AXL Introduces the AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog

Each AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog has been aged to perfection by our expert craftsmen to produce a one-of-a-kind instrument.

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AXL Guitars premieres Hand-Aged-Bulldog.

Each AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog has been aged to perfection by our expert craftsmen to produce a one-of-a-kind instrument. Limited to a first run of 50 pieces, the Hand-Aged Bulldog has the look and feel of a guitar that's been played for years.

Just like our award-winning USA Bulldog, the Hand-Aged model features a solid mahogany slab body and one piece set neck, top-shelf components, including a Lindy Fralin dog-ear P-90, TonePros Featherweight wraparound bridge, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor and TonePros Kluson vintage-style tuners, and our "Bite Switch," a push-pull pot to bypass the tone potentiometer for a biting mainline sound. For custom shop performance, we assemble every Bulldog by hand in our Hayward, CA workshop - from pressing the frets to wiring the electronics.

The Hand-Aged USA Bulldog is a hand-assembled instrument that sounds, looks and feels like it's been broken in from years of playing.

Our limited-run AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog is available in Transparent Red and Antique Brown and has a street price of $699.

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See demo video here:

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    Seeing the title I thought Axl Rose started selling personally abused dogs, which wouldn't have surprised me, anyway, this looks rather neat
    Don't Ask
    I've never understood these pre-aged (or whatever the term is) guitars. I mean, if you're gonna have a guitar that's feels used and worn, isn't the entire thing to have a guitar with a history? A guitar that looks the way it does because of all the gigs you've played with it? Or at least all the gigs that a previous owner has played with it. If it's new out of the fabric, I don't see why it shouldn't look the part.
    Don't Ask
    I just noticed several mistakes I made in this comment. Ultimate-Guitar needs an edit button.
    It's the same kind of mentality that makes stupid people buy pre-stressed jeans. Having a machine "age" it lends it a fake aura of authenticity and "realness".
    Gibson Les Paul Junior.
    Yep, pretty much. I don't know anything about AXL though, are they good?
    Very solid decent sounding instruments. Normally their Lpj model is called the 1216jr and sells for $180, but it has a cheaper (yet very good) p-90 in it, and none of the push pull stuff.
    I don't know how this guitar sounds, but for that specifications 700$ is a fair price The whole rusty look thing is stupid, btw
    it takes 14 years and 13 million dollars to release a guitar that reaches mixed to positive reviews.
    huh, right sounds like a airplane, axl makes kits and cheaper line guitars but they got a market. these are there kinda fender worn guitars assembled in the us key word. but proable a good guitar cant go wrong solid wood hardware, wonder what kind of pickups
    I can't think of anything else (Besides maybe Jeans) people will deliberately look to buy pre-beaten up. Seems so popular with guitars though, i'm surprised there aren't road-worn amps coming out
    OH sorry should read it hs lindy fralins, man those are $230 alone they sound great, made one at a time this could really be cool'