Avenged Sevenfold: 'Everyone in US Thinks Rock Is Dead'

Guitarist Synyster Gates praises European metal festivals, says the States are lagging behind.

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Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates recently discussed the weak state of rock music in the US and the overall lack of support guitar-heavy bands are getting.

Chatting with Revolver at this year's Rock on the Range, Syn named the event as one of a few prestigious rock festivals in the US.

"Overseas, they have tons of these things," the axeman noted. "It's crazy, 'cause everybody's like, 'Rock's dead' in America and all that crazy crap."

However, Gates remained optimistic throughout the chat, sharing a great deal of excitement for getting to share the stage with the iconic Slayer. The guitarist also praised Guns N' Roses, calling them one of the group's "favorite bands in the world, cause we rip them off all the time."

A7X are currently busy on the road promoting their latest studio effort "Hail to the King." The chart-topping album saw its release in August 2013, while the band's current tour is stretching through mid-August, taking A7X across US and Japan. More details and ticket info here.

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    matteo cubano
    major US labels definitely think rock is dead.
    They shouldn't be surprised. The labels killed it by backing single artists that lend themselves to producing cheaper music. I mean $$$ cheaper more than anything
    THREE WHOLE DOLLARS CHEAPER?! No wonder rock is dying, no music is worth three dollars!
    No it's just all mainstream American rock is 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 which is making the dead feel
    This is kinda funny because I saw them at Rock on the Range this year, and all Shadows could do was talk about how rock was alive more than ever lol.
    Gates didn't say "Rock is dead." If you watched the video for literally a minute, you'll see that his opinion is essentially exactly what Shadows said.
    yeah, in fact he says 'everyone in the US thinks rock is dead and all that crazy crap' (just read the quote from the article) and then says 'naw naw nawwwww just look at this event'.
    So band members can't have different opinions on a topic? Wow crazy imagine if people actually had different opinions... oh wait...
    He is right, though. Europe gets all the great rock/metal festivals while the US gets sub-par Mayhems and Uproars now. Rock Am Ring, Hellfest, Download, etc., Europe gets tons of great shows that we can only dream about.
    Hi, I'm from the US and think rocks are alive.
    90% of the video had nothing to do with the article lol get some real news lol
    Skip to 50 seconds in the video and you'll see what Gates actually said, and how skewed the headline and article is. This site has become nothing but bullshit click-bait.
    Rock music will come back when bands start to be creative, original and accessible again. A7X are a good set of musicians who work well as a band but they're not terribly creative, they're certainly not original and neither are they that accessible to your average person. I accept, it is hard for a rock band to fulfill these criteria in modern times but don't let that lower your standards and expectations.
    A lot of their more creative songs (like A Little Piece of Heaven) were written or at least molded by The Rev to some extent, and his loss has ultimately detracted from their songwriting. It's not bad post-Jimmy, just not up to the standard they set for themselves prior.
    I agree, he always seemed to add those last couple songs onto an album that really grew on you the more you listened to them, such as Critical Acclaim, you already mentioned A Little Piece of Heaven, Chapter Four, and despite everyone forgetting, he did demo the Nightmare album writing Fiction and Save Me.
    Fiction is a brilliant song, all the more haunting considering that he died something like 3 days after they finished recording it.
    Fiction is a brilliant song, all the more haunting considering that he died something like 3 days after they finished recording it.
    Rock isn't dead. Rock's influence on the public and the radio is at the moment though. Its all about some form of hiphop, electronic, indie or folk right now. A lot of the good bands coming out are from obscure genres most people don't know of or care to learn about.
    Guns n Roses aren't the only band they rip off
    I wish there were more bands today "ripping off" the greatest bands in history. Maybe we'd have more decent stuff to listen to.
    Waiting for syn to finally admit that when they leaped from hardcore that iron maiden was the main ripoff I love people IFK who iron maiden is but they know A7X ....one interview about the hail to the king album shadows quoted Bruce and axl as influences hell we can all see iron maiden this band isn't nothing more then heart being led zep ...just admit it they are great musicians but come on ADMIT IT
    Velcro Man
    Even if he said that and even if it were true, who really ****ing cares? Why do people worry so ****ing much about whether or not rock music is the most popular music in the ****ing world? Us fans can listen to whatever we want regardless, so do people just want to force their tastes on other people? Just listen to what you want and shut the **** up. Although, it usually is famous rock musicians that make the claims, so apparently they just believe being a millionaire isn't enough.
    Rock music is pretty bad at moment. And don't try that crap "you just have to look under surface dude.." yes.. there are some great bands out there but overall its very very weak.
