Avicii Working on Rock Album Featuring Serj Tankian, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bon Jovi and More

EDM star to rock it up on sophomore release, Coldplay frontman also among guest stars.

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EDM star Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii seems to be taking a rock detour with his upcoming sophomore album, as the 24-year-old Swede has geared up with guitars and rounded up an impressive guest star roster from the rock domain.

As the Rolling Stone reports, a follow-up to 2013's "True" will feature System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian, Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong, rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi, as well as Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Furthermore, the record will include a reggae duet between Wyclef Jean and Matis­yahu, a song "Wake Me Up" author is very pleased with, but is still not sure where to place yet.

The artist has rounded up a batch of 12 songs from the group of 70 he's been working on in total. The yet-untitled effort is due out later this year and is aiming to broaden Avicii's horizons even further. "It's going to be a lot more song-oriented," he noted. "'True was' an attempt at that, getting electronic music in a song format."

Back to the guest list, Bergling is already well-acquainted with Chris Martin, as he had produced the band's "A Sky Full of Stars" single. "Chris has been like a brother," Avicii noted. "He helps out with my nutritionist. He needs every part to be perfect. I'm not like that. Which is why I've got 70 songs."

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    "Billy Joe Armstrong"
    Brace yourselves, the butthurt metalheads are coming...
    We are already here > But honestly, I'm surprised Serj would be in on this. Not in a bad way, it will be interesting to hear.
    What? Why? Serj/SOAD are hardly a band with it's fanbase purely rooted in the metal puritism, and he's already done a whole bunch of random stuff that gives him fan base acceptance to a whole bunch of things, I bet even the purists don't really mind the fact that he's on an electronic record, it's that it's Aviicii and not someone with electronic talent (aphex twin, daft Punk, hell even Deadma5u isn't as bad). It's not Bruce Dickinson or Halford or something ya troll.
    Prepare for something even shittier than korn's dubstep album
    I loved Path of Totality.. honestly I think it's the best thing Korn has ever done in their career, (besides their debut album) in the sense that they were bringing a new sound to the mainstream (nu-metal with the first record and dub-rock, or rock-step with POT) Honestly, I don't think Avicii has anything interesting to offer, Skrillex collaboration would be better.
    Serj should focus on a new SOAD album instead of this crap.
    Is this the guy who did that "Hey Brother" song? I actually really liked that song, sounded like it could have worked as an early Simon and Garfunkel song (minus the EDM of course) with tight harmonies
    I'm an Avicii fan, but the thought of him doing something rock oriented is kinda odd but I'll still give it a listen when it comes out
    I don't care about this guy to know his background but i bet he doesn't play guitar himself and he just got himself a bunch of vocalists to play on his "rock" record. This is clearly going to be some vocal trance bullshit exept with a few distorted powerchords on top that he learned on the spot (or more probably just sampled)
    Pick 'n' Finger
    It's going to be as much "rock" as Eminem's "Berserk", I guarantee it...
    He never said anything about rock music. People are just assuming that from the guests on this one. All he said was that it would be more song oriented. There were some decent songs on his last album, regardless of what instruments were present or synthesized.
    Which was a FANTASTIC song, regardless of whatever genre you wanna pigeonhole it into.
    He has some really slick and nice solos in his stuff. I'm really hoping for something special.
    I always thought his album was amazingly put together, you can tell he's a musician and not just another wobwob sound maker. Looking forward to this. Listen to the end of "Heart Upon My Sleeve" and tell me that wouldn't be super ripe for a metal riff.
    He's a great producer, especially when he works with great musicians (I personally he sounds a lot weaker with his solo work)
    I'd be interested to hear this. Just like I'd be interested to hear this so-called "rock" album Ke$ha was supposed to be making.
    Avicci makes pop music. Better than 1 direction etc. Not that I'm singing high praises but it has its place especially in clubs. He's no true edm artist but none of them get played in clubs or airplay.
    This is why system of a down doesn't have a new album ..because Serj is ****ing around with shit like this ?