Axl Rose: 'Life's Too Short For An Original Guns N' Roses Reunion'

The frontman gives his latest opinions on the return of the original GnR lineup and reunions in general.

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If there's a band whose reunion fans are yearning for over and over again, it's the return of the original Guns N' Roses lineup. Axl, Slash, Duff and co. must have done something right, because it seems there will be people begging for them to reunite as long as there's rock music, despite the clear fact that such a reunion will most likely never happen.

In the latest interview with Adelaide Now, frontman Axl Rose has one again addressed this question, but has also spoken about the band reunions in general. And it seems something is "always missing" for Axl when it comes to reunion shows.

"I understand the 'romantic' thing, the desire, the fantasy. Personally I haven't wanted other bands to reunite, or really enjoyed it when they have. For me generally something always seemed missing."

"But Guns is my life, not someone else's. For me there hasn't been a way to make any type of reunion work regardless of money (either talk or legitimate) without jeopardizing what I feel is the well-being and best interests of nearly everyone I'm involved with in the GNR camp (including myself). People here have big investments of their lives in what we're doing. We've worked hard for what we have here now and continue to do so. I know what I went through then. I know what I and all of us have gone through since. People enjoyed the product and the entertainment our lives gave them back in the day, but they weren't the ones actually living those lives together. It's not somewhere I'd go back to or would want to go again. Life's too short."

Rose wasn't all that talkative when it comes to last year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony or the group's new material, saying he can "give us a definite maybe" for a chance of new GnR music in 2013. He did however name "The Black Keys 'El Camino', 'The Dark Knight Rises', 'Luck' and 'Dexter'" as his favorite album, movie and TV show of 2012 respectively.

On the other hand, guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal seemed much more open and honest about the band's new record. During a live chat at this year's National Fiery Foods And Barbecue Show, Bumblefoot gave us his clear stands about the whole situation, and he didn't seem too optimistic, to say the least.

"You know what?! Just forget about a new record until it happens. I mean, I can't even begin... How long have we been talking about a new f--ing record? And I'm the only that doesn't bulls--t you people about it and I say, no, we haven't been in the studio together, no, we haven't started writing together as a band. If something came out at this point, it would be very old material that is just being released now. So it would be unheard material, but to me, I don't consider that a new record, I consider that just releasing old material from a band that doesn't exist anymore."

