Avril Lavigne's New Video Might Be the Worst Thing in Music History

Actually, not really, but all aboard the hate bandwagon!

Ultimate Guitar

Avril Lavigne recently premiered the video for "Hello Kitty" single off her latest self-titled album, causing the internet to burst with rage.

The Chad Kroeger-co-written song didn't have much charm to begin with, but was certainly a bit odd, featuring loads of weird Japanese bubblegum pop dubstep or whatever you want to call it.

Strictly song-wise, it's a catchy ditty at best, if you're willing to allow yourself to bop your head to "Let's all slumber party / Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties / Someone chuck a cupcake at me," "K-k-k-kawai" and whatnot.

So basically, it's not really a big deal and Avril's clearly not the first one to embrace such concept, nor the most extreme one in that view, not by a long shot.

But fans and press were really quick to senselessly bash the song, with even some of the more serious media outlets calling the video "an embarrassment in any language" or saying it will "make your eyes and ears bleed."

Anyhow, you be the judge, the video's right below.

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    Glass Prisoner
    What people think Marty Friedman is doing in Japan. What Marty Friedman is actually doing in Japan:
    I like Marty Friedman but I think his talent is wasted on Instrumental music tbh, he should put a band together.
    You should listen to one of his projects called metal clone X, with a melodic death metal singer. Its only metal versions of j pop songs but it has some realy great moments! The only problem is the drum machine he uses on every instrumental record..Just like ynggwie and others...!
    I actually think is instrumental stuff suits him best. Gives him room to really show off his music and not confining it to 20-45 seconds of a song.
    This really pushes my bullshit buttons. This is the definition of bad.
    I thought this was Avril Lavigne, a bit of a punk/rebel/skatergirl, not some weaboo taking rap lessons from Nicki Minaj. Bad doesn't even begin to cover a tenth.
    I prefer watching katy perry's latest. At least I can give myself a treat while watching it... if you know what I mean
    To be honest it's kinda shit but I could enjoy it if it weren't for the butchery of the entire concept of the Far East. Like, I'm embarrassed for her and I'm embarrassed for Japan having to be summed up in a set of identical backup dancers, a brand name and about two poorly pronounced words of its beautiful language.
    I was about to say that. I was learning japanese but after watching this video I think I'm just going to stop. Japanphiles tend to be the most sophomoric people on the planet.
    To be honest I don't think Lavigne can legitimately be called a Japanophile... Ultimately it's a varied culture so a lot of different kinds of people are interested in it. The Visual Kei fans, for example (yo), aren't going to be the same as the Attack on Titan fans. They all like Ghibli though. That shit be great. As a side note sorry for starting basically every comment I've ever written with "to be honest".
    I honestly find this no worse than anything else she has ever done. She has always been a leech at the bottom of the barrel, coming out with a different album for every pop fad of the last 15 years. Did distorted pop after Blink 182 became huge (I won't refer to that music as punk), now doing dubstep-ish type music now that Skrillex is popular and nothing but garbage in between. Musically, she has never earned her keep and she never will. Her next album will fall exactly in line with whatever has been popular in the months leading up to it. Yeah it sucks, but is anyone surprised?
    "She has always been a leech at the bottom of the barrel, coming out with a different album for every pop fad of the last 15 years" "Goodbye Lullaby" and "Let Go" both prove this statement wrong. Yes, this album is terribad and just a grab for money, but not all of her stuff is such.
    It's still better than anything Nickelback has done
    I see you like to play the bandwagon card to get up votes.
    And have it backfire because people aren't THAT blinded by the bandwagon, and everybody knows that no matter how bad they think Nickelback is, or how much they hate that brand of poppy radio-rock, it is an objective fact that they have several songs which are LEAGUES better than this.
    I like the sound in the last 15 seconds, it's the sound BMW's when you leave your seatbelt off while driving (I'm serious...). Very weird sample to use in aa song. Someone should let BMW know their brand (and seatbelt protection alarm) name is being tarnished by this crap!
    It's also the alarm played at intersections when a train is approaching here in Japan. Nice warning, but it's a shame it's included so late.
    Nero Galon
    I already covered this UG. Hire me.
    Meanwhile, in Japan, they have girls doing pop-rock the right way:
    (Safe to watch and listen to, I promise it won't give you cancer, unlike Avril Lavigne's advertisement... Wait, music video.)
