Avenged Sevenfold: 'No Other Metal Band Is Doing What We Are'

"Mainstream America doesn't care about rock," says singer M. Shadows.

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Additional excerpts of Avenged Sevenfold cover story in the upcoming Metal Hammer magazine issue have surfaced, showing the metallers discussing their aim to bring metal to the masses. Singer M. Shadows initially shared a less optimistic stance, saying that in his opinion, "rock music is in a pretty rough place in America today. I don't feel that mainstream America really cares about rock music right now. Honestly, it's a little scary. It'd be cooler if there was a new 'Big Four' leading the charge and taking metal to a new place, but it's pretty obvious right now that metal is taking a beating. We want metal to be dangerous again. How cool would that be?" The hate band's been receiving was an obvious choice for discussion. Interestingly enough, Shadows possibly took a less direct jab at Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn and his ripoff accusations regarding the latest A7X record "Hail to the King." "No other metal band is doing what we're doing," the singer explained (via Blabbermouth). "We've all heard people in bands who I won't give any publicity to shouting their mouths off in recent months, but f--k the haters. People know that they'll get more attention by talking s--t about us and if that's the way they want to run their bands, that's fine, but it's not what we would do. We go out there and kill it every night and you can see what this means to people." Shadows also recalled the time around "City of Evil" record when the band booked 300-capacity clubs in Europe and sold merely 120 tickets while selling out 5,000-seaters in the US. "And now our ticket sales in Europe are just crushing what we're doing in the States," the vocalist added. "That's a pretty amazing feeling. It feels like we're truly building a worldwide cult. And that this is just the beginning of something special." Guitarist Synyster Gates also shared his point of view, stressing he is hoping that A7X aren't "the last of a dying breed," as well as his desire to keep fighting for the renaissance of metal. "We believe in this, and to see thousands of kids turning out for a show that we've put heart and soul into is f--king awesome," the axeman said just to optimistically conclude: "We all know that there's so much f--king more to come. And we want to take everyone along for the ride." "Hail to the King" dropped on August 27 via Warner Bros, topping the charts in six countries worldwide, including both UK and the US.

