Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Wouldn't Have Been Happy Making Another 'Nightmare''

Frontman M. Shadows also gives his definition of a sellout.

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In the fourth part of their Team Rock interview, US metallers Avenged Sevenfold discussed the making process and overall vibe of their latest studio effort "Hail to the King."

According to singer M. Shadows, the recently released material was the only way to go for A7X, as taking any other route simply wouldn't please the California-based five-piece.

"We wouldn't have been happy making another 'Nightmare,' we wouldn't have been happy making [another] 'Waking the Fallen,'" the frontman said. "So if you're not happy doing it, what's the point of releasing it? To me that's the definition of a sellout - people that don't write music they truly want to write."

Everyone in the band seemed to agree that "Hail to the King" presents a natural progression, with guitarist Synyster Gates also sharing a few interesting stories from back in the day.

"We started off as kind of a hardcore band and then I kinda came in," the axeman said. "I didn't have that much influence at that point, but we were all best friends for the longest time since pretty much middle school. So we just started imposing upon each other and just realized it was fun to do so - just shake things up and really inspire each other. So every album's been an evolution."

"Hail to the King" dropped yesterday (August 27) via Warner Bros. as the sixth studio effort in A7X opus. Featuring 10 new tunes, the record was previously announced with the title track single and music video.

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    Last album is so influence by bands like Maiden,Priest, Megadeth and Metallica, how can anyone tell its not metal
    Music is subjective, like any other art. What is metal to one isn't metal to all. Stop trolling. I think the first album was very much metal but after that leaned more toward hard rock, especially the self-titled.
    One question everyone who is saying Avenged isn't Metal what is your definition of Metal just wondering.
    Shogun by TRIVIUM! that is probably as metal as you can get these days.
    Ok Awesome album and Band but do you still consider Iron Maiden and Sabbath metal?
    link no1
    I think the general definition of 'metal' on UG is: "If I like the band, it's metal, even if the band is 'Take That' because it would make me look lame and feel less elite if I didn't listen to something metal. If I don't like the band, they are not metal, no matter how many of the boxes they tick that labels them metal because I'm awesome and like ALL metal." I think that pretty much covers the definition of metal on this site.
    I really enjoy this new album.. Everyone can eat a bowl of dicks. Its like a new pair of underwear, first its a little uncomfortable.. then it becomes a part of you.
    link no1. thank you for proving that I'm not the only one on this site who has noticed that.
    I actually think these guys are pretty good, I used to talk shit about them a lot gave em a shot as I grew older Pretty Heavy Shit they got with some nice time changes people gotta stop judging and listen instead,
    Mr Winters
    Well their last album is not quite metal, but they used to be. Not that there's anything wrong with being non-metal.
    I agree, on both accounts, It's not that it isn't really metal that's bothering me, it's that every interview basically describes them as the kings of all metal, that metal is "dying" and their latest album was going to be the heaviest thing since the pyramids.
    I honestly am not a fan or their old work, i felt like it didnt suit them well, the last two or three were more their natural style it seemed, though i really didnt like them till i saw them live, with mike portnoy
    Exactly. They pretty much said they dumbed down this album. its not a bad album, but its definitely not as good as it could have been.
    Don't really know them until Portnoy joined them in their previous album. I think the new album is actually good though.
    Are these guys metal? I've been looking all over tryna figure out.
    Yeah, they're, essentially, a Metal band, but you could just call them a Hard Rock band too. The first and fourth records are the only one's you can't use those definitions for since STST is Metalcore and the self-titled is just a strange Rock album.
    if these guys are metal than Lars is a better drummer than Tomas Haake
    A7X equation: Backstreet Boys + Double Bass + Distortion pedal = A7X
    i thought the equation was pretty simple....maybe i got downvoted because everyone here is morons like you and couldnt understand it?