    Am I the only one that can't figure out the difference between this and the typical pop music nowadays? What makes this so bad compared to that s**t?
    She is catching a lot of crap for this, but lets be honest if Ke$ha would of released it instead of Avril, it would of been a no.1 seller.
    I love how Chad Kroeger is now probably the best composer between the two of them
    I might be in a minority group to still think she's cute and likable, but everything she's released after the second album seems like seriously wasted potential. Doesn't even look enthusiastic, like she's being forced to continue performing.
    Yeah Ultimate Guitar... This somehow ties in with the words "Ultimate" and "Guitar"
    Dude she played like 3 chords. You saw the guitar. Technically, that makes her more relevant here than Emmure.
    I feel like she's been under a rock the last ten years and came back with this. I think you missed the trend avril. Also she should start co-writing for nickleback. Two birds stoned at once, man.
    I'm not even going to watch, but I will say this... I suspect that calling it the worst thing in music history might be a bit much. Remember that the Mick Jagger/David Bowie Dancing in the Streets video exists.
    I thought she was a folk singer who turned mainstream pop-rock to get signed... What the fk is this? Still, she's one year older than I, from the 'pre-Evanescence' pages of girl rock... It's like being in love with a retard and not wanting to introduce her to your friends..
    She has only just realised that showing more flesh and being f***ing hot sells more records, so here we go.....
    I thought I was reading the Huffington Post at first because of this crappy article title. Way to exaggerate.
    UG doesn't miss an opportunity to jump on bandwagons. The whole community here thrives on bandwagons.
    Meh it's far from the worst thing in music history. That's just playing the whole Nickelback/Avril Lavigne hate card to get more clicks on the page.
    its really bad and stupid, but its still not even close to as bad as the abomination called friday by rebecca black
    This is what happens when you associate with Nickelback. People should remember this as a warning from history.
    too bad she has the side of her head shaved... i hate it when women did that... on the other hand.. BOOBJOB oh the song? it sucks.
    matteo cubano
    i could care less what her music sounds like when she's as hot as she is, i dont dislike her.
    The Judist
    "I could care less" means you care somewhat. "I couldn't care less" means you don't care at all. I think you meant the latter
    Aaaaaand everyone's going to think it's fun to hate it and meanwhile Lavigne rakes in the cash. You gullible sheep make me sick. Just don't talk about it, don't watch it, just ignore it. It's meant to shock people with its awfulness and you sure are playing your part.
    This is the worst? It sounds exactly like every other song on my little sister's favorite radio station, so I guess I honestly cannot tell a good pop song from a bad one.
    It's not that you can't tell. There's just hardly any pop music today that's not dogshit. I'm sure you'd still be able to tell a good one if you heard one. And you might someday. There's usually at least a couple diamonds in the rough every year. Usually.
    A little off topic but if she EVER decided to dress up like Twilight Princess era Zelda then I think she could pull it off REALLY well.
    It's still better than half the stuff on the radio... That weird dubsteppy bit really sucks though. HOWEVER... Why did she need help writing this???
    Hell yeah, this is just perfect, all this shit mixed into a greater diarrhea
    Call me weird but I wasn't expecting pop music aimed at 12 yr old girls to be mind bogglingly complex and insightful
    RUSH is GOD2112
    it's the nickelback effect. even associating with them turns everything you do into worthless garbage.
    Waiting for the oversensitive losers to call this racist....
    I don't think anyone calls this racist.
    Oh, I see you're new to the internet, where people are allowed to give their opinions anonymously... There's an amount of people who see this as racist, and they're being loud about it in certain spots of the internet.
    Not really seeing the problem here. Sure it's crap pop, but that's just Avril these days. I wouldn't go as far to say it's the worst thing ever, although obviously it is pretty damn bad.
    So why is this suposed to be exceptionaly bad? Its not really better or worse than most popsongs weve been hearing on the radio for the last couple of decades. Sounds like the average popsong to me.
    I keep reading comments like "It's not THAT bad"...but it IS. I went in there without any bias and I left thinking "how did that master tape ever leave the building?". It is the worst piece of garbage from a mainstream act that I heard in a very long time.
    The Judist
    Not impressed with how Avril continues to make bullying seem ok e.g. the 'fat kid' line, the vid for Girlfriend