Avenged Sevenfold to Headline Download Festival 2014

The festival organiser Andy Copping also mentioned that he would love to secure a reunited Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and the original line-up of Guns N' Roses as future headliners.

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Avenged Sevenfold have been announced as the first headliner for Download Festival 2014, NME reports. The band will play the Friday night of the bash, which will take place at Donington Park between June 13 and 15. Also announced today is Rob Zombie, who will also play on the Friday night. Download organiser Andy Copping said earlier this year that he would love to secure a reunited Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and the original line-up of Guns N' Roses as future headliners. "I’d love to get them (Van Halen), but who knows when?" he told NME. "Maybe one year we can get them to come over and it’ll happen, I live in hope. You can’t rule any bands at that level out: Led Zeppelin, the original line-up of Guns N’ Roses, I’d love to get them, hopefully it’ll happen one day." Slipknot, Rammstein and Iron Maiden all played headline sets at Download Festival 2013 with support from 30 Seconds To Mars, Queens Of The Stone Age, Motorhead, Enter Shikari, A Day To Remember and Bullet For My Valentine.

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    I don't see a problem with A7X headlining. Copping feels that they are good enough to headline, then it is his business decision to make. It all depends on pretty much the # of people willing come to see A7X. He is trusting them to draw a good number of people. If over 50k comes to see them, then it's a success. If not, then Copping and the festival takes the hit. It's a chance, festivals need to take to grow as an entity whether if it is right or wrong.
    [b]Download organiser Andy Copping said earlier this year that he would love to secure a reunited Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and the original line-up of Guns N' Roses as future headliners. GTFO! Tired of hearing that sh1t! It's over, it's done! There are plenty of new bands....let them have their moment in the sun.
    They literally took that quote from a statement many months that they PREVIOUSLY reported. Just for the responses.
    Don't see why everyone is making a fuss over this, it's not much different to when Slipknot first headlined in 2009. If it works for them then awesome, if not then I'm sure Copping will never book them as headliner again.
    He's running one of the only consistently good and successful festivals in the UK, yet people never stop giving him shit. Andy's all business man, knows his stuff
    Inb4 rock dinosaurs kill it.Facts are facts people, the legends of rock and metal have all played all the festivals countless times over the years. The pool of bands who can headline festivals MUST expand eventually, so someone has to take the plunge sometime. And in 2011, A7X had a bigger crowd than System of a Down (the headliner) at Download. I rest.
    Damm right I was their in 2011 and they got a brilliant reception sub headlining.
    Exactly, remember seeing the highlights that year, they seemed to go down really well
    Give them a chance. I'm not a massive fan but I have seen them live twice before and loved it both times. They really are a quality live band. I think it's about time they gave a younger band a chance to headline. I'm pretty sick of the same 7 or 8 bands headlining every festival on rotation.
    Now I'm not a massive Ax7 by any means, hell i think i listen to a few songs once or twice, but I did catch them when i went to Download in 2011. While they're not my cup of tea they were pretty good live. Now whether or not they are a headlining act will really be shown at their performance next year to see if they have enough "hits" to Headline. As much as I enjoy the other live acts there is a lack of younger bands pulling through, with maybe only Slipknot and when they are around System as exceptions
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    Congrats for A7X... Love them or hate them, they deserve it.. As for the Appetite for Destruction GNR reunion, truth be told, it will NEVER happen. The RNR HOF was the final nail to the coffin. Axl pretty much has a grudge with Slash/Steven and wont let it go. Izzy is pretty much over the good old days. What I want to happen is this. Slash, Gilby Clarke, Duff Mckagan, and Steven Adler making an album and hopefully touring. They can let Duff do vocals or get a guest vocalist like Myles Kennedy or my personal pick, M Shadows from A7X.. Thats the closest thing we will ever have to a GNR reunion.
    I never thought about M. Shadows covering for Axl in a GnR-reunion until now... I actually really like that idea! Nothing against Myles, but he doesn't have the same iconic-rasp to his voice that Axl had and M. Shadows has. Myles is still a fantastic-vocalist, don't get me wrong.
    I feel the same way about Synester Gates replacing Dimebag if Pantera ever did a reunion. Saw A7X do a Pantera cover a while back ago, and Gates did a really respectable job.
    Personally, I'd think Zakk Wylde would be a better choice. Not only can he seriously play, but there was a sense of comradery between him and Dime that the world of metal seldom sees today.
    Not to put down Synyster Gates, of course. Zakk just hold more sentiment.
    You're most likely right. I never thought of Zakk in that way and he would do really good. I've never seen Zakk do any Dimebag, but regardless...Gates did do that cover very well.
    Lets all calm down. Its the Friday night which is often reserved for first time headliners. I went to a download festival where feeder headlined the Friday! Give them a go and see how it is.
    m4ss3 m/
