Avenged Sevenfold: 'Lars Ulrich Said Nothing But Good Things About 'Hail to the King''

Meanwhile, Lars addresses the idea of performing "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" live.

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Asked about Metallica ripoff accusations the band's been getting for their latest effort "Hail to the King," Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ noted that the band was briefly contacted by Lars Ulrich, who gave the effort nothing but kudos. "We've never been shy to admit that Metallica has a huge influence in our lives and in our music," Christ told EMP Rock Invasion. "If we're compared to Metallica, the greatest metal band in the world, that's actually a pretty damn good compliment." The bassist was further asked about getting any feedback from metal titans themselves. "Yeah, absolutely," Johnny replied. "Lars reached out to Matt [Shadows] when the record first came out and debuted at No. 1, had nothing but good things to say about it. We've gotta be doing something right." During a separate BBC interview, Lars focused on a somewhat different matter - Metallica's upcoming tour dates and "by request" setlist the band intends to play, giving ticket holders a chance to shape individual concert setlists through online voting. Despite describing it as a daunting task, the drummer expressed great excitement about the possibility of performing such tunes as "The Frayed Ends of Sanity." "You kinda start going from 'This seems really cool and fun and kinda cooky' to panic mode," Ulrich jokingly noted. "What if somebody - if it's sort of 18 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity' type of songs? Well I guess then we better man up and play 18 songs like 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity.' So we'll see how it plays out, it certainly gives me butterflies in the stomach in a good way. "Ultimately, this will at least put a stop to the whining about the setlist because it's basically the fans that are picking it," Lars added. "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" still remains as the only "...And Justice for All" track that has never been performed live in its entirety.

