Avenged Sevenfold Confirm Joint Tour With Deftones and Ghost B.C.

The band kicks off its upcoming "Hail to the King" tour this October.

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Avenged Sevenfold confirmed touring their newest album "Hail to the King" with Deftones and Ghost B.C.

It was rumored last month that the band is prepairing to kick off the joint tour featuring American nu metal four-piece and Swedish heavy metallers, but it remained unconfirmed.

Now Avenged Sevenfold posted tour dates via their official website stating that this fall the band will be "heading out on our "Hail to the King" tour and taking Deftones and Ghost B.C. along for the ride."

The band has recently revealed the album's title track as the first single from the upcoming record. The follow-up to 2010's "Nightmare" is scheduled for release on August 27.

Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail to the King" tour dates are:

10/03 - Chicago, IL 10/05 - Indianapolis, IN 10/06 - Cincinnati, OH 10/08 - Baltimore, MD 10/09 - Boston, MA 10/12 - Bloomington, IL 10/13 - Detroit, MI 10/15 - Atlanta, GA 10/16 - Orlando, FL 10/18 - Houston, TX 10/19 - Dallas, TX 10/20 - San Antonio, TX 10/22 - Omaha, NE 10/23 - Oklahoma City, OK 10/26 - Las Vegas, NV

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    america gets the best tours and then complains about the tours that don't go to america
    every sodding Viking festival is in Europe. never America. i'd trade wintersun and ensiferum for deftones and AX7
    Oh my god this. Try living in Western Australia then you can complain.
    These are the bands A7X should be touring with/marketing to. I hate going to see them and having to sit through Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, and other garbage like that. I think half the reason A7X gets a bad rep is because of the other bands they associate themselves with.
    This is a really good line up. Its nice to see Sevenfold go on tour with a couple of talented groups in metal for a change. Normally, when they go on tour in the US, its with bands like BFMV or some post grunge band like Three Days Grace.
    While I am very excited for this lineup, Three Days Grace and BFMV were good openers and it was also a fantastic show.
    This should be an amazing show! And it's coming to Cinci! Ghost, while I'm not the biggest fan of their "satanicness", puts on a great show. A7X always does a good job live, but I'm especially curious to see what their new album sounds like. "Hail to the King" is only a decent song, but it's pretty much what I would expect from the first single. I've only gotten into Deftones within the past year and haven't seen them live yet. Should be epic
    This tour sounds way better than last year's or so tour which had BvB, Asking Alexandria, and Hollywood Undead. Im definitely waiting for a California date, with Deftones in it, this tour is gonna kick ass
    I wish these guys were coming to Western Canada I want to see Ghost so badly.
    really? no california dates?
    I was really hoping for some Cali dates. I really would rather see them with Deftones instead of going to Aftershock, which mostly consists of shit.
    A7x has at least 3 California dates. Sacramento for the Aftershock fest, San Diego for another festival, and some other one at the Hollywood Palladium.
    'Taking Deftones along for the ride'? That sounds a bit like A7X consider it doing Deftones a favour.
    Or they asked Deftones who are probably their friends to come with them because they think their a good band? Why does everybody have to misinterpret everything so that it sounds like some kind of insult.
    are u new to the interwebz?
    No, but people some people (emphasis on some) on this site show a lot of intelligence at times so I don't see why any one would think A7X are insulting Deftones if they are going on tour with them.
    Don't know if I should buy A7X's new album or not.
    If you mean that you've heard one song from it and didn't think much of it then yeah you probably buy it to see what the rest is like.
    sorry to disagree with common consensus but i quite like the track hail to the king, and im not even a huge a7x fan
    Maybe its just me but I can't get into the Deftones at all. They're the worst band I've ever seen live when they opened for SOAD.
    I know I will get a s**t ton of down votes but . . . . I listened to some of Ghost's material, wasn't impressed
    im not mental
    shit, deftones AND ghost are worth the ticket price alone. if it was coming to california, i'd definitely go just for those two.
    I really wish Deftones would just do another headlining tour. I have a really strong dislike for Avenged Sevenfold. Oh well, I guess I can leave after Deftones and Ghost play their sets.
    Luckily I'm catching Ghost on a headlining show this month with just Skeletonwich opening who I don't really care for...
    Skeletonwitch should be a good show regardless. It's always nice to watch an opening band that you don't know much about.
    I like Sevenfold and Ghost are some the best musicians I've heard in a long time, but I wouldn't go to a Ghost concert simply because of some of the fans they attract as well as their image and lyrics.
    I love Avenged and all... but this is why 90% of UG hates them... this and Mustaine is not important news... and its been confirmed elsewhere days ago..
    In the email i got it said the were going to ST. Louis on Oct 11. I hope this is still true...