Avril Lavigne's 350K Ring

Avril Lavigne's stunning engagement ring from new fiance Chad Kroeger is worth a reported $350,000.

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Avril Lavigne's engagement ring is worth a reported $350,000.

The "Complicated" singer recently got engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and he has given her with a very expensive rock.

Jewelry expert Michael O'Connor added of the ring: "A pear shape diamond set in platinum is a nod to vintage glamour and individuality - perfect for a rocker like Avril. The half-moon diamonds are also rare since they would have to be specially cut to fit on either side of the center diamond. The center diamond is approximately 10 carats, with an additional four carats of total side diamonds."

Avril and Chad - who have been dating for around six months - celebrated their engagement by partying in Las Vegas.

The couple were "super cuddly and affectionate" as they drank Dom Perignon champagne and Grey Goose vodka in the gambling city on Tuesday (21.08.12) to celebrate their forthcoming marriage.

Meanwhile, a mashup of three of their hits Lavigne's "Complicated" and Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and "Rockstar" has emerged online, and the results are hilarious.

Check it out below:

Thanks for the report to Contactmusic.

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    When the f**k did UG turn into access hollywood??
    I know! Stupid stories like these filling the headlines, while there hasn't been 1 article about the Soundwave tour coming up in Australia. Surely that would make news with the bands they have coming here. Oh well, I guess tomorrow we get to read about the price of Avril's wedding dress.
    Reporting news on huge music stars? Would you rather read yet another 'Dave slams the left' story?
    we prefer news about music, not Nickelback.
    Nickleback isn't music? Well done. Full marks for a radical, never-made-before joke. Wanna have a pop at Limp Bizkit as well? Hey, I'm no fan of Nickleback, or Lavigne, or lots of other artists who get written about on here. Doesn't stop it being news. Not the most ground breaking news, admittedly. But news nonetheless.
    Them getting married could be considered music-related news. Having 3+ articles on the same subject is no longer news. A complete headline newsarticle about their wedding ring is not music-related news. It's hollywood gossip. However, if there's nothing else to write, i guess we'll have to settle.
    I just read these articles for the comments. There's always something to make me chuckle my balls off.
    you're missing the point. this is not music news, this is gossip about music artist. and frankly its sucks.
    I'm not suggesting it's pulitzer-worthy journalism, but it's more news than, off the top of my head, two pictures of classic album covers made out of socks, or Axl saying something dumb, or lots of other stories here.
    You mean to tell me I'm not on the Access Hollywood site? Oh wait, this must be TMZ, isn't it?
    He should have paid $350,000.05 so then they had to give him a nickel back.
    I think you mean 349,999.95. Or else he'd have to give a nickel to them, but it wouldn't be giving it back. Yes. I am now that guy who corrects people on the internet. Deal with it.
    Veronique Vega
    UMMM... If poodle-hair Kroeger pays $350,000.05, essentially he's overpaying by a nickel. Then they'd give him a nickel back. If he paid $349,999.95 then he'd owe a nickel. Yes. I am now that gal who corrects people who incorrectly corrects people on the internet. Dealt with it.
    Next weeks post, " Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavinge divorce after a stunning week long marriage."
    Veronique Vega
    Less than six months, I predict. Probably more than a week. But their duet will linger like a bad fart.
    Low Profile
    Would it be weird if they had a kid and he/she rebelled against them by becoming a talented musician and making good music?
    What do you mean by good music? By doing the same things that all classic rock bands have already done? How exciting. Most of them are boring anyway.
    excuse me?
    Well if Nickelback are so god damn bad, then what bands out there are so much better? You'll probably say the Foos. Which is ok. I like them a lot too. But if people are expecting music these days to be like it was 30 years ago, it's time to move on. Everything has been done already. And I wouldn't want to hear a bunch of bands doing the same things that all the classics have already done.
    The results are hilarious? Are we hearing the same song you guys did?