    Screw these guys. Linkin Park just announced they will headline on Saturday and play the whole Hybrid Theory!
    Seriously considering getting a day ticket for that. Probably one of the very few chances I'm going to get to hear them play their older stuff.
    that sounds amazing, if only they would make another album with some of the heaviness of that one.
    as a big a7x fan im gonna try to remain unbiased..but all you people complaining abut them headlining have obviously never seen them live. they put on an explosive show everytime ! and whether you like their music or not,you have to admit its pretty good, at least musically
    Download festival - teen-fangirls edition
    your user name is a paramore song...
    You knew his name was a paramore song...
    The best kinds of burns are the ones that only require pointing out obvious facts. Apply ointment as necessary.
    Lee Makky
    I'm glad that they are getting newer younger bands to headline/play at Download. Like them or not, as far as young bands go, Enter Shikari, A7X, A Day To Remember etc. Are some of the best young talent out there. Copping could be picking worse bands than them, but atleast he manages to find bands that atleast put on good show. As far as the whole Led Zep and GnR reunion goes - not gonna happen. We need to let go of trying to get old bands headlining year after year. Do we see any bands at Download that will still be headlining in 10+ years? No. Get the younger bands in. The older ones have had their time.
    This band has definitely left their mark... But this is all a cash grab for the folks who run the Download thing. It's being turned into a joke, like the Super Bowl half-time shows.
    Great there's gonna be more teen girls there this year than there was last year when BVB were playing.
    Avenged just don't come across as a festival headliner really, whether or not they deserve it. But for all the pro arguments, selling millions of records and playing arena tours does not immediately garner you the respect you'd except. MCR headlined Download 2007 based on that presumption and it was considered a woeful decision by most except for the band's fans and one group's fanbase a festival crowd does not make
    MCR got bottled, didn't they? Something like that, but yeah, it proves your point. Just because a band has a large fanbase doesn't mean that everyone will go to a festival for them.
    How come pendulum never got this much shit when they headlined? They were miming also they had to restart Witchraft three times.. They're not even rock letalone metal so why all the hate on A7X. They've got 5 odd albums, a large fanbase, seems financially and musically correct.
    Pendulum are an eletric/DNB band who put on a good show, A7X, more so their newer stuff is god awful.
    Pendulum have never headlined Download, cept for the second stage where no-one was likely to kick up a fuss. As for the hate, maybe it's because Pendulum didn't come across as so egotistical compared to some of Sevenfold's latest comments about themselves, or more precisely Synyster Gates'
    Interview link please?
    Not sure what one would be harder to get together... Zeppelin or the original GNR
    I'm pretty shocked that they're headlining but to be honest they may as well have a go at it I mean hell, Mumford and Sons headlined Glastonbury and they only have one song...
    It's a shame they won't have a festival for actual good bands and then another one for the shit ones. Even just Iron Maiden and Motorhead would be so much better than the rest listed.
    Agreed. Black Sabbath would've been amazing too. Or even Metallica (if they did another album in it's entirety like Justice or something)
    I was at Download last year when Iron Maiden and Motorhead both played. Never been a Maiden fan so went off looking for drugs with my mate for that bit, but as for Motorhead? They were absolutely awful...
    Ooo you badman - looking for drugs? AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL? Preposterous.
    By drugs i hope you mean prescription cold and flu medication. Seriously, my dads a cop.
    And what are you gonna do about it? Try to arrest some guy whose name and location you don't even know because he may or may not have been using drugs along with 100,000 others at Download? What a tool.
    By prescription cold and flu medication, I hope you mean LEGALLY PRESCRIBED drugs. Seriously, my dad's a pharmacist.
    My friend saw Motörhead when they were on tour with Slayer and Slipknot last year. He said Motörhead sucked live.
    I saw them at rock am ring a few years back. im not sure if it was the hard wind blowing the sound in all different directions, or if lemmy was already struggling with his health and drunk of his ass, but they sounded terrible. Downvote me all you want, but it wasn't good. This is a youtube vid of the concert... and keep in mind they tweaked the sound a lot so the recording sounds better... that will show how bad it was for the rest of us. Motörhead Live @ Rock am Ring 2010 - Full Concert
    Why the **** arent machine headlining
    Not knocking the band but... How can a7x headline download? There just not a 'headline' band. Foo Fighters, Metallica, System (among others) are bands we associate as being BIG headline bands not these twats. /rant over
    Did they not play second to the headliner last year or two years ago and go down really well? Natural progression
    They also headlined Uproar in 2010 and 2011, as well as Taste of Chaos in 2008. They are a pretty great live band who deserve those headliner-slots based on the live-show, alone.
    Seen them twice on the contrary, both at Download. Put on a good show indeed but the point is, do they seem like a Download headliner, rather than a good live act. To a lot of people, they don't seem to fit the position