Avenged Sevenfold Ask Fans To Pick Songs For Their Uproar Set List

For the forthcoming Uproar tour, Avenged Sevenfold are opening up their set list to their fans, asking them to go online and vote and help select the songs.

For the forthcoming Uproar tour, Avenged Sevenfold are opening up their set list to their fans, asking them to go online and vote and help select the songs. Here are the details of the poll: Fans can vote for 10 songs from the entire Avenged Sevenfold catalog. The band will then take the Top 20 songs from those results. Which of those songs actually make each night's set list will not be revealed, as the band would like to keep the set list a surprise for the fans and for themselves. However the band is committing to playing a selection of these 20 songs for each show. The selection of songs will vary and be rotated in and out of the set list every night. So you'll just have to show up to Uproar in your local market to see if the songs you voted actually make the set list. Go to this location to choose your favorite songs. Here's what the band had to say about this participatory, interactive poll that let''s the fans have a direct say in what gets played on Uproar: Hey guys, we just finished up our first year of touring in support of "Nightmare". We wanna thank you all for the overwhelming support worldwide and are excited to embark on the second half of the touring cycle. We realize that playing UPROAR for a second year has some advantages and some disadvantages. We don't want people to feel they are seeing the same show as last year. We are concerned that people may feel we are going to give them the same setlist, production, merch, etc. etc. We have put our heads together to try and find a solution to these concerns. Not only are we gonna do a brand new stage show with all new production, but we are going to let you decide what songs we are gonna play. Here is how it's gonna work: - Vote for the 10 Avenged Sevenfold songs that you want us to play on the UPROAR Tour. - We will take the 20 songs with the most votes and rotate them in and out of the setlist every night. We literally are not going to know what we are playing until just before the shows take place. This way some people will see songs they never thought they would hear live and others will hear an entirely different set of songs. We hope you have fun with this. You only get one chance to vote so think hard about your choices... We are counting on you to choose the right songs! Love A7X

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    A great idea, but once again ruined by the majority of the current fanbase (every f*cking album a new bunch of scene kids from the current breed jump on the bandwagon but only like the current album then clear off when the new one comes out). Anyway, my favourite albums are Waking The Fallen and City of Evil, the self-titled was good but not quite as strong and then the last album I'm not so fond of compared to the back catalogue... my 10 would be (in setlist order, rather than preference/rating) Critical Acclaim Second Heartbeat Blinded In Chains I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1 + 2 as a medley perhaps?) The Wicked End Gunslinger Betrayed And All Things Will End M.I.A Chapter Four (Encore)
    It's kind of absurd, knowing the major fanbase behavior of this band they will vote only for their popular songs, the songs they always play.
    Beast In the Harlot Burn it Down Blinded in Chains Trashed In Scattered God Hates Us Unholy Wont See You (1&2) Second Heartbeat Eternal Rest Whatever order i guess
    I voted for, Turn the Other Way An Epic of Time Wasted Warmness on the Soul Chapter Four I Won't See You Tonight Pt 1 I Won't See You Tonight Pt 2 Remenissions Crossroads Second Heartbeat Trashed and Scattered Sadly lots of those are towards the bottom of the list (looking at you An Epic of Time Wasted). I can't understand why people would vote for Nightmare, Bat Country, Afterlife etc. They play that stuff at every show. This is a chance to get the rare shit played, why pick the hits?
    kill it wrote: how about nothing after waking the fallen
    So... Waking The Fallen Unholy Confessions Chapter Four Reminissions Desecrate Through Reverence Eternal Rest Second Heartbeat Radiant Eclipse I Won't See You Tonight ...etc... But I like this idea, I've always wanted to see Blinded In Chains and Chapter Four live.
    MyUserName777 wrote: All the idiots voted for stuff they've been playing the shit out of forever. Play Crossroads, Chapter Four, Scream, Strength of the World, not Nightmare, Bat Country, and So Far Away. I would like to see A Little Piece of Heaven. Diamonds in the Rough has some great stuff but most of the fans on Facebook have no clue what that is.
    Saw them at Download Festival and they played Little Piece of Heaven. Was epic.
    Eternal Rest, just so I can watch people claw at their ears for the first two seconds of the song. Don't announce it as the next song on the set, just go straight from Beast and the Harlot to that.
    i saw them in 2008 and they played chapter four, unholy confessions, a little piece of heaven, and then obviously a good amount from the self titled album. But it was a pretty damn good setlist. Im not going to this tour, but ill vote for some WTF stuff just other fans can see it
    I really don't understand these things. The majority of people that are voting won't have touched the older stuff, so Avenged will play the songs that they play all of the time. There's no chance in hell that they will do M.I.A., An Epic of Time Wasted or Dancing Dead.