    Ok, I'll just take it to that suggestions forum, then. Still, really? This is a music website and I know that music news don't grow on trees, but people don't come to a music forum to read about Avril's engagement ring (hence the number of dislikes on this article). Like the guy above you said, I appreciate the effort to post stuff on weekends, but at least post something related to guitar, like in the "lessons" section, this is just not newsworthy and UG is just gonna lose fans by posting stuff like this. That's just my 5 cents on the subject, though.
    Not that I know any details about the site's expansion, but I think we can agree it is heading in the right direction. The modernization of the columns section and posting news on weekends is a step in the right direction. I agree that the news posted can sometimes be frustrating, believe me - but just like reading the paper, you sometimes have to skip over a few articles to get to one that interests you. The thing you have to remember, is that this is a large site run by a relatively small team. The guys who run this site don't have the time to scour the internet looking for news about less-known bands. The easiest way to get content is to search a few "key" places - which currently seem to be sites like NME. I promise you the UG team will NOT respond to content pressure coming from the columns; they do not have time to read through the columns. They frequently check the Site Suggestions forum, and that's why I advise people to go there with criticism - so it will be seen by the proper eyes. They are looking for new writers, as well. There was an article the other day asking people to apply for a paid position to find and write articles. These things are all steps in the right direction. These changes happen in small stages, just keep that in mind. I am optimistic about the future of this site.
    By 'heading in the right direction," you surely mean collecting more advertisement money, don't you? With most of the actual worthwhile material on this site being posted by the readers and visitors, I believe user comments about the lack of meritorious articles is more than applicable. Perhaps what readers are doing by posting these opinions here (where they WILL be read) is hitting the site where it hurts (frequent user visits, and thus the amount of available advertisement money coming in) in an attempt to force a change. You know, first rebellion, then, if necessary, full-blown eradication!
    Yeah, like I've said before, I really think that posting stuff on weekends is a nice move by UG's office. But it's not about "looking for less-known" bands or anything, it's just filtering the content of the articles. I mean, this article (and quite a few others about people like Axl Rose) are worth of TMZ, not of a music forum. Interviews, guitar theory, anything NOT involving pure gossip is usually well received around here... take for an example the Mustaine articles. At least when he talks out of his ass, people discuss politics... that's somehow relevant.
    Also, isn't it a bit tyrant to tell people "if you don't care, don't post.", "You will receive a warning."? People are entitled to their opinions... Save the warnings/bans for people flaming each other or posting spam, man.
    Agreed, Iommi. All I did was share my opinion by saying "I was hoping we wouldn't see Chad and Avril news everyday." Not being nasty or vulgar, just sharing my opinion.
    Well, judging by the post below me, @Pan-Tallica does not seem like the one who gives warnings arbitrarily, but I already got warned by other mods (more than once) for posting something very similar... lol
    I only RARELY warn for people saying they don't care. I'm saying that in this particular article, you will receive a warning, because I would like to send a message. Normally we just delete comments like "I don't care". The reason such comments get deleted are because they frustrate people who DO care. Tell me what makes more sense to you: people who are interested having to sift through comments like "tldr" and "I don't care", or people who don't care just not posting at all? The second option seems to be much more fair, especially when complaints about the content can be taken to Site Suggestions. And no, it's not tyrannical at all. The rules: "Keep your comments relevant to the topic. Do not contribute meaningless or irrelevant comments. This includes, but is not limited to, position comments, whether you care about the article or not, "Tl;dr"s and so on."
    Yes, you are right with what makes more sense, but the fact is (I'm not saying this to be rude, but it's true) no one cares with articles like these. I find it funny to see how many people don't care about Chad Kroeger. It would be frustrating to see a bunch of tl;dr comments on an article about something worth posting but I rarely ever see that on here. The majority of users are good with that. I think the majority of users, including myself, comment on articles like this because we know people will see our comments. We write "we don't care" because we know the majority really just don't care. I would like to decide which comments are worth seeing by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down.