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    Shadows. I like your band. I really do. But please, please, just shut up.
    It's all from the same interview. UG just cuts it up and re-pastes so they have "new" articles everyday
    i have a theory which i believe is pretty sound. I truly believe that ultimate guitar takes idiotic, yet mostly harmless Rockers and takes turns making the ultimate guitar members hate one of them because it makes everyone pissed and comment more. idk what the motive for this is. but its my theory. please recall: 1. johnny rotten 2. ted nugent 3. dave mustaine 4. axl rose 5. m shadows. they present the info like they are reporting a story but just provide examples of stupid shit they have said. anyone who would like to expand please reply.
    The motive is page calls = banner ads = profit
    I figured that was it. just wasnt sure if clicking on the article or commenting boosted it somehow. but its just annoying. Yes I am aware dave mustaine and ted nugent are goons ultimate guitar might as well report that guitars have 6 strings
    You forgot Mike Portnoy and Gene Simmons, not that they needed much help. And occasionally Corey Taylor.
    Well basically it just seem's that what ever band or prominent musician is receiving a lot of press at the time, for instance Mike Portnoy during the DT split and Axl Rose during the GNR Hall of Fame Induction, they just post whatever story regardless of the material just because they're a hot topic and will surely generate more views thus more profit. It's really just simply business. Where ever the gold is you chase it know what I mean?
    link no1
    I would say their motive for it would be that stupid 'UG users comment on xxx article' thing they started doing.
    They know how insecure everyone on UG is about music, so they just label a rock band as a metal band, a pop singer as a rocker, and give most of the decent bands that get a lot of support here two paragraphs in an article. They know that users cant resist their bait, and the end result is a fire pit in the comments. Whether they do it for laughs or views, who knows, but I support your hypothesis.
    Avenged Sevenfold: 'No Other Metal Band Is Doing What We Are' - Because any band doing what they do would be considered Rock. Not Metal.
    I like these guys...they ROCK! fromzero in case it has not occurred to you....your Metal falls under the Genre of ROCK...wake up!
    Does my music fall under rock? Manson, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Sepultura, and tons more. So does mine?
    Seriously. He's on my breaking point.
    Audible Warfare
    Uh oh, watch out A7X, this guy's about to reach his breaking point.
    He's been out on tour with BFMV... that would be enough to push any band to a breaking point... if you get my pun... xD
    UG I love you, and A7X but stop making an article out of every single comment these guys make
    I think if we put A7X and Slayer on the same tour bus and drove it over a cliff, that would make it pretty dangerous. "No other metal band is doing what we are"? Yea, I'm pretty sure they are, and that's the reason why metal is in the toilet. Well, one of the reasons.
    yes! third time this week!! he is over justifying himself... (i like the band too)
    Whatever happened to just playing music and having fun doing it? I have nothing against A7x's music, but their attitude is repulsive. They're so obsessed with being "metal" that they miss the point entirely and become completely unlikable in my eyes.
    What happened was the internet. People like you posting on boards like this giving their opinions. Bands have gotten defensive becasue they read shit like this thread and feel they must respond. Being as how they are musicians and generally not the brightest people, their responses come off as lame.
    I don't know whats annoying me more, A7x for all this 'we're so awesome right now' crap, or UG for reporting on it. Every. Single. Day...
    To be perfectly honest, I think we get more Slayer news more often every week at this time, and that annoys the living piss out of me.
    That's cause Slayer is one of the greatest bands ever. Plus they influenced death metal with Reign In Blood. So what's a7x doing for the world
    Jacques Nel
    O yeah, and you know why rock music is losing popularity, its because bands like you are driving your fans away by boring them to death. Hail to the King? I gave it 2 plays and then I was bored with it. Metal bands like A7x and Bullet for my Valentine try making radio friendly Justin Bieber meets Axl Rose rock music and expect then to "Keep metal alive and heavy", do you understand why this is not working? Screw radio friendly, screw the critics and screw the MTV music awards and grammy's and all of that. START MAKING DECENT ROCK MUSIC or stop complaining about receiving hate.
    Thats why i listen to Symphonic/Power Metal, real talented and kind folks who play music for joy and nothing more. Though i can agree to a certain extent that pop music really does ruin much for all other REAL musicians.
    Oh, for God's sake. Will you keep your yap shut? did you see Metallica or Maiden saying "We are doing what no one has done before", "we wanna make metal dangerous", "metal blah blah blah"?
    did you see Metallica or Maiden saying "We are doing what no one has done before", "we wanna make metal dangerous", "metal blah blah blah"? Are you serious? This has Lars Ulrich written all over it!
    "We want to make metal dangerous again, how cool would that be?" That honestly sounds like something a bunch of 14 year old's would say in a garage 5 minutes after forming their first band.
    In interviews, Bruce Dickinson says things that are right over the top, but that's probably because is too modest too just say the truth and go "I don't know how I do it, I just *am* that awesome, I just can't halp it." That again then is the difference between him and this phony fake there.
    These guys are really in their own little world aren't they? Why is it always these same bands, and sometimes the bloated 'stars' of the genres who come out with the same "Rock and Metal is dead" when it's actually alive and well. It's underground, its always been an underground genre and culture but it's stronger than its ever been before. There's a huge spread of bands creating some very intricate music utilising their own cultures and languages and listeners out there are praising it. Why is this never mentioned? And what about the huge surge in small bands and projects that create albums at home or just for fun, why are these never mentioned because there are thousands of them in metal! All I see on here is either death, petty arguments between old men or news with no worth akin to something I'd expect to see in the daily mail.No other metal bands are doing what you are because why would they even want too?!