    No, there aren't just "some great bands out there", there are LOTS of great bands out there, and just because most of the most popular "rock" bands think that playing 3-chord songs is the definition of genius does not mean rock is in a bad state. It's in a better state than ever, maybe also because good bands don't give a **** about being on the radio anymore.
    Rock has always been a simple genre. People seem to overlook that fact quite often.
    Not true for at least 40 years. The beauty of rock and all genres that were born out of it (e.g. metal) is that it can be very simple or incredibly complex and everything in between. Except many of the "mainstream" bands overlook the fact you can do simple stuff in an innovative way as well.
    Festivals are still predominantly rock.
    Epi g-310
    Indie and EDM would like to have a word with you.
    Does that change "predominantly"? I'm well aware electronic music is becoming more popular, that's just the scene. But most artists I've seen are still on guitars, even if not full on heavy type guitars. There's like 3 metal events in my area too. Not big festivals but still rather popular. And, Europe has some amazing electronic scenes going around so it's not like some rocker's heavnen at the moment.
    Epi g-310
    Obviously I don't have all the events catalogued, but I'd say yeah, it's predominantly indie/EDM just based on my own estimation.
    I wouldn't go so far as to say rock is dead, it's just not as hugely popular as it once was. It'll likely come back around once everyone gets tired of EDM.
    That headline quote was really out of context, and not even an exact quote of what he said - listen to the clip from about 0:45; he obviously doesn't think "rock is dead". Just another click-bait headline from UG...
    If all I knew about was avenged sevenfold I would believe rock was dead too.
    They are not that bad.
    After City of Evil...yes...yes they are.
    I will agree that the self-titled definitely took them in a more mediocre direction. Fuck. The shit they wrote in high school that made it on to "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" is more adventurous than what they're doing now... "Waking the Fallen" and "City of Evil" are two incredible albums though.
    Are you the dude who posted the videos of them on YouTube? If you are, thank you so much man! Nice upclose view of his guitar solo
    Bc rock has become boring, you hear the same thing over and over on the radio. Nothing original nothing progressing twords anything or growing in anyway. Its just the same shit rehashed. Least as far as whats on the radio. And yea sorry but ax7 brings nothing new or exciting ether.
    And who's to blame for that....the talentless younger generation who are lip syncing, auto tuning, be bopping their worthless brand of commercial pop. Not a fan of this guy or his band but unlike most of his "peers" at least the guy has some chops.....
    Can't stand his face, it has arrogance written all over it.
    Gotta disagree. There are many thing he says that show that he really isn't that arrogant, like at the end he says that he isn't good at anything but music and is struggling at music itself. Or how he looks up to other bands like Guns & Roses or Slayer. I've seen many other interviews as well, he really doesn't come across as arrogant.
    Saw them live about a month ago on a festival and in between the songs he just stood there flipping off the audience, I don't know what happened or if there was a reason but it was kind of very disrespectful imo.
    I agree. He never looks happy on stage and his solos are nothing more than noodling as fast as possible (yes, in my opinion, haha), and looks as if he'd rather be doing something else. Also a pretty bold statement to lump the ENTIRE USA into such a statement. He's a turd.
    He 'looks like he'd rather be doing something else' because his solos are easy to him since he is an incredible talented player...
    More like no emotion in his playing.
    Do people honestly still complain about "emotionless" players? Some kid on the internet isn't in a position to dictate whether he plays with emotion or not, and given the fact that he's sold several million records, won awards, played actual festivals etc. it just makes you look a bit ridiculous.
    They are a terrible band. Listen to Blind Guardian Night at the Opera. It will blow your mind.
    i liked me some blind guardian back in the day...but cmon that shit cheezey...bards n' wizards n sh1t lol. you'll understand when/if you grow up. but yeah, they're still better than these f4gs lol..
    avenged sevenfold being avenged sevenfld isnt helping rock climb out of its shell.
    I am sick of hearing rock is dead just because it isn't on the forefront of television, radio etc. There are plenty of local bands making a difference in their respective towns. Hard working bands that bust their ass for a 30 minute set, and play better music then half the crap in the mainstream world.
    I hate you Synester Gates, even if your dad is Bill Gates, metal isn't did cuz you say so.
    Rocks dead punks dead blah blah since the stuff came out people have said its dead and yet it keeps on going
    No, it's just that nobody wants to go see AX7. I'm going to assume that the Priest show that I attend in October is going to be packed as usual.
    Sevenfold seems to be doing just fine with their arena tours and festival headlining slots...
    Genres are dying according to people but i see music as a whole is very alive