    Shame most of their really good songs aren't getting hardly any votes. voted to end the rapture we come out at night remenissions desecrate through reverence radiant eclipse burn it down the wicked end afterlife fiction not ready to die I think that's a good mix of new and old
    not ready to die and more old stuff would be awesome. nightmare after christmas they pretty much only played nightmare stuff
    Menegas56 wrote: their best songs are never played live, its such a shame.
    That s why we've got to vote for them! Everyones voting for the singles, its common sense to know that theyre gonna play the singles.
    kill it wrote: how about nothing after waking the fallen
    Have to agree. That was a stunning album, everything after was poor. Yet they only ever seem to play Unholy Confessions from it
    It's like someone votes for all their seven minute long songs and that show ends up being longer than the others.
    Like has been said to death, all the songs being voted are songs that they ALWAYS play. It's infuriating. I want to see good songs like Victim, Brompton Cocktail, I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 & Unbound, but of course none of those songs are over 2%.
    You gotta think on the majority side though. The turnout would be horrible if people knew they weren't going to play their biggest songs. So I would do a mix of popularity and dormant classics. 12 song setlist for me would be... -Nightmare -Burn it Down -Chapter Four -Darkness Surrounding -Almost Easy -Not Ready to Die -Crossroads -God Hates Us -Sidewinder -Bat Country -Unholy Confessions -A Little Piece of Heaven I would see that any day.
    I think they should play their older things. Example of a set-list of let's say 15 songs. 1. Critical Acclaim 2. Chapter Four 3. Burn It Down 4. Streets 5. Scream 6. Brompton Cocktail 7. Second Heartbeat 8. I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 (NOT 2) 9. Unholy Confessions 10. To End The Rapture 11. Unbound 12. Warmness On The Soul 13. Beast And The Harlot 14. A Little Piece Of Heaven And just when everyone thinks they're gone, 15. M.I.A.
    scithe37 wrote: This is actually a great idea. I saw them last night in Melbourne, and although it was a tour in support of Nightmare, I found myself wanting to hear much more of their older stuff. Like, they only played Bat Country from City of Evil, and in my opinion, that's the weakest song on their best album. inb4 flame war.
    Yeah I was there too; I would have and the rest of the crowd aswell would have liked to hear Beast and the Harlot or Second Heartbeat, which they didn't play, either on of those, or Chapter Four, I Won't See You Tnoight Part 1 or 2, Gunslinger, Scream (cuz of the dancing chicks on stage and its a good song, Seize the Day and Sidewinder would have been sick,
    w0mi wrote: Their every song is almost the same, so who cares?
    I'm not some rabid A7X fanboy who thinks they are the greatest band ever, but to say every song sounds the same is probably the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.
    Avenge Sevenfold is playing at the 48 Hours Festival in Las Vegas in October. Korn, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, and a ton of other great bands are performing.
    . Is anyone going?
    w0mi wrote: Their every song is almost the same, so who cares?
    I don't know if you're trying to be an idiot on purpose because you think its funny to troll, but thats gotta be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
    A Little Piece of Heaven!!! and I don't care whatever they play further...
    I just looked at the results, and the top 10 are literally all songs that they regularly play... are you KIDDING ME??
    I've seen them 80,000 times, and I've yet to see a STST song, or some of the more unusual ones from WtF. Love their stuff, and I think its really cool that lately they've played "Save Me" and "A Little Piece of Heaven," but I'd love to see songs like I Won't See you Tonight Pt 1 or like..Turn the Other Way....that would be sooo cool.
    Boy, I am glad when I saw them for the first time in Seattle 2005 their setlist was: 1. Second Heartbeat 2. The Beast and the Harlot 3. Burn It Down 4. Chapter Four 5. Syn Guitar Solo 6. The Wicked End 7. Eternal Rest 8. MIA 9. Unholy Confessions 10. Strength of the World 11. Bat Country Probably the most amazing thing ever.
    kill it wrote: how about nothing after waking the fallen
    Yeah I would pick songs off of that album alone since I didn't get a chance to see them until 2009 and by then they only played one song from Fallen. Kinda disappointing.