    the problom is you labelling everyone as "morons" and bashing a band in the most immature way possible, not people not underanding you. we understand you, we simply dont think that you're funny. like, at all.
    Am I the only person who thinks "Hail to the King" is actually a pretty damn good album, regardless of the name on the cover?
    I agree with you, not a huge fan of A7X (like the odd song here and there) but I've been listening to this a lot over the last few days. Is actually very good. some great riffs in it and it's got a great solid sound. Rather than judging the album against it's predecessors, just listen to the album properly start to finish I think they have done a great job with this album.
    everybody needs to get off the Rev's nutz... its sad that he passed away as young as he did, but people need to let it go. the band is going on without him, so be happy about that
    I have enjoyed this album thus far. I am glad that at least a band like this can be big you know in this day and age. I know that people hate on them because there are better bands out there, but honestly most of the bands I listen to don't give a shit if they are on the billboard 100 or whatever. A7X wants to be a BIG band though so hopefully they can walk and cut some of the general bullshit out of the equation. I think it is a okay album overall though.
    I liked Nightmare a lot. And I don't have a hole lotta hope for the new record. I;m not hating on Avenged or anything, plus I'm all for a band drawing influence/inspiration for certain songs, but This Means War is a direct Metallica RIP.
    i felt that with Nightmare, there was a lot of anger and rage and sadness that fueled the album (obviously the product of The Rev's passing). HttK didn't really have the kind of rage that Nightmare did. Sadness, maybe on "Acid Rain", but it wasn't really that gripping
    Im so sick of hearing of these guys and there weak ass song... they dumped it down cuz they had no choice
    I do not find anything from this new album original in any way. It seems completely run of the mill. What is with all this hype and talk?
    When I read the UG review of this album, commenters were crowing about how great it was. If I had to use one word to describe it, I would use "boring". That said, I do want to say in terms of evolving as a band and not getting in a rut, they do a good job and I respect that ability. You haven't lost a fan A7x, but I'll wait till the next evolution and see what I think then!
    I've tried on multiple occasions to get into A7X, but I just can't. City of Evil is a good album, and I dig it, but overall I just don't find myself really enjoying their music. That being said, I'm really starting to lose respect for this band. Their logo is a direct ripoff of Overkill's Chaly, but I could look past that because it's a common symbol. Then I saw the cover for the album and realized it was kind of a ripoff of a Lich King album. Then I heard "This Means War" and it's a direct ripoff of Metallica. Cmon guys. You're better than this.
    Lars Ulrich's lawyers are currently building a case, we might hear something about it soon, haha.
    In regards to the headline, I wouldn't either. I've listened to them since City of Evil - so right when they got 'big' - and Nightmare just sucked.
    They got a few decent songs here and there but if you look at their fan base, it's either a) teenagers discovering metal or b) people who ONLY like them and rage if you say anything negative about the band. Kinda like most Metallica fans :/
    Kinda like any band's fans to correct you... Anyway, I'd probably hold their "Hail To The King" the first tune ever I can listen to by them without taking awful pain from the singing, but the drumming is so dull that it destroys the whole song.
    respect to the band that tries hard i guess. wont be buying this one though
    All I'll say is that my opinion of A7x has varied. I think they have a lot of potential, but often don't live up to it. They're great musicians from a technical perspective, I don't know if their musical vision and song-crafting are as good. Before you bash them, though, consider the fact that the Rev was their lead songwriter, and this is their first effort without him. That kind of adjustment takes time.
    synyster gates looks like Gavin Rossdale from Bush sort of- or a hard rockin Steve Perry
    Well if they enjoyed making the music on this album, then good for them. They're right. You shouldn't write music you don't like. At least they enjoy what they do, because if they enjoy it then their fans do too.
    The album was pretty unique and i enjoyed it. If you dont like it then dont listen or b**ch about it
    Every time I watch these videos I see Johnny wearing those shades and I just want to punch him. Shadows has been doing that for a long time so he's okay.