Avenged Sevenfold Likely to Top US Chart With 'Hail to the King'

Band's new album estimated to ship around 175,000 units in US during first week.

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Avenged Sevenfold are set to hit the album charts with major sale figures as their latest effort "Hail to the King" is estimated to top US charts.

According to Billboard report, the "Nightmare" follow-up is predicted to ship around 175,000 units in the US within the first week, allowing it to score a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart.

Same source indicates that if "Hail to the King" manages to cross the 170,000 figure, it will mark the largest debut week rock sales since September and the release of Mumford & Sons' "Babel" record. As previously reported, "Babel" scored an impressive 600,000 copies US debut.

Across the pond, California-based metallers were battling Naughty Boy for a No. 1 spot. A7X have topped the UK Albums Chart today.

Singer M. Shadows recently discussed the new album, calling it the only way to go for A7X at the moment. "We wouldn't have been happy making another 'Nightmare,' we wouldn't have been happy making [another] 'Waking the Fallen,'" he told Team Rock. "So if you're not happy doing it, what's the point of releasing it? To me that's the definition of a sellout - people that don't write music they truly want to write," the frontman concluded.

"Hail to the King" dropped on August 27 via via Warner Bros. as the group's sixth studio effort. Consisting of 10 new tracks, the album was previously announced with the title tune single and video.

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    Love them or hate them, 1st on the charts in England, 1st or 2nd in Australia and heading that way in America is impressive.
    Yeah, making it to number one on any of these charts are massive. Not a huge fan of a7x (i'll happily listen to them), but congratulations to them; they deserve it.
    On iTunes Canada they were number 2 just before the release of Hail To The King. Wouldn't surprise me if it was number 1 after it released. Currently it's at number 3, pretty much entirely due to the fact that iTunes has a 7.99 sale on right now so Imagine Dragons is back at number 1
    Yay for rock!
    matteo cubano
    A lot of people consider Metal a sub-genre of Rock and other people consider it it's own genre. I consider it a sub-genre. When I tell people what music genres I like, I like to just say 'Rock' (which in my opinion it includes Metal,Punk, Alternative etc...) instead of answering them with every sub-genre out there.
    As much as UG's been re-posting Syn's "This is a metal album"-interview, it seems to me like it's more hard-rock than anything.
    congratulations to a7x, a great effort resulting in a great album, the fans are hoping for more #1s and awards... so deserved... the best metal album from a modern metal group in ages...