Avenged Sevenfold: 'Metal's Taken a Beating, We Want to Make It Dangerous Again'

"We're building a cult," the band says.

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US metallers Avenged Sevenfold recently discussed the current state of metal and their future ambitions, noting they are looking to bring metal back to its glory days. In the upcoming edition of Metal Hammer magazine, the band stated: "Metal's taken a beating, we want to make it dangerous again. "We're building a cult," the California five-piece added. A7X are busy promoting their latest studio effort "Hail to the King" and were recently confirmed as Download Festival 2014 headliners. During a separate Front Army chat, singer M. Shadows discussed the hate group had to cope with over the years, stressing that keeping everyone happy is an impossible task. "Every record we get sh-t," the vocalist said. "We get sh-t if we stay the same and we get sh-t if we change. When we put out 'City of Evil' after 'Waking the Fallen' there was a sh-tstorm. We thought it was really great but people were going 'This f--kin' sucks!' They were calling us sellouts - probably eight of the eleven songs on that record are over eight minutes long, that's like the least sellout move ever. You can't really win." "Hail to the King" dropped in late August via Warner Bros. As the group's sixth studio album, it topped the charts in six countries around the globe, including both UK and the US. The band recently premiered "Shepherd of Fire" music video, make sure to check it out below.

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    Making it dangerous? Seems like they've been playing it safe if you ask me...
    Now I may be one of a minority that actually likes A7X, but they certainly aren't making metal dangerous, they're just much sticking to a safe formula.
    Exactly... Their older stuff wasn't exactly god-teir amazing shit, but they tried to push the envolope abit, writing longer songs with interesting structures and some riffs in odd acccented timing (the breakdown in I wont see you tonight part 2 was in 7/4 if I remember), and it was definetely allot more creative than their new stuff
    Epi g-310
    I wonder if they'd be able to push metal into the mainstream if they did anything different though. I think, if they're serious about making metal as a genre come back, what they're doing is right on the mark because it opens up the door for other bands to experiment with the sound. If A7X releases a Lulu or a Path of Totality, their whole mission ends right then and there. Right now, they are undeniably the most popular metal band of their generation. It would be cool to see them take a risk, but given their mentality of "every record we release, we get shit," do you really think that's going to happen? Do you think it should? I think the best thing we could hope for is that they continue to do what they do in order to allow other bands that are more willing and able to take risks to come out of the woodwork.
    There's nothing dangerous about borderline radio rock. There's no ambition, nothing new, hell, Lulu was more dangerous than Hail to the King if you think about it.
    Is it just me or do these guys talk about how they want to be part of the BR00TALMETALZZZ club every time they make contact with another human? "Good morning, mr. Shadows, here's your cup of..." "We REALLY, REALLY want to represent metal, and..."
    Its mostly all taken from the same couple of interviews, as someone said previously it must be a slow news day.
    I guess you've been following them around 24/7? The media controls what you read. It's not their fault.
    The part about "everytime they make contact with another human" was exaggerated, it wasn't serious. I'm saying that they talk about "becoming one of the classic metal bands bla bla bla" in every interview. (And no, I'm not talking only about what UG posts about them every day.)
    You're not making it dangerous again by copying the sound of one of the most succesful metal albums ever made..
    I wouldn't say that they are bad, but I wouldn't say that they sound anything like a classic metal band....Jason Newsted's new disc reminds me much more of classic riffing and sound than this band's latest disc.
    Go home Shadows, you're drunk I like A7X, not my favorite band but they make decent music. However I'm sick of this bs almost as if they're claiming to be the saviors of metal, give me a ****ing break.
    I had the same thoughts. Some of their stuff like City of Evil is pretty good, but nothing on Hail to the King was original, and they seem to have an ethnocentric view in the metal world.
    Exactly, I don't know how a band could call them selves the metal saviors if all their albums in some way copied other groups the White Album (is this a copy of Metallica's metallica being called the black album or the beatles white album, probably the first.....) is the only original thing they released that didn't directly sound exactly like it was trying to be (Hail to the King SOUNDS like its trying to be the black album)
    Flying Afros
    If anything, I think the scene coming out of Savanna, GA(Baroness, Kylesa, Zoroaster, etc.) and bands similar to them (Anciients, Horn of The Rhino, 500 others) are "saving metal." They're influences seem to be drawn from death metal like Opeth and Entombed all the way back to Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Floyd, to Dio, Metallica, all the way thru Death, Cynic, and beyond. These are the guys worth supporting. /rant
    Tim the Rocker
    Seriously? "Make" it "dangerous"... "again"? These guys are so f*cking lame...
    I think he's being watching too many old videos of Axl Rose beating the shit out of audience members, I don't think he realises that with Axl it wasn't an act, he's genuinely a psycho.
    They just want to be like GG Allin, but they didn't get the cue that he was actually throwing shit instead of incorporating it in his music.
    We need more musicians like him. Except ya know....not doing some of the stuff he did live. I mean the beating the shit out of and on some occasions having sex with audience members is fine to an extent. But just take out the literal shit throwing....
    "Dangerous" in which you don't understand in this context is being pointed towards the genre. You have Pop which is practically the leading genre to this generation which is "dangerous" due to the fact of their large spread audience. By "dangerous" he is meaning he wants metal to stand out and appose a threat to other genres as basically the pinnacle of music.
    I'm not a fan of their music and I avoid them at all costs, but it's getting to a point where they're really becoming freaking annoying. Can someone just shut them the f*ck up about being metal?! It's like they're trying to convince themselves that they're metal. "We wanna make metal dangerous again." How? By dressing like d-bags with backward hats and Mohawks? Yeah, that'll do it!!
    These guys are the reason metal is dying down, because many people think this is the best it gets
    Huge a7x fan, but they really need to shut up and keep playing music....
    I remember watching Headbanger's Ball premiere the video for Unholy Confessions. MTV2 did a "Making the Video" episode for Beast and the Harlot. Bat Country made it all the way to number 1 on Total Request Live. They won Best New Artist (a fan voted category) at the 2006 VMAs. It's pretty cool to see a group with real talent slowly rise to the huge band they've become.
    They used to have talent before they became derivative and bland.
    What are you talking about? Their music has always been good. The problem isn't their music sucks, is that since (In my humble opinion) their white self-titled album their music has sounded the same, they're not changing enough. They're not being "dangerous", they're unfortunately just playing it safe.
    The hell are you talking about? None of thaaaat album sounded the same at all?!
    All of those songs were written in the 80s or 90s they sold out. they collaborate w Beiber
    The only thing they're building a cult of is 13 year old scene girls, seriously these guys are like the One Direction for emo kids.
    >wants to make metal dangerous and interesting again >continues to put out same tired album we've heard a million times over and over again >tours in busses surrounded by women and piles of money and have bodyguards >internet collectively shits itself