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    Huge Metallica fan here. I just listened to hail to the king on youtube. Not a bad song. Exactly which song by Metallica is it supposed to sound like? Also who gives a shit? The first solo in For Whom The Bell Tolls is obviously heavily influenced by Black Sabbaths Fairies Wear Boots. It doesn't matter, it's all good music.
    people are talking about the album as a whole not the title track song.listen to This Means War.
    Oh, that really does sound heavily influenced by Metallica but I can't blame them for trying to sound like one of the most influential metal bands in the world.
    heavily influenced? it nearly has the same song structure, tmepos, riffs, riff structures... you name it. that one song is too reminiscent of tallica, and its just kind of sad imho. You disappear for so long, come back looking like super hard working musicians and literally rip off a whole song by one of the biggest metal acts. like, wheres the originality in that? theres nothing authentic about it, and it just looks shameful to be going off as being heavily influenced "by the biggest metal band of all time". thats my opinion.
    You sir, have hit the nail on the head. a7x blows. They are just ripping off their "influences" and cashing in on it.
    one. ****ing. song! not even one ****ing song, one ****ing vocal melody! the rest of that song alone is completely different than sad but true! never mind the rest of the album! honestly I'm not even saying this to defend them you guys are just ****ing annoying with this shit. LET IT THE FUCK GO!!
    One vocal melody? Try this.
    Lol not to mention the drums are almost identical to a textbook Lars Ulrich pattern. No wonder he loves the shit. He wrote it!
    and are the vocal melodies the same anywhere else but in the verse? no. do the riffs match anywhere at all? no. just because you can play the lyrics to one song over another one doesn't make them the same song. and even if for arguments sake we agree that this means war is a Tallica ripoff, show me another song on the album that is. everyone keeps saying the whole album is a Metallica ripoff and their only argument is "listen to this means war." what other reasoning is there aside from that one song?
    No matter how much you may hate what Avenged Sevenfold says away from the stage, their live shows are second to none ! They have their mixes and parts down when playing live .... also we need to quit comparing apples to oranges !
    "We've never been shy to admit that Metallica has a huge influence in our lives and in our music" I know bruv, you and the rest of your band have said this about 50 times this year. Now, please shut up.
    That's a little insensitive to say. You have to keep in mind that the band members have been insulted a little too much when it comes to the whole "Metallica Rip-offs". Give them a break. They are hardworking musicians and have made good music, regardless what people think..
    People used to call Metallica a "Motorhead rip-off" back in the early 80s too, the difference being that Metallica wouldn't give 2 shits about it. They should do the same. You're never gonna escape from being compared to other bands or receiving all sorts of criticism when you're in the music business. In other words, they should play whatever they like to and stop being worried about the "haters", since they have plenty of fans to make up for that.
    To be fair, half the dudes in Avenged don't even own computers, so they have no idea what people say about them on forums and message boards (This was said by Matt in a semi-recent interview). If there's one thing that's consistent with this band over the years, they've always seemed to not care what people think about them, because they don't pay attention to it, which is admirable to an extent. When asked about Robb Flynn's comments, Avenged pretty much collectively said "Whatever. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions." To me, that comes across as not giving a shit about criticism. This band gets misprinted all the time by sites like Ultimate-Guitar. The focus of this interview wasn't about what Metallica thinks about them. He was simply answering a question, and Ultimate-Guitar posts on the behalf of that answer because it will generate clicks and controversy. These guys clearly just do whatever they want to do, however they want to do it, and roll with the punches. I mean, just watch an interview with Johnny or Matt... They clearly answer most of the questions with a light tone and a grain of salt. If these guys took anything that the "haters" say to heart, they probably wouldn't be out there playing "This Means War" night after night.
    To be fair, Metallica didn't have to face the wrath (Or the nonsense) of the internet back then. Not at this level atleast.
    Whatever you say, but I bet that if they didn't say anything about Metallica's obvious influence on them everyone would go apeshit on them like "Can't believe they're too cocky to admit they ripped off Sad But True, at least admit they have an influence on you". I think they just wanted to state clear that they were never hoping on having an album sounding like Metallica/GN'R/ACDC/etc and not admitting they kind of copied their vibe.
    It makes little difference IMO, really. Even now that they have admitted that Metallica have such a big influence on them, people are still calling them Metallica rip-offs lol. Like I've said, you can't escape that. Also, what band wasn't influenced by other bands and artists, y'know? Ignoring haters/bandwagoners is much better than repeating the same thing to the press week after week, IMO. It's better for their image and their faith in themselves.
    It's because the interviewers always ask them the same questions, and UG only posts the same headlines and answers from the same interviews. Avenged answers the questions their asked... They just don't randomly bring Metallica up. They get asked about them all the time.
    It's not "please shut up". They aren't trying to bring it up constantly to remind you. It's an interview.People ask them these questions, they give a reply, and UG posts it so you guys can complain about how it sounds like Metallica.
    why they never played The Frayed Ends of Sanity live in its entirety???
    James doesn't like singing it. Same with Escape, though they eventually ended up performing it live.
    There is a difference between greatness and successfulness. In my humble opinion, these are both hugely successful bands.
    Years ago, everyone said bands like "limp bizkit" and "korn" weren't "real" metal, and that "real metal" sounded like old metallica. Now, bands are finally sounding like THEY SHOULD and everyone is UPSET again. Make up your minds, people. Music sounding like other music will always be subjective, by your logic the Beatles should be mad at everyone.
    Well, Lars Ulrich IS the buisnessman. I don't agree with everyone that he is some kind of douchebag. I really rather like Lars - however he IS the buisness-side of Metallica. I think he'd be complimenting these guys simply due to the fact that they hit number 1. Success. I doubt it has anything to do with him loving their music. To me there is a difference.
    When I saw him introduce them at Orion, he wasn't talking about how much he loved their "business side" and "#1 albums"... haha
    Las Ulrich tends to say "nothing but good things" about letdowns, mediocre efforts, and things that the majority of fans aren't happy with. It isn't exactly a blessing.
    The only good thing about this band is that eventually their fans will grow up and want to listen to good metal, their just a gateway band as far as i'm concerned.
    I've been listening to this band for 10 years, and I still do. Maybe a little less than I have in the past (I really only throw on "Waking" "City" and "Hail"). They've got such an eclectic sound, that to me, they were a gateway band outside of metal. I was really into metal when I discovered Avenged, but they opened my world to more diverse things like Faith No More and all of Mike Patton's projects, classical composers like Holst, classic progressive bands, bands like Thrice, Coheed, and even some pop and hip hop. They have a really decent blend of things going on, that sure it can gateway to more metal music, but it also gateways out of it. I don't think I would throw on a band like Pantera (as much as I love them) and then make a connection something outlandish like Oingo Boingo... but I certainly did with Avenged. They might not be the greatest metal band of all time, but Avenged definitely has their place.
    Coming from the guy that thinks Lulu is the best thing ever, I wouldn't really think of it as a compliment...
    "...Lars reached out to Matt [Shadows] when the record first came out and debuted at No. 1, had nothing but good things to say about it. We've gotta be doing something right." Here's the thing, just because Lars didn't bash your teeth in about it doesn't mean a thing. Why would Lars be annoyed that your album of Metallica worship hit no. 1? That reflects good on Metallica, in a way. But it reflects badly on AX7, because there weren't enough original ideas on the album.
    I used to like Metallica but now they are too old and shit. And avenged sevenfold are a lot shitter than Metallica. They should both just piss off and stop making shit music
    of course he likes Hail to the king...its a black album hashout...he has to say that
    Yeah! Because "Sad But True" is the only song on The Black Album, and "This Means War" is the only song on Hail to the King!..... come on
    who gives a **** about someone who can't even play his own music live has to say...really!!!
    Well of course, whatever Lars says is good absolutely must be good(!) But then, this is the guy who thought Lulu was good, as well as that snare drum sound on St Anger
    The album isn't even that bad (not great, but not bad). You people bitch and moan too much. Every damn article you see the same group of people at the top talking shit, does it ever get old?
    People are still bringing Lulu up? Sheesh. And I'm sure he was just being nice, that album(Hail to the king) was pretty bad.
    Ofcourse not!! It's nearly a replica of him en his ''band''! And who is he? your Master!?
    The theme for this band is "if you'll repeat it they will come". Since the album came out they keep grinding the torch bearers metallica thing, but it only comes from them, i have yet to hear that from an objective person.
    I like how they completely went off the title of the article to talk about Metallica's up coming tour lol
    Metallica played 90% of Frayed Ends at Sonisphere 11, changing only small parts of the middle8. Fuckin epic