Axl Rose Demands 'Square Melon' On Rider

Among the Guns N' Roses frontman's rider requests are drinks, roses, and one square melon. Huh? Meanwhile, the band respond to criticism of hiring models for their UK tour.

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Rock stars are often known for their outlandish demands and unusual requests, but Axl Rose may have outdone his peers with his current tour rider.

According to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, the Guns N' Roses frontman requests "wines, beers, vodka, red and white roses and a square melon" - an item that Axl says "absolutely can't be missed."

Square melons are a particular breed of the typically round fruit, believed to be grown in box-shaped jars. The square shape helps retailers stack and store the fruit, so it's certainly an unusual request for Axl.

Perhaps the rider requests, which include a custom made Italian leather couch, are to ensure that venue staff read the rider carefully. Van Halen famously pulled a similar move in their hey day, asking for a bowl of M&M sweets with all the brown ones removed.

It turned out that Van Halen were not adverse to brown M&Ms, but wanted to check that venue owners had read their complex stage show requirements in detail - not just so the show went off with a bang, but to ensure the safety of the band on-stage.

Meanwhile, Gn'R guitarist Bumblefoot has struck back at claims that the band requested a row of 20 models to stand in front of the stage during their current UK tour.

"I have nothing against the models," Bumblefoot told Classic Rock. "They were offered a fun night out and they deserve equal treatment from the band that any person at the show should get.

"But the band did not request it. This stuff comes from other people that are offering a good time by whatever means they have and that's fine."

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    Cmon you'd all do the same thing if you were given a rider. Id ask for an army of strap-on armed monkeys, bottles of walrus piss and a bust of Christina Hendricks made out of bacon
    I'm so sick of people praising him for being an *****. Who cares if he can sing, talent isn't an excuse to be a dick who shows up late, holds grudges, and is rude as **** to people making ridiculus requests like this
    The tour rider was released so long ago. There's lots of other shit in there, like how each day of the week the venue should provide a different type of food (so the band/crew wont get bored of eating the same shit), multiple options to account for allergies, and some healthy and unhealthy options. On axl's personal list he want a sixer of American Beer and a sixer of Local Beer. Honestly nothing on the rider comes off as completely batshi+ insane to me
    This article is definitely important, but I really want to know how they get the melon out of the box-shaped jars?
    @GrungeHippie26 I'm so sick of people who don't know shit ripping Axl because it's 'kewl.' 1. He may go on later sthan advertised sometimes but not as late as you think, and it is often due to the venue advertising a time the band hasn't agreed to. In any case, he then plays for 3 hours- doesn't bother me at all, and at this stage if you go to a GnR show expectimng to be in bed by 12 it's your own fault. 2. Holds grudges? You mean you're butthurt he won't play with Slash but have no idea what the real deal is...or that it has continued incessantly from both sides for years. I doubt you'd speak to him either if the shoe was on the other foot 3. How old are you, 12? You think that rider is 'rude' beacuse he asked for cube-cut melon? You clearly have no concept of backstage riders. Why don't you look around at some typical band riders, learn a little about the biz and maybe you won't come off so uninformed and ignorant
    Square melon...the good thing is that it will hurts like hell when someone will try to stick it up Axl'arse, where it truly belongs
    RetroGunslinger wrote: Cmon you'd all do the same thing if you were given a rider. Id ask for an army of strap-on armed monkeys, bottles of walrus piss and a bust of Christina Hendricks made out of bacon
    How about just Christina Hendricks bust? That would be the only thing on my list!!!!!