Axl Rose is 'A Caring and Compassionate Friend,' According to Former P.A.

"His dream was always to play the Rose Bowl," says Craig Duswalt.

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While Axl Rose may have a reputation for being a difficult frontman, a new book is set to paint the singer in a different light.

As Classic Rock reports, Craig Duswalt, who was once the Guns N' Roses singer's P.A., is due to publish his memoirs of touring with the band throughout the early 1990s. If his comments in a recent interview with MyGNRForum are anything to go by, Duswalt, who still keeps in contact with his former boss, regards the singer as a "caring and compassionate" individual:

"Axl was very good to me and my family. I last saw GNR at Universal Amphitheater in 2006, and the show was amazing. After the concert, my friends and I were invited backstage to Axl's dressing room.

"Usually my wife Natasha would have come, but she had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo and didn't have the strength to go to the show. I go back to Axl's personal area and Axl gives me a hug, and the first thing out of his mouth was 'How's Natasha?' That is exactly who Axl Rose is."

Duswalt, who insists that his book won't be a tell-all tale, also recounted Axl's reaction to playing the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, the moment when the singer felt that he'd "made it."

"When I was on the road with him, one of the biggest concerts we played was the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I remember him saying, after he walked off the stage, that he felt he had 'made it.' His dream was always to play the Rose Bowl."

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    I met Axl in Newcastle last year. He was polite, funny, in a great mood, was telling jokes and stories. Took photo's with the fans (this was at 3am outside the venue). Not the ******* the media makes him out to be.
    Seems the 6 folk that posted above know Mr Rose personally, seeing as how they're all calling bullshit. Fact is, unless you've actually met the guy and know him well, all anyone has to go on is stories in the press and the fact that he turns up late to a lot of gigs. Oh and Slash doesn't like him - and everyone knows that Slash is an angel, right? This guys worked with him and knows him well, so I'd take his word over any of the folk above me here.
    Attacking fans,turning up hours late for shows,beating women and general bitter rants every so often.You hardly have to know him personally to get the jist that he has some issues.
    It's almost like hearing Jimmy Savile talk about what a great guy Gary Glitter is
    Yes because not being very punctual is almost the same as being a paedophile. You are also implying Mr. Duswalt has the same character flaws Axl does when I'd wager you'd never even heard of him before this article. Your joke doesn't even make sense.
    I imply that this guy defending his mate doesn't do much to repair his reputation. I also never compared punctuality to paedophilia. Also, it wasn't a joke, it was a comparative remark. Plus, at least a few people made sense of it considering it got a few upvotes you muppet
    From what i am reading it seems like everybody knows him personally. Stop judging the man on past actions. He is one of The greatest voices in Rock history. You are all just a bunch of Media Centered Brats who is not capable of forming an opinion on their own.
    I go back to Axl's personal area and Axl gives me a hug, and the first thing out of his mouth was 'How's Natasha?' That is exactly who Axl Rose is." ...and exactly who millions upon millions of other people are. In fact, millions upon millions of other people will first ask about someone's wife even if she doesn't have cancer.
    I have a friend who works as Nurse at a hospital in central london. She works on a ward taking care of children who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. One day, Axl made an appearance and took some of the kids to Harrods and bought each of them a Nintendo DS console and spent the day with them. Personally, i have always subscribed to the belief that Axl is a seriously f'ed up guy with a lot of demons, who beat on his girlfriends and alienated his fans. When my friend told me this story, i have to say it kind of redeemed him a bit, as this was never publicised and cleary did not do this out of self-promotion, but demonstrated some degree of human decency. I still think he is an ass, but a little less so than before.
    I'll take the fact he walks out on gigs and/or holds them up for long periods for prima donna reasons, forcing everyone to remove Slash t-shirts at his gigs cause he doesn't like the guy and generally coming off as a douche over what his co-workers/friends say
    King Bluesy
    what year are you living in? This isn't 1993 anymore. The only thing that you said that is true is the showing up late thing and that hasn't happened in over 10 years.
    I'm sorry, is everyone misreading my comments today or are people just retarded? I never even mentioned the word 'late' although he does that loads too, and he screwed the O2 in Ireland over only 4 years ago which is a lot closer to home than '93. Not forgetting Reading Festival the same year. The Slash shirt ban also kicked in a mere 2 years ago. Never mind what year I'm in, what planet are you on?
    I'm not really a fan but it was big news in Ireland anyway, of what he did a few years back in the o2, proper ******* act. Not saying he's a bad person but it's easy to see why people could dislike him from something as simple as that..