Avenged Sevenfold Post New Song Sample Online

A 30-second audio sample of what appears to be the CD's title track has been posted on Avenged Sevenfold's official web site - listen to it here.

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Avenged Sevenfold will release their sixth studio album, "Hail to the King," on August 27. The title and the cover artwork were uncovered via an online scavenger hunt that led fans to different web sites that were hosting puzzle pieces.

A 30-second audio sample of what appears to be the CD's title track has been posted on Avenged Sevenfold's official web site and can now streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Asked what fans can expect from the follow-up to 2010's "Nightmare," Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates told Revolver magazine: "I think our songwriting has improved by leaps and bounds. Sonically, this record is our biggest record by f--king far. When you turn this f--king thing on, it blasts your f--king head off."

As Blabbermouth reports, the new disc was once again produced by Mike Elizondo and is the first to be wholly written without drummer and key songwriter James "The Rev" Sullivan, who died in December 2009. Sullivan has since been replaced by Arin Ilejay, a former member of Confide.

Regarding how Arin did during the recording sessions for the new album, Gates said:

"He came in f--king hot and tore us a new a--hole. It was really, really cool. He has impeccable groove, which we've always known. But what I don't think we knew is his proclivity for taste. He is one of the most tasteful drummers I've ever heard in my life. He got that caveman, f--king barbaric huge groove philosophy that we were trying to go for on this record. He really got it in his heart and soul. We definitely had to work with him on it. On the first day of recording, I think everybody was getting to him, so he started overplaying and trying to show his stuff a little bit more. And we said, 'Dude, you've just got to lay back and do what we've been talking about for the last f--king nine months.' And he came in the next day and just blew everybody's mind.

"Originally, we thought that maybe we'd have to write the drum parts. M. Shadows [vocals] and I play a lot of drums. I've been playing drums since I was 16. And Jimmy had given me a f--king thousand lessons if he's given me one. We're not great or anything like that, but we definitely understand the drums and are huge fans. We thought that we maybe were going to have to arrange all of these songs, especially on day one. But when he came in on day two, it was just so refreshing. Everybody had goose bumps and we were just looking at each other like, 'Holy shit, this kid's a monster.'"

Avenged Sevenfold will celebrate the album release by playing a free show at the Hollywood Palladium on August 26.

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    It sounds like a big, ballsy, anthemic song, which makes perfect sense that it would be something they would do. I want to hear the rest of it.
    Avenged is kind of like Dream Theater in a way that most of the time a 30 second clip doesn't really show what the entire song will end up sounding like.
    For everybody complaining about the production: The video posted here isn't the video posted from A7X. It's a reupload from a random YouTube user, and the quality took a massive hit. A7X's video isn't as compressed sounding. Here's the video from Avenged's YouTube:
    Interesting. This doesn't sound like the crap my friend introduced to me at all. This is actually good.
    Thanks for posting! Everyone complaining about the production quality of the first vid needs to hear this, it makes the one in the article sound like it was run thru a set of Distressors set to Nuke The song itself sounds pretty interesting, but the clip is far too short to make any judgments on what the album will be like.
    Needs more compression. /sarcasm
    I doubt the final outcome will have the exact same mixing. Don't get judgmental, man.
    Foreal.. This sounds terrible.. Not musically, although this short 30 seconds doesn't exactly give me much to look forward to.
    it's okay to NOT like the 30second preview, but judging the whole album on a 30sec clip?? that's just stupid!
    why the **** is everyone expecting this to sound just like all their favorite older a7x? They're changing their sound to be closer to hard rock, they're being very open about that... Stop expecting underground melodeath like Seventh Trumpet and realize they're changing their direction. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.
    Probably my least favorite preview so far. Was really liking the direction of the previous previews, and this took a bit of a step back. The "Hail!" group chanting is really lame too. When will bands realize that having group chants in your studio songs is rarely ever cool? Save it for the live show. Still, we've only heard about 3 minutes of this album so far and it's all been out of context, so I don't think that this should reflect on the overall release. Looking forward to when they actually release a full song.
    This is definitely influenced by Army of Darkness. The "Hail!" chant is at the end of Evil Dead 2. Also, the last line of Army of Darkness is Ash saying, "hail to the king, baby". I would be really surprised if it wasn't.
    oh and Shadows kept saying that this album was really "groovy" c'mon, that's Ash's most famous line. I said it on the seventh lair and everyone thought I was full of it. ha
    It sounds...ok...definitely different,idk, it doesn't sound like Avenged Sevenfold, but hopefully the album release will justify the song, there first sample was much, much better
    same thought here. I like all the releases so far. But at first i was dissapointed in each one of them, excepted the first one. But i've kept hearing all the previews and I love them. Is that I was expecting a more groove metal than it finally sounds. If they didnt had said a Sabbath Zeppelin vibe i would be even more excited.
    Judging by all the samples I've heard this probably won't be my favorite track, but I still dig it.
    This video for some reason makes the track sound extremely compressed the audio on the official video does not sound like this, production sounds fine
    Per usual... great guitar playing, terrible kiddie rock everything else. Their sound is just corny.
    Really? I can definitely hear Iron Maiden doing something similar to this, they must be kiddie rock too.
    yeah the last tone that he takes (M shadows) sounds really influenced by Dickinson!
    I'm quite disappointed with this extract, but as it was said it doesn't mean anything concerning the whole album. I'll wait and see.
    It sounds like Black Veil Brides. A7X dafuq are you doing.
    I liked the #allhailandronikos and #tease13 previews so much better than this... I don't quite like the guitar work here.
    I am excited for this, the bits they've posted so far actually sound different from their usual stuff. Cool
    I always like seeing bands change up their sound a little bit. I welcome this. THat being said, this is my least favorite preview so far. But it sounds immense. Im hopeful
    Really bad production...
    1080p, bro.
    Fun fact, YouTube audio only gets better and better up to 720p. 1080p doesn't improve audio from 720p at all. Those with semi-mediocre computers, REJOICE!
    Meh. It doesn't really have the effect Nightmare had when you first heard it. And I don't really like what M Shadows did with his voice. Stil interested to hear the rest though.
    A7x is to metal, as nick cage is to acting.
    yeah, you're right... A little showoffy and not the best in the world, but technically skilled and really not bad at all
    You guys, I am going to need a new pair of pants... and I will need for this album, to hurry up and come out!
    30 seconds really doesn't show enough. It sounds alright, but expect this to be a good album.
    Well, the single is being released on Monday. NOW I'm excited, I bet the rest of the song will be much better than this preview, A7X was never not too good at cutting them lol
    I didnt like the Nightmare preview initially, but that was because I didn't have the context around it. Something I really have to give A7X is their willingness to try many, many different styles of rock and metal and just have fun with what they're doing.
    Nick Cage?.. really? that's harsh at least if anything, probably Hugh Jackman
    meh. a little too girl pants emo kid for me.
    I seriously never understood the "emo" digs at A7X. A phrase thrown around by idiots who don't actually know what emo is...
    The singer sounds like Jack Black, terrible as usual.They will probably be playing with black veil brides and falling in reverse with their makeup. KEEP THEM DISLIKES COMING!