Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Want to Blow Kids' Minds With Our Show'

"We have a whole new sense of purpose," says guitarist Zacky Vengeance.

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Discussing a massive stage set of their current concert trek, US metallers Avenged Sevenfold stressed the importance of delivering a mind-boggling performance and leaving the crowd in awe. Chatting with Metal Hammer, guitarist Zacky Vengeance admitted that there was a period for the five-piece when hitting the stage wasn't such a thrill. "There are times in the past when going onstage felt a bit of a chore," he said, "but now we have a whole new sense of purpose. Our time onstage is undeniably the most exciting two hours of our day." Zacky's fellow guitarist Synyster Gates chipped in, saying, "I hope we're not the Last of the Mohicans when it comes to putting on a big, crazy, over-the-top theatrical rock show. This is what we grew up on, with bands like Maiden and Metallica, and I really hope we're not the last of a dying breed. "We want to blow kids' minds just as we had our minds blown by massive shows when we were growing up," Gates added. "Metal should be spectacular and dramatic and thrilling. When kids invest their time and money in coming to see us, we owe it to them to give them the best night of their lives." The latest A7X studio effort, "Hail to the King," saw its release on August 27 through Warner Bros.

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    Only saw the first line of the title on the main news page. Got an immature "ha" out of it.
    I read it like that, but was hoping that a7x wasn't going to be another band who was going down the wrong path, just like lostprophets' Watkins... Thank god for reading the entire article (or just the title) =)
    I thought they were starting to wear their Lostprophets influence on their sleeves as well
    I got an immature ''ha'' out of it alright! Am I the only one who saw this.. reading the title between the two apostrophes it reads 'We want to blow kids' SURELY NOT ANOTHER IAN WATKINS ARTICLE???!!?
    oh, pipe down, children. I love A7X, but the way they talk about themselves makes me ashamed to be a fan.
    Especially given how bad Hail to the King is...it's like they should have released it as a tribute album and instead parade it around, babbling about how they're the last true metal band. After The Rev died, they wrote and released "Not Ready to Die" for CoD: Black Ops. That song, though obviously written for a video game, was the direction they SHOULD be going, rather than rehashing what other artists did 20-30 years ago.
    I tend to agree with your sentiment, at least. As much as I don't wish to oppose artists' choices of direction, A7X had a real identity before which they seem to have lost a significant part of with trying to be the next great metal band. They don't seem to realise that Maiden and Metallica were both successful for doing things which hadn't been done before, or at least, hadn't been done the way they did them.
    Bands should be free to head into whatever direction they want. If they want to sound like 80s metal, let them sound like 80's metal. In my opinion though, Hail To The King sounded too forced and seemed pretty watered down compared to a lot of the 80's metal that i'm into anyway. I don't mind bands going in new directions as long as they can successfully pull it off.
    I did not like the Black Ops song. HAIL is a good album, but I also think that A7X should stick to being A7X.
    Audible Warfare
    Well, what is A7X? What is there real sound? I think those are the questions they themselves are trying to figure out. I've always loved the band and every album they've ever written (yes, even Hail to the King) but hopefully with the next album they hone their style and unveil the true A7X, not the "next Metallica."
    hail to the king is their worst album. by far the most balanced either technically and musically speaking is Nightmare, but they had a legendary drummer working with them (obviously, mike portnoy). It had great "fast", radio suited songs, and bigger more "progressive" songs.
    your a ****ing idiot for saying that. better than anything else any other bands put out in the last 5 years. why do they sell #1 albums? huh? go listen to your gay metalcore bullshit and leave metal to the big boys.
    I always thought that reporters kept bringing up the Metallica and Maiden comparison, and for a second thought that we perhaps were being a little harsh. Now I see that they themselves bring it up every opportunity they get, or create. Rather pathatic, I'd say.
    I've seen their show, and Metallica's, and Maiden's. Honestly, I've seen a dozen metal bands that have better live shows than them. Pyro doesn't make up for your lack of stage presence.
    You wrote something very important there. I love these guys and I know they can be nice and awesome and totally hilarious, but for stage presence... meh. I haven't been to that many of their shows, but they always seemed kinda bored. (Matt is getting better though, talking to the crowd, asking us how we are etc.)
    These stories are all form ONE INTERVIEW! UG is just rehashing one interview for new stories almost every day
    Up until now I had no idea what an A7X is. Glad they wanna "blow kids minds" because that's about the only people who know or care about them by the sounds of it.
    All of this. I'm actually going to see them at Wembley Arena tomorrow, but I have no idea if they're just gonna get there and play good music or let their ego's get the better of them and dick around... Last thing I want is another "METALLICAH FAMILYY" kind of bullsh*t.Or even worse they behave like the current G'n'R and don't turn up until I should be on my way home.
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    Uhhh really UG, we have enough articles about blowing kids for one week.
    I work in a secondary school - considering Avenged Sevenfold is the most popular form of metal among the children, then yes. You will blow kids minds... Because that is the vast majority of your fanbase. Kid-metal.
    Not like there's anything wrong with that as long as there's no lawsuits and all of that stuff.
    Why should that be a negative thing? I don't expect kids to be listening to death/thrash or anything like that. Hell, I still don't, but A7X are a good entry level metal band.
    I never said it was a negative thing - it does get kids into metal somewhat (if you can even describe Avenged as metal). In my eyes Avenged are simply another generic kid-pop-metal band; which is a genre to itself. That's all I was saying.
    Maybe lately they are, but Waking the Fallen and City of Evil are great no matter how old you are.
    Why does Avenged Sevenfold have to be generic? Because they are successful and people know who they are? Sorry that there is only about 134 people on this Earth that listen to your super death black metal. The heaviest stuff I listen to is Bring Me the Horizon's Crucify Me. Almost anything heavier has no melody and is annoying af to listen to. There's a reason why Avenged Sevenfold is successful. Stop being an elitist over people that listen to softer, more mainstreamed forms of metal.
    Dude, if you love pop-metal that's cool. I prefer really heavy shit. There's nothing wrong with that; different preferences in art makes the world a more interesting place. Umm, so sorry if I offended thee - I'm not poking fun, I'm just stating my opinion. ...Super Death Black Metal? That's the best oxymoron I've heard all week.
    Second Rate
    Anything heavier than Bring Me The Horizon is not melodic? That has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read (though I do see people spout it quite often). This stems from a rather simplistic notion that seems to persist among pop music fans that only the vocals can carry melody. Melody does exist in the more extreme reaches of Heavy Metal, but it is provided by the stringed instruments, rather than the vocals. A song like Emperor's "Thus Spake the Night Spirit" has just as much melody as anything Avenged Sevenfold have ever released. Just because it is tremolo picked at a high tempo doesn't make it less valid than M. Shadows' out of key caterwauling.
    "Why does Avenged Sevenfold have to be generic?" Because that's what they are. Has nothing to do with their success or how many people know them, and everything to do with the fact that they started out as a trendy Metalcore band the same time every other crappy trendy Metalcore band came out, and their latest album was "I don't know what Heavy Metal is, but I'm going to make it" Heavy Metal. The reason they're successful is because they jumped onto the flavour-of-the-decade trend and rolled with it. If this were the 80s, they'd have been a Glam band, if this were the 90s, they'd be Rap/Rock. Had they formed 5-10 years later than they had, they'd have made Deathcore. It's what trend bands do.
    NIN has consistently put on great shows!! Tool has consistently put on great shows!! AX7....You're not a dying breed....lol