Avenged Sevenfold Tease 'Hail to the King' Animated Series

Band's Metalocalypse producer collaboration set for December 15 premiere, followed up by video game with seven new songs.

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Avenged Sevenfold have posted an update regarding their upcoming "Hail to the King" animated series, a collaboration with Metalocalypse producer Jon Schnepp and Machinima. Apart from unveiling a 45-second teaser, singer M. Shadows personally addressed the crowd through Facebook, revealing that the series comes as a backstory of the band's upcoming "Hail to the King: Deathbat" video game. Kicking off by thanking fans for great support on recent European dates, Shadows focused on the animated series. "It's funny stuff and it was an honor to work with [Schnepp]," the vocalist noted. "We hope it gives you something entertaining to watch over your Holiday break. The series also plays as a backstory to our mobile game 'Hail to the King: Deathbat.' We felt this was the best way to tell the story and give you all an idea about the type of game we are creating." Further discussing the game, Shadows described the decision to delve into the gaming world as a logical choice in today's time of smartphones and tablets. "So we came up with the idea of turning some of our songs and art work into a living, breathing, evil world," he explained. "We wanted to bring the story of the Deathbat to life and allow you to control its destiny. While the game stands on its own in terms of the story and game play, we still wanted to add in some extras for our fans." The vocalist then focused on some of the game's exclusive features, confirming seven new songs will be available for players to unlock. "In the game you can unlock 16 pieces of never seen before artwork from all of our albums. There will also be 7 new Cam Rackam paintings available in the game. We also recorded 7 new songs. Now these aren't metal songs, they are theme songs for each level and are done in an old school video game fashion with a new school twist. There will also be reimagined versions of older songs." As for the game's release date, "Deathbat" is currently in the beta process and should see the light of day in early 2014. "Remember, the game and series go hand in hand," Shadows concluded. "The animated series tells the story "before" the game takes place. When the series ends, the game picks up." Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Stay tuned... Tomorrow QOTSA does the same thing and UG readers hail it as another stroke of genius by Josh Homme! But seriously, stupid idea.
    QOTSA technically did do it. But they did it with class. They didn't team up with the guy who did a show about metal to do a show about metal to promote a VIDEO GAME about metal, to show just how METAL they are. They actually used it to promote THE MUSIC, getting you interested in it before having all the videos lead up to a bigger video that was used to showcase the album, not some masturbatory ego trip to cement your position as the next Metallica, if Metallica were fronted by Gene Simmons.
    "QOTSA does the same thing and UG readers hail it as another stroke of genius by Josh Homme !" "QOTSA technically did do it. But they did it with class. " That was a bit earlier than tomorrow, but case & point.
    Hmm...after reading the first few sentences I realized the one thing metal fans hate the most. More metal.
    BTW...not sure if I'd call what QOTSA did "classy". Within the first few seconds of their video I saw a velvet painting of Josh front and center of the screen. Made me think of when a redneck's relative dies and the family fights over who gets me-ma's velvet Elvis painting that hung over her bed.
    You're thinking of the video for Vampyre. I was talking about the IAM/Kalopsia/Eyes/God series
    Why there is so much hate? They want to make video game, they want to make TV series.. and why shouldnt they do this? They wont earn to much money from it, if any.. Im happy they are doing something different. Its no the 1st time when i feel that UG community is way too trv for me.
    did you actually watch the video? the animation is god awful, and has about half the quality of the first season of Metalocalypse which was sub-par at best. Hail to the King had nowhere near the staying power for me as an album (was a huge fan) and i'm just sort of sick of them now. they're not Metallica, and they never will be Metallica
    They're not trying to be Metallica. They are writing their own music. Just because you are influenced by something and aren't afraid to show that, it doesn't make you a poser or copycat.
    matteo cubano
    ya i agree. i think these both sound lame but it affects my life in no way whther they exist or not.
    I see no problem with this, actually looking forward to see how this comes out.
    Televsion program, video game, what's next hello kitty?
    holy shit people! this is old news! Lay off! don't you get sick of hating on the same band over and over again?
    Hello kitty. still more metal than Avenged Sevenfold
    To be fair, Yoshiki got Hello Kitty'd, and who hasn't at some point in their life wanted to play one of those ghastly Squier strats "ironically"?
    What a surprise... An Avenged article gets hated on by half of this site, like usual.
    Metallica makes a movie: Everyone loves it Jack Black stars in a video game: everyone loves it A7X WANTS TO Creates a TV-show and a Video game: BOO A7X... BOOO. BOO TO YOU. Before they even finished anything for people to judge... ...so many kids on UG.
    Think about it. Jack Black is an actor and loves heavy metal. Why wouldn't he want to be in it? Its not exactly selling out. This cartoon isn't new. It looks like a direct ripoff of Metalocalypse.
    American dad looks like family guy. still they are different unique shows. I don't see the point you are trying to make?
    I'm still waiting for the bit where they say they're trolling and neither this nor the game are happening. I actually like this bands music but my respect for them is currently nose-diving. Guys, stop. Please.
    So it wasn't enough for them to rip off every major metal band from the 70s and the 80s. Now they're ripping of Metalocalypse?
    They aren't. They're wearing their influences on their sleeves. If they tried to make an original cartoon concept it would come out shit...like their attempts at original musical concepts.
    Now I actually like Avenged Sevenfold, but I reckon this is just gonna be a less interesting Metalocalypse. Doesn't tickle my fancy. But hey, good for them, maybe it'll be alright.
    Wow, and I thought they were sell-outs before.
    I don't understand, when did A7X actually sell out?
    I'm sorry but that just looks like a clip from Metalocalypse with an Avenged Sevenfold song over the top. Metalocalypse is perfect in how its done. Its created its own artform and this looks like a direct spin off. I may watch it to see what its actually like but I'm not having high hopes.
    this is just cringey. "we're the next Metallica" - i dont even like metallica but they were/are a ****ing 100x more metal than these bugs bunny jokers will ever be
    I believe the correct term to use here would be 'milking the cow till it bleeds from it's udders'.
    Awww. I love Metalocalypse. Now these guys currently have a big crowd, so now they wanna do what Metalocalypse does. This could ruin it. Honestly. Marginalize it.Besides, compared to Dethklok, both in wit and music, these guys are My Little Pony. I think they realize that they are not gonna get anywhere further, and they're trying to invest in as many things as possible to stay relevant.
    i'll give you the wit....but love em or hate em syn gates can play circles around brendon small. and i dont mean that as a knock to brendon. hes one hell of a guitarist too but syn truly is better
    Come on guys....really??....first Metallica and now Metalocalypse. Well I think I'll just wait for the next BFMV album.
    Gonna be expensive, getting Lars and James, Dave, Axl, and Bruce to do voicework. Inspired by my ass.