Avenged Sevenfold Officially Top Billboard 200 Chart With 'Hail to the King'

US metallers claim the throne with 159,000 units sold in the US within the first week.

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US metallers Avenged Sevenfold have officially scored a No. 1 spot debut on the Billboard 200 chart with their latest effort "Hail to the King."

With 159,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, the record still didn't beat it's predecessor "Nightmare" and 163,000 copies it sold when debuting in 2010.

As Billboard reports, "Hail to the King" also managed to bag the largest opening week sales in hard rock since July 2012 and Linkin Park's "Living Things" 223,000 units debut. Furthermore, the record's title track jumped to No. 12 spot on the Hot Rock Songs chart.

"We are honored that our fans have once again put Heavy Metal at its rightful spot of No. 1," the band stated. "Celebrate today because this victory belongs to you."

The five-piece also scored No. 1 debuts in Canada and Brazil. Earlier this week, "Hail to the King" claimed the throne of UK's Album Chart.

"Obrigado to our Brazilian fans who made 'Hail to the King' the No. 1 album in all of Brazili! See you at Rock in Rio!" reads the Brazilian crowd thank you note, with it's Canada-based follow-up saying "Canada returned metal to its rightful throne by making 'Hail to the King' the No. 1 album also this week. Let the celebration begin!"

"Hail to the King" dropped on August 27 through Warner Bros. as the group's sixth studio effort. You can check out the title track video below.

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Guitar-heavy sound is back on top. Let us know your thoughts on A7X's latest triumph and the new record in the comments.

