Axl Rose is 'A Caring and Compassionate Friend,' According to Former P.A.

artist: Axl Rose date: 05/08/2014 category: music news
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Axl Rose is 'A Caring and Compassionate Friend,' According to Former P.A.
While Axl Rose may have a reputation for being a difficult frontman, a new book is set to paint the singer in a different light.

As Classic Rock reports, Craig Duswalt, who was once the Guns N' Roses singer's P.A., is due to publish his memoirs of touring with the band throughout the early 1990s. If his comments in a recent interview with MyGNRForum are anything to go by, Duswalt, who still keeps in contact with his former boss, regards the singer as a "caring and compassionate" individual:

"Axl was very good to me and my family. I last saw GNR at Universal Amphitheater in 2006, and the show was amazing. After the concert, my friends and I were invited backstage to Axl's dressing room.

"Usually my wife Natasha would have come, but she had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo and didn't have the strength to go to the show. I go back to Axl's personal area and Axl gives me a hug, and the first thing out of his mouth was 'How's Natasha?' That is exactly who Axl Rose is."

Duswalt, who insists that his book won't be a tell-all tale, also recounted Axl's reaction to playing the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, the moment when the singer felt that he'd "made it."

"When I was on the road with him, one of the biggest concerts we played was the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I remember him saying, after he walked off the stage, that he felt he had 'made it.' His dream was always to play the Rose Bowl."
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