So what are your opinions on this one? Have you lost all hope for an original GnR reunion, or are you among those who still think they'll pull it off someday? And do you want such a reunion to happen in the first place? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    GUNS N' ROSES WILL NOT HAVE A REUNION!!!! That's an article at least once a month. Meanwhile, I see nothing about Stompin' Tom's death.
    I appreciate everything this band did back in the day. But personally I'm sick of hearing about this band and a reunion. It's time people moved on.
    Even Steven Adler is now saying that a reunion is never going to happen, that's when you know you can officially give up on hope.
    I wish I could up this over and over again. For only one truly great album, this band gets WAY too much press. I could care less about a reunion at this point.
    Appetite is awesome front to back. Which is something most bands, rappers and musicians in general can't seem to accomplish. And between all the pre-Chinese Democracy albums, they've written about 35 original songs that kick ass. I don't care if they have a reunion, Axl can't sing anymore anyway. But don't act like Guns is somehow overrated.
    No one cares any more... I'm more entertained that Axl Rose is an anagram for Oral Sex..
    Life's too short to spend 14 years on one album.
    It's been 14 years of silence It's been 14 years of pain It's been 14 years that are gone forever And I'll never have again
    To be fair, most of the songs were written and done around 1999 (which is proven by the various demos of the songs from then). Axl just spent the rest of those years ****ing around in the studio adding layers, having people record shit...but the songs themselves weren't being written that entire time.
    Ill like to hear your album sometime
    link no1
    Most albums are better than what 14 years can apparently produce. I'm gonna say it...for the time scale each album took and the overall end result for them both, Lulu was a better album than Chinese Democracy.
    Lulu was better than Democracy?!?! Do you even like Rock music? I understand people feel very comfortable anonymously ripping a band in a large crowd of people doing the same thing, but you sir just said one of the dumbest things I've ever read!
    I was actually going to post "And what's the matter if the dude liked Lulu better? That's like, his opinion, mate". Then I remembered this is the internet.
    No, he never said he liked either album..calm yourself, then re-read. And read the whole statement before you shit again.
    You definitely didn't listen to Chinese Democracy if you thought Lulu was better. CD actually has some really incredible music on it, if you just give it a shot.
    You obviously have limited intelligence if you dont understand what he is saying.
    Funny, I would have said life's too short to not have an original GNR reunion.
    Life is.also to short to be waiting around another decade for a follow up to Chinese Democracy.
    He has a point, no other reunions have ever really done anything special, always misses 'something'.
    Everyone should know that Adelaide Now isn't exactly a reputable source for anything, though this was a reasonably well conducted interview.
    The interview actually starts with them saying happy new year to each other, so god knows when did it actually take place. It was published a couple of days ago though...
    Life is to short for reading another Guns & Roses article...
    I agree, they all just sound the same, and have the same information. I'd like to hear more on Axl and his views on other music than Guns, such as when he stated his favorite album being El Camino
    I get him, I'd also feel like a slug if I looked back on my past 15 years and found that I spent them locked in a studio. Of course he had the hookers to help him during those years and I didn't, but well...
    normally I hate Axl, but this time it sounds like a good reason: he's not going to ditch the artists he's been working with for the past several years, just to get the old lineup back together. It sounds like he's done a lot of maturing since the breakup of the original band, and now respects his bandmates as coworkers, and not hired guns (pun intended).
    The irony.... life is to short to make a reunion, it isn't to take 14 years and release an average album.... On another note, its better that it wont happen, the rest of the guys are already doingtheir thing and they are happy with that.
    Even if they did a reunion the fact remains that GNR have never dealt with the demons that tore them apart to begin with. I imagine it would be a waste of everyones time to even bother with it.
    To be honest,i still hope that the old GNR will reunite. It's highly improbable,but i still hope. Actually,it would be awesome,if Axl and Slash could just forgive each other,and become friends once again. But,well... that's just what i hope for.
    Any GnR member who doesn't want a reunion is a fool. Do one tour for the fans. It would be the biggest thing to ever happen in rock and roll, and would be badass.
    Josh Reubenking
    Sometimes I believe Axl's more mature than some of these people who call themselves "GNR fans." I mean, he actually moved on with his life, and is happy with the way things are now. I understand how some people can disagree with his decision, but these "fans" keep crying "the original line up needs to reunite!" Who cares anymore, morons? They were great back then, yes. But everyone from that line up has made it clear many times before: It's NOT happening! Get over it. If you think Axl's immature and childish, listen and look at yourselves first.
    If a reunion were to happy in the near future, it would be horrible. How could people enjoy it if they knew they didn't really want to do it at all? I for one could not enjoy it. Everyone from that band is doing solid work on their own (although Axl is lacking in that department), we should just appreciate that.
    When most people say "life is too short" it usually means its time to bury the hatchet. I never heard it in this context.
