Avril Lavigne Fell For Chad's Humor

The singer recently announced her engagement to the Nickelback frontman and says one of the things that attracted her to him was how much he made her laugh.

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Avril Lavigne says she fell for Chad Kroeger's sense of humor because he made her laugh so much.

The 27-year-old singer recently announced her engagement to the Nickelback frontman and says one of the things that attracted her to him was how much he made her laugh.

She said: "He makes me laugh every day. He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive."

Chad says he fell for Avril while they were in the studio together working on her fifth album.

He told Hello! Canada: "I knew I was falling for her. It was incredibly powerful and something I'll never forget."

Sources close to Avril and Chad - who have been dating for around six months - say they are a perfect match because they have the same beliefs.

One told People: "They have the same values and really understand each other. They complement each other and are so happy.

They haven't set a date yet. They're really enjoying this moment."

The marriage will be the second for Avril, who wed Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley in July 2006, splitting three years later.

Following her separation from the rocker, she went on to date reality TV star Brody Jenner for two years until January 2012.

Chad has never previously been married.

Thanks to Contactmusic for the report.

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    By humor... she of course means penis.
    Nah, I'm pretty sure it's the humor, If the guy isn't funny he would be the most uninteresting person in the world I guess
    Agent 00Awesome
    Funny, his music has the same affect on me. These jokes just never get old.
    He was a funny boy, she said you're so funny boy. He wasn't good enough for her. And damn it, he isn't good enough for her!
    Because she is such a talented singer/musician? Her live performances aren't too great and her songs have massive autotune in them.. Not that I've heard all of it, but I'd rather have Nickelback than Avril Lavigne if I had to choose. Yeah, they compliment eachother in generic, boring rock music. And Agent 00Awesome in this case effect is spelled with a 'e', just for future reference.
    is their wedding day on December 21, 2012?
    Its very UG to report Avril sleeping with Manson and then announcing her engagement to Chad a few days later...just sayin lol
    chad: "im in a successful rock band" avril: "hehehehe ur so funny chad, your band is shit"
    As much as I hate the music of both, is it really so wrong to be happy for them if they're happy together?
    If they have a kid, they should name him Freddy. Freddy Kroeger.
    I understand how she feels. Whenever I see Chad Kroeger I start laughing hysterically too.
    Gonna be crowned as a fan boy, but when i went to a couple of shows when i was younger, and they hadn't released Rockstar as a single, Chad was pretty funny. He has a good stage presence and can banter really well. Pretty sure he was high though.
    I just hope they dont do a crappy couples album...2 extreme versions of suck those two...lol
    i like Nickelback and i can say that seriously? have all my life since th age of 7, and i am now 18, i buy their music, go to their shows, never been disappointed yet, the hate for this band is ridculous. i like how they couldnt give a damn what their haters think and continue to make music they like and their fans like. if you dont like them, fair play, bands cant please every audience.
    Yeah, I saw his video where he responded to Youtube comments... I've never seen someone so devoid of humor. I don't even mean to say it like a prick, I seriously could not believe how boring he was and how terrible his jokes were.
    When I read the headline I thought they broke up. Now that Wouk have been funny
    I'd like to say that they would make beautiful music together, but we all know that is impossible for either of these fools.
    Canadian Royal Family of Pop (poop) Music...I bet MTV will air 'The Kroegers'.
    I have a feeling they are going to be using their own songs against each other in arguments as puns. She can say " look at this photograph, everytime it makes me laugh" and it be a picture of his face Then he will be all like " Why do you gotta make things so compicated"
    Epic Winner1987
    "They have the same values and really understand each other." yeahh, producing boring pop songs for little girls. these are the "same values".
    Everyone (well not everyone, but a lot) hate Nickelback simply because they're figured out the formula to success in the modern music world. Sorry guys, but they days of simple rock n roll rhythms, where you go from the A to the D, back to the A, and then to the E (yeah you know what I'm talking about) have been used for so long, and bands like this one have decided it's time for a change. Coldplay seems to get their fair amount of hate too, but if you go to a Coldplay concert, you'll see their arena is packed and can probably sell more than any classic rock band out there. The only reason the Foo Fighters aren't hated is because Dave used to be the drummer for Nirvava. But if anyone else was fronting that band, they'd probably be just as hated too.