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    It's quite funny how that when this song first came out they said, 'We're ready to take on the torch from the likes of their inspiration'(paraphrase), and loads of people gave them stick for it... Now look at the success the song & album has had since then! Good on them, not my favourite song from this album but I think they deserve it
    This song honestly didn't do much for me, but good on them.
    This is about the album, not the title track of the album, and I think most people are generally agreed that the song 'Hail To The King' is not the strongest song on the album 'Hail To The King'
    Oh of course, I was just using this song because it was displayed in the article and by Jacques up there. There are some really strong songs on there. Just an example :p
    Jacques Nel
    I actually went to get the album yesterday, and I agree there are a lot of stronger songs on there still a great album
    Personally...Shepherd of Fire and Heritic are my album toppers! Well, and the iTunes bonus track St James...which should really have been on the CD release seeing as how it's more signature Avenged in the drumming department!
    The song didn't do much for me either, but if this song can be used to represent the record, it sounds like they've matured their sound a lot!
    Hail to the King - ACDC Doing Time - Guns n Roses This Means War - Metallica Coming Home - Iron Maiden Planets - Pantera Acid Rain - James Bond The rest sounded at least fairly original. I really enjoyed this album.
    Have to disagree with the last one. There must be plenty of songs out there with piano, guitar and drums that have 4/3 suspensions
    This Means War was totally Sad But True. Same drum beat, and Shadows even sung the lyrics in the verse in a very similar manner.
    Shepherd of Fire sounds pretty post-Black Album Metallica as well, and a lot of songs have at least verses that sound like Black Sabbath.
    Thought the drums were lacking on this record, but probably because I'm used to the Rev. Congrats for them, though.
    The band has said they'd have gone in this direction regardless of their drummer. Whether that's only to protect Arin, who knows. The guy can play Rev's parts live, so I doubt he's holding them back technically in the studio.
    Try listening to 'I wont see you tonight Part 1' off of Waking the Fallen. Simple drumming working well in the song. Jimmy could play very slow and simple if he chose to. I doubt he'd have done much different with this album if it was what they really wanted to do.
    Some of the drumming on Nightmare was fantastic though. But I get what you mean.
    The Rev wrote and tracked most of the drums on Nightmare before passing. Of course, Portnoy came in and did a great job.
    He only recorded the demos on an electric kit to get ideas down, everything you hear on the album is Portnoy.
    Portnoy said the rev had drum blueprints and fills for most of the songs and he composed it all together with his own flair
    It was a conscious decision to have the drums really stripped down though. While I still think a few of the songs could've used a little more, a lot of people take the drumming on this album out on Arin, which I think is unfair. He pretty much just followed directions, kinda like Portnoy on "Nightmare."
    I think I remember them saying that they told the new drummer to slow down on this record as they thought that Sullivan would have done it
    Is it any good?
    I certainly had my lengthy phase of thinking this band was the gayest thing on earth. I gotta say, this album sounds pretty good compared to their last two!
    Yeah, alot of people don't like this band and don't consider them Real Metal. Well I saw them live opening for MetallicA, they were ok.
    Well deserved. They put out a solid record and it definitely deserves the spot. The band draws huge crowds live and is starting to headline festivals, so it's only fitting that their album sales and Billboard spots should reflect that. As much as people hate this band, it's hard to deny that this band is truly on top.
    All the more power to them for going number 1 but really, if I was in their position I would only be giving a shit about a load of people buying the album and listening to it. Wanting to top the Billboard charts is something Kanye West would aim for
    Jacques Nel
    Well said, but lets just take it as a big F U to the likes of Kanye and Gaga and all the other clowns.
    Pretty sure they didn't write the album intending to land a #1 spot, but much like "Nightmare," it just kind of happened.
    .....because they sold out and play radio rock/metal. No surprise here, call me when a real metal band hits number 1
    "Real metal" is such a middle school term. They play the music they play. Who honestly cares what it's generalized as?
    They are definitely a real metal band. They're just in the mainstreem thats all. But I know what you mean, I would love to see an album on par with Opeth's Ghost Reveries doing this much success.
    Define 'real metal' - there's that many sub-genres these days that I'm genuinely curious as to what people thing 'real metal' is.
    1994 Pantera - Far Beyond Driven 2013 Black Sabbath - 13 this came to mind, A7X is more hard rock than metal now.
    and im proud to say i contributed to black sabbath 13 going number 1. i forgot far beyond driven went number one back in the day. lamb of god hit #2 with wrath i believe
    i was never a fan of this band ( thought there were other bands like them that just did their style better, trivium, killswitch, unearth etc.) but many of my friends used to love this band. all im gonna say is not one of them listens to a7x anymore after what they turned into. i'll never forget my best friend at the mall with me when we were in a cd store and city of evil just came out. he decided to listen to it on the headphones there and i said you didn't hear? they sing and sold out now. he puts the headphones down and looks at me and says OMG THIS EFFING SUCKS! he was so confused and disappointed that his fav band just turned to crap lol i enjoyed a few songs here and there, but nothing to keep my attention
    "they sing and sold out now." Meanwhile, probably the most technically challenging and ambitious album they've ever put out... but they sing, so, uh, yeah! Sell-outz
    Seems to me you and your friend just have an extremely narrow range of musical taste.
    One of my favorite bands, but I don't get it. I thought most of the record was terrible for A7X standards. I knew it wasn't going to be that similar to their old style, but I really don't think the new stuff was good quality music. It sounded like classic metal recycled over and over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I love bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and GNR but Avenged just didn't do a good job on this album in my opinion. Hopefully they either bring back some of their old sound or just get better at this one because I thought most of the record was uninspired and felt like I had already heard it.
    Sad. I dont know why I keep hoping for something special from these guys. Is it too much to ask for more Waking the Fallen? It doesnt have to be screamed vocals, I just want another an epic album like WTF. City of Evil was okay, but it was no WTF.
    Josh Reubenking
    Shadows messed his voice up pretty bad after that album or thereabout. So it's hard for him to scream like he did on that album now. But he still has a very powerful voice in my opinion.
    No. The plan was all along for Matt and the band to make a record with all, or most, screaming (Sounding the Seventh Trumpet), then one with half screaming - half singing (Waking the Fallen), and then one with all singing (City of Evil). He may have had surgery on his throat, but it had no effect on how the albums turned out.
    So, when are these poseurs gonna stop using Overkill's skullwing motif?
    Probably when Harley Davidson stops using it too... since 1979. Seriously, get over it. The skull with wings isn't original on anybody's part. And they're ****ing metal bands anyways. "Oooh how dare they use a skull! Because 100,000,000 other bands have already done it before!" This is seriously getting to be the most tiring and irrelevant insult towards A7X out there...
    lol sounds like manowar... why aren't manowar topping the billboard? but yea a bit sterile and dull for my taste sorry
    Normally I'm the one to condemn Avenged Sevenfold. But, there may be hope just yet for metal to be more relevant again if this bears any significance.
    A7X's career is ending up like metallicas career now. Avenged Sevenfold = Master of Puppets (getting large amounts of attention) Loss of the Rev = Loss of Cliff Nightmare = Justice (dead guy wrote most parts before passing so it ended up good, and I think Cliff wrote the bass parts for AJFA.. maybe?) Hail to the King = Black Album - Newly written by band member, slower material, even some of the songs are similar... not a bad thing.
    i wouldn't be surprised if a7x invites the comparison. the new album is definitely rather reminiscent of the black album. even the album art....
    They definetly did this intentionally. I mean went this direction. They wanted to write that song that tests time, really like the Black album. They wanted "Slash on drums" basically, that's why they're not so technical.
    In some ways it makes sense, UG reported numerous times that these guys wanted to be the next band to have an album which is remembered long after the band has passed their best or even split up.
    "New wave of Glam Metal"? Cool, I loved a lot of the first wave. Some say "Glam" they way some used to throw the word "Punk" around...like it is a horrible thing lol. (I mean Punk genre, not prison punk) I am glad they didn't reach #1 too soon. It can be a dangerous thing being too successful! If there is a new wave of Glam, cool. As long as it rocks I don't care the sub-genre
    Not their biggest fan, but anytime a band tops the charts that isn't some over played, under talented pop act I consider it a win