    the original lineup will jam together again in 20 years or so.. their egos won't last that long
    i would like nothing better than to see the original line-up play, but nowadays Axl's voice has almost completely deteriorated, and it would jus sound terrible, the original line up with myles kennedy or Lzzy hale would be way better
    Coming from someone who has been in a band with an insufferable douche, I can't blame Slash for not wanting a reunion. Even if it is for the fans, its selfish. You go out for one maybe two nights, while Slash or whoever has to roll with him for weeks at a time in a tour bus. I don't think its a good idea myself.
    If you ever bothered to read Slash's autobiography you'd see that Slash used to be just as much of a douche as Axl. And he was a lot more unreliable to the point of almost causing the band to miss various gigs.
    And he grew up. Guess who didn't? Thats the difference.
    Axl did do a lot of growing up. He is not nearly as bad as he once was. And lately it seems like he has worked on his issues and just sounds like a pretty nice guy.
    It's been 14 years of sorrow, it's been 14 years of pain. 14 years that are gone forever and i'll never have again..
    truth be told while i love g'n'r i think that the only way a reunion would happen would be if axl suffers a brain injury that hurts his overactive pride. he has done some great stuff but whole he works overly long on pretentious albums we get so many other releases from the other guys. i dont think i could wait 10+ years to hear a new slash solo. i need one now lmao
    Has anybody noticed how it's only ever the former members of the original GnR that talk publicly about a reunion ? They always start their quotes by saying "Everyone wants it to happen but....". Well, who wants it to happen ? The only time ot comes up is when one of them talks about it - the rest of the time we are all focussed on relevant new music. This just smacks of Axl and the others trying to make headlines so that they can believe that they are at the front of everyones minds - whereas, they are largely forgotten.....
    lmao. "Lifes too short." Yeah just like lifes too short to take 13 years to put out an album, you tool. EDIT: haha dammit. You beat me to it. I had the article open for awhile.
    I won't waste my time worrying about it. I saw them "co-headline" with Metallica in 1992 at Texas Stadium. That's all it took for me. Axl is a twat. Yeah, try to play after Metallica. A band shouldn't try to do that unless they're Aerosmith or the Stones. (In their prime, of course). Don't get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction is one of the best rock albums. Period. I just refuse to buy into Axl's (Walter's) bullshit.
    Don't particularly think it'd be that good. Slash is at the top of his game right now and is doing great with his new band. Axl I guess can carry on touring but he's a shadow of his former self. It's not like Led Zep where, sure they aren't as good but,they've aged well. Axl's voice is awful. If you disagree you must have something wrong with your ears.
    Slash is at the top of his game? So it wasn't Estranged or Back off Bitch or Paradise City but Back To Cali?!?! Ffs. And I saw Guns Live twice in the last 6 years and he sounded awesome. I dare say YOU have something wrong with YOUR ears.
    Really? If he's really that concerned about time, he should have said "Life's to short to take 15 years to release an album" OH WAIT!
    Guns n Roses are never going to reunite, we all have to accept that one. All those tinny boppers who think that Chinese Democracy is a great GNR record you need to take your mums tits out your mouth for a second and wake up! Good songs and all but in the list of their albums it would come 6th behind Spaghetti Incident. It ain't GNR its Axl fannying around with synths and getting session musicians in to record 25 guitar parts for one simple riff. Good songs but a little bloated and pompous in its delivery, which was 12 years too late!
    Have a reunion, but forget about inviting Axl. Get Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven on stage, get Myles or someone of equal stature and perform the Appetite for Destruction album in full plus Civil War or something
    Can we please get over GnR? Even if I was a fan, I wouldn't want to see a reunion with this douchebag at the helm anyway. They'd probably be 4 hours late.
    Flooging a dead horse expression doesn't even begin to cover just how old is this subject. But on the other hand I believe until all of them people are dead and burried there will be still a media push for the reunion idea.
    If you are a real gnr fan, you know there will be no reunion thats a fact ten years ago. Steven adler is the guy that is always talking about it.
    Phoenix V
    I'm in neither camp. I don't care if they reunite even for one nostalgic tour and I like GnR. I wouldn't even go to the show. Saw them when they were in their prime during their AFD tour. That won't be topped by any future 'comeback'
    While I don't care about a reunion happening, since i see it as being unfair to the current line up of Guns N' Roses who whether you like it or not ARE Guns N' Roses now, I would like to see Axl and Slash work things out, just so this whole thing can end with everyone on good terms.
    its time to move on. Guns N Roses is the reason i fell in love with RnR. I loved everything they did and for years hoped and prayed for a reunion. I believe the RnR HoF was the closes chance we had and when that went down without Axl or Izzy I knew it never would happen. And as I have grown older I have lost a lot of my love for use your illusion albums. there are some great songs, back of bitch, dead horse, but like nov rain, dont cry,is getting old. Appetite will be the greatest album ever though. Second lets just be honest Axl doesn't have that voice anymore his high notes make my ears bleed and glass shattered. I do vote for a Velvet Revolver reunion because Slash on guitar and Duff on bass is a wonderful thing.