    Mr Cherry Kush
    Instead of asking... they should just cut out 3 to 4 of their songs they play all the time... kind of Like Metallica in 2009 -2011 ( Dyers Eve, Blackened, The Shortest Straw, Trapped Under Ice, Call of the Ktulu, Damage Inc, Motorbreath,). Then just bring back songs that they've never played. They could have 2 to 3 different setlists so They can Alternate songs. My Picks would have to be.... M.I.A. Trashed and Scattered The Wicked End Clairvoyant Disease Eternal Rest I Won't See You Tonight 1&2 To End The Rapture Dear God ( Flame me... It's melodic and nice...) Second Heartbeat Chapter Four
    I don't think everyone here fully understands that until now, theyve been doign a world tour IN SUPPORT of their album Nightmare. So of course its gonna be filled with songs from that album. I dont care for nightmare, welcome to the family or so far away too much, but its perfectly understandable that their setlist always seemed to have those songs. That being said, UPROAR isnt particularly to support Nightmare, so I'm hoping for old stuff. Second heartbeat, Chapter Four, IWSYT, MIA, Sidewinder etc etc Oh thats right, I live in Australia ==
    A combination of Bat Country and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet would be nice, also, how come nobody has mentioned blined in chains? Possibly one of their best songs, it practically got me into them before I heard their older albums
    legend shredder
    Only problem with this idea is that the amount of fake "fanboys" that vote for the "popular" A7x songs that they heard on the radio far outweigh the group that would much rather see their older, and in my opinion better, stuff. When I did this, I got to City of Evil with 2 songs left to choose. I live in Australia, so I won't get to see this revised setlist (Saw them in Brisbane, they were great, however I don't like Buried Alive....live. Although I was front row so I didn't mind too much).
    RIGHT?! People are voting like they've NEVER seen this band live before! haha I'm reading through the top picks, and it's like "already play it, already play it, already play it,...". A7X is going to read these results and be like "guys...this didn't really work out the way we wanted it to at ALL" haha
    Too many people are voting for songs like "Afterlife" "Bat Country" "Nightmare" etc. I would love to see more deeper cuts off Waking the Fallen and City of Evil. Also, if they're offering to do songs off Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, why not? People should vote for songs off that just for the hell of it. Hopefully all the radio fans got their votes out of the way early and all the actual fans can now slowly build up the numbers on the deeper cuts.
    Cool idea but looking at results it really makes you wonder who makes up the fan base these days. I mean all over the internet you say people saying they prefer their old stuff, however in this poll mostly the stuff they already play is getting picked. I'd want maybe 2 songs of each album, I'm talking stuff like Eternal Rest, Sidewinder, The Wicked End and Darkness Surrounding!!!
    A7X fans complain too much, I have seen them four times and I voted the songs i like and wanted to see, some never played before like dancing dead and not ready to die and some played recently such as a little piece of heaven and critical acclaim. Just because they are offering to play older songs doesnt mean people HAVE to vote for those ones. In my opinion the newer albums are better than the older ones, so thats how i voted.
    a drummer
    It's a shame everyone's voting for their songs that already are played every set... lameeee. Sevenfold is one of my favs and this is fantastic idea, but alot of people are ruining it. NIghtmare Welcome to the Family Reminisions Chapter Four Afterlife Not Ready to Die Beast and the Harlot Sidewinder Scream Dancing Dead Bat Country encore: Critical Acclaim Unholy Confession This would be a dream come true
    I really liked them when I saw them live (it was a tour with buckcherry, after the self-titled release) A little piece of heaven has a lot of support...I would seriously fork up the money just to hear that song. Sidewinder, MIA, and strength of the world need some serious love. Those songs made City of Evil and are fantastic. Anytime I lose faith in A7X I listen to those tracks (and second heartbeat!) and am reminded why I still like this group
    It seems kind of disappointing that setlists for A7X seem to be more based on their current popularity than what got them there in the first place. It appeases all the fans that became fans because they just bought the most recent album or whatever and fell in love with, like, 2 songs. Just because it's heard on the radio all the time doesn't mean the band needs to play it all the time - get the newer fans into the classic stuff. Second Heartbeat, Desecrate Through Reverence, I Won't See You Tonight, Warmness on the Soul, etc. Even some of the longer cuts like MIA would be phenomenal to see live.
    I like it. Vote for some older songs peeps, I wanna hear Chapter Four, and some of those early goodies.
    All the idiots voted for stuff they've been playing the shit out of forever. Play Crossroads, Chapter Four, Scream, Strength of the World, not Nightmare, Bat Country, and So Far Away. I would like to see A Little Piece of Heaven. Diamonds in the Rough has some great stuff but most of the fans on Facebook have no clue what that is.