    Strummerboy Leo
    The Foo Fighters aren't shit though, so probably not.
    Foo Fighters songs are just as simple and predictable as nickelback's but people don't seem to mind.
    Damn. There is a ton of Foo Fighters hate today spread throughout the articles. Why? I don't know. I have never thought the Foo Fighters' music to be predictable. Simple? Sure, but that doesn't make it bad. For anyone to compare Nickelback to Foo Fighters, in my opinion is hilarious.
    Simple doesn't make it bad. So why does Nickelback being simple make them bad? Both bands have the grunge roots behind them so they can be fairly compared.
    It's true they can be, but Nickelback's music itself just isn't as good. It's not because it's simple, it's because it's so user friendly and so generic. I don't see that in Foo Fighters' music.
    Not really, that's just your opinion. In my opinion Foo Fighters are also "user friendly" and "generic" but it doesn't mean I don't like them. Your arguments aren't very good at all (That isn't an opinion).
    Actually according to the upvote/downvote ratio, my arguments ARE indeed good. At least according to the great UG users. So you can stop acting like a child and calm the f*** down.
    Lol, this isn't a school playground. I don't care for what other people think. Resorting to swearing gets you nowhere kid.
    The Foo may be pretty simple, but not near as simple as Nickelback. And people like Foo Fighters because they rock dude, plain and simple. People who rock dig Foo Fighters, and people who sway back and forth and leave at 8:30 to beat traffic like Nickelback.
    I disagree with you. I like both Nickelback and Foo fighters but, I do think Foo Fighters are overrated. Nickelback has good songs that aren't played on the radio. And they're a really good live band.
    link no1
    I don't give a cr*p that Dave was in Nirvana. Despite popular belief, Nirvana aren't that great of a band and are massively over rated. I can bet money that most of the fans don't even care for them as much as they say. I like Foo Fighters because I do, not because the frontman was in an awful grunge band.
    As a big fan of both Foo Fighters and Nirvana, I've never liked FF just because Dave was in Nirvana. That's ridiculous. And I wouldn't be so quick tgo call Nirvana an awful grunge band. Like them or not, they wrote some great music and basically revolutionized an entire culture. Overrated? Maybe. But certainly not terrible.
    Nickelback and Foo Fighters hate I can understand (though I don't agree with it), but attacking Nirvana... GTFO!!!!
    I don't like attacking bands, I honestly think the greatest thing that happend to Nirvana and Cobain's death. If they we're still around they would not be as big/legendary as they are.
    Most people i've come across that liked Foo Fighters didn't even know Dave was in Nirvana and they still didn't like Nickelback.
    Well the Foo Fighters are one of the most repetitive bands out there. Next time you listen to "I'll Stick Around," count the number of times Dave says "I don't owe you anything." It's ridiculous. I mean I love the Foos and all, but I love Nickelback too. And I really don't see a difference, other than Nickelback is more generic.
    Whoa what's this? Foo fighters might have simple song structures, but in terms of musical composition, they have much more going on, and often eskew power chords. Delve past their singles on 'The Colour and the Shape' and you'll see what I mean.
    If his humor is as good as his songs, then she has terrible taste.
    Although Chad can be hilarious at times, particularly his response to people raging over Nickelback playing a Thanksgiving half-time show in Detroit.....
    I can relate to this... A year ago, a girl left me for a guy with sense of humor... Fact : Humor wins chicks nowadays.
    What a load of horseshit. I bet his money has nothing to do with it either, considering nobody cares about her music anymore. If she liked funny guys so much, I don't recall her ever dating a comedian of any sorts. Though I guess if you're with someone named "Chad" you can't help but have a smirk on your face all the time.
    I might(probably will) get flamed, but Nickelback was actually pretty damn good before here and now...
    Two news posts about the same (uninteresting) thing so close together, the previous one hasn't been evicted from the current news page. Fantastic. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel, guys.
    The news yesterday was more than enough thanks! We don't need to beat this already dead horse!
    can anyone proudly say "I'm a Nickelback fan"? what a joke...
    Nickelback is the best band in the wor...pffttt!!! hehehehehehe!!!! Sorry, dude. I can't say that!
    Well I am. But I've always loved generic music. I mean I'm a huge Brad Paisley fan too, and he's more generic than Nickelback.