has been. I feel like 'Hail to the King' is more of a traditional metal album than anything else we've put out. Obviously, 'City of Evil' was more of a call to arms in a way. It was like more of a melodic minor type of more crazy European-influenced metal."

Focusing on the type of sound the future release might bring, the singer added, "Metal back in the '80s doesn't sound like metal sounds today - the triggered drums, the blast beats and all the screaming - that's not really what we're interested in and if people want to say we're not metal because of that, that's fine, we'll take the hard rock approach.

"We have songs like 'Little Piece of Heaven' or 'Dear God,' which are Oingo Boingo influenced and country influenced and 'Critical Acclaim' is even hip-hop influenced. We're all over the place and we're proud of that too. Do I think we're a metal band? Yeah, and we're totally proud of that word and we're proud of that scene, but when people say we're not, that's fine too. It's up to everybody's discretion, I guess," he concluded.

In related news, Avenged Sevenfold have announced plans to mark the overdue 10th anniversary of their 2003 record "Waking the Fallen." As Shadows told Loudwire, "We're going to put something together for the 10 year anniversary of 'Waking the Fallen,' which is about 11 or 12 years now. We've been trying to think of something we could put together and we found some old demos that we did with Teppei [Teranishi] from Thrice before we even did that record."

Rare footage of late drummer Jimmy Sullivan will also be included, while the band also has plans for a brand new DVD. "It is going to encompass the whole world that we've been filming for the last 5 years being in all these different countries with our camera guy," the singer said. "That'll be a fun thing I think we're going to film some big shows - I think we're filming Mexico City coming up and we have some other shows we're going to film and kind of intertwine the live performance with this huge DVD we want to do. That will probably come out before Christmas."
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