    Because 'I would like to send a message'? Really? I'm sorry, I've stayed out of these sorts of things, but surely it'd be fairer if mods all worked with some consistency, rather than going off on their own personal crusades. I'm guessing your mandate is to, essentially, keep everything sensible and friendly, not to visit punishment on those that annoy you.
    They frustrate people who do care? Honestly, it does not, people who post such things on SERIOUS ARTICLES are usually trolls and people around here just pass them by. I mean, it's a question of not being retarded. People have any reason to post that "they don't care" on guitar articles or band promoting or anything like that? They don't. But come on, a millionaire girl's engagement ring?
    Yep. That's my point exactly. Pan-Tallica, I mean no disrespect in all this, but it's frustrating to us when mods delete our comments just because. Please only delete comments from obvious trolls or people who are unnecessarily vulgar
    "Informing the world that you don't care is not necessary at all" This is an online forum, not real life. None of this is necessary. Good example of someone with no life taking this fake power too seriously.
    Yes, I'm on a fake-power trip. Of course you would know. On a related note, let's take this discussion elsewhere: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/sho... 4 Don't paint me as an *****, because I only intend to do two things here: (1) my job checking comments and (2) improve the content on this site. I'm on your side.
    Some people are paid to kill people, but i guess they're not *****s cause they're just doing their job. And your actions are yours not mine, you painted yourself to be an *****.
    I appreciate the effort to post some news on weekends, UG, but it'd be even better if it were something interesting.
    Does the price of a ring really constitute "general Music News"? I'm happy that theyre getting married, have no reason not to be, but its not relevant, isnt it?
    If I bought a ring that expensive, I'd want to atleast be able to drive it, or tell the time with it, hell maybe even fly to Oz with it
    This article proves that the only reason U-G is still my homepage is that I don't have another website I can use.
    I like how it's mainly Americans who dislike Nickelback because they think it's cool. In my country, we don't base our like of artists on what other people think.
    Really? Another article about these two? UG must really be desperate for news lately if the have to write an entire article on how much her wedding ring is worth.
    I care about this so goddamn much and anyone who says otherwise is a hater. Or maybe just intelligent.
    I've never seen anyone not give a shit more vigorously than in this comments section.
    That song almost gave me a stroke. Rich people, spending a whole lot of money. Soon to be let down, oh well.
    I'm almost done with this website. Really, the articles are getting more and more stupid, and mods are deleting comments that aren't made to be taken seriously. Give me all the warnings you want, I really don't give a damn, this website has lost all credibility in my mind.
    And yet your still here reading articles and post on a site you don't like lollll That to me says alot about you. No life
    Who knew that such banal music would sell so well this douche can afford to buy that slit a $350k ring? He'll wish he'd saved that money for hookers and blow once she tires of him and leaves him for the next sucker.
    This kind of stuff just pisses me off (I openly admit it's pretty much just jelously for people having ridiculous amounts of money, as I have very little and I'm really struggling to find a decent job). In short - $350k on a ring is just ****ing stupid..
    how is this ultimate-guitar news worthy? deeply disappointed by the news team that uploaded this
    I think it's funny that you think it took a whole team to write this article. Well then again it is UG...
    People complaing about how Chad should have given that money to the less fortunate instead of using it to pay for a ring get on my nerves. A mega rich dude buys a ring he doesn't really need and people get pissed off. Yet I'm sure most of you have spent tons of money on frivolous items such as iPods, iPads, iPhones, ect. None of you thought to give that to charity right? My point is this: just like there is no need to apologize for your lifestyle, there is no need for them to apologize for their's. It's their money they can do whatever they want with it. You care so much about the less fortunate then how about YOU dod something about it.
    Alright all of you Nickelback fans form a line so I can kick all of your asses. It is your fault that Chad was able to afford a 350,000 ring for